Zinnia Searcy Bryant passed away January 7, 2022 at the age of 71 after almost 20 days in ICU and acute care hospitals in her beloved home of Asheville, NC. Zinnia was a loving mother and grandmother taking care of people for years; ensuring they had a place to stay, food to eat or whatever she could do to help them.  Zinnia was in declining health the last 5 years and her son John (my brother) has been her primary care giver making sure she had dinner on the table daily and taking her to the endless number of doctor appointments.  Mom never had anything financially but she always helped anyone she could and I always remember her cooking for every sports team I played on in middle and high school (even though now I realize she certainly didn't have the extra money to feed 18 of us that much).  She had a really tough last 18 months losing our beloved Granny (her mother) and her spouse of almost 40 years John both within a year of each other.  I want to help ease the burden of the unknown hospital bills and maintenance for her home for a small period of time so most importantly my family can focus on grieving and healing after losing all of our parents and remaining grandparent in the last 18 months.  Mom didn't have an estate so I want to take the burden off my brother especially as he figures out what is next for him and his family.  Just so you know, Mom would be telling me don't do this (she did when I offered to set up when her husband died) but I know she would find comfort knowing none of her final burdens would sit on anyone's shoulders.  If you knew her and want to do something in her memory please consider donating to this fund in lieu of flowers so the family can wipe out any final medical bills and begin to move on to their new normal.