Prayer Wall
  • I Prayed for this

    received January 19, 2022

    Please pray for my request for help to pay for my medical treatments required for my rehabilitation from serious injuries I sustained on July 19, 2019.

  • I Prayed for this

    received January 19, 2022

    My wife and I are stuck in a major conundrum, my first social security check will not be deposited until the last full week in February and without it we can't secure any other living accommodations as my wife's check after paying for car insurance and taking out for necessities leaves us with less than $300 to last us until her next check February 18th. Thing is we desperately need a physical address so I can acquire a Florida driver's license and change our car registration as my AK driver's license is expiring. We must have a physical address, a post office box will not suffice. Please pray that this stalemate is broken and God's floodgates of blessings be released.

  • I Prayed for this

    received January 19, 2022

    I pray that my parents will be able to go on this vacation that they have been planning for months. They have been stressed so much lately with their jobs that it has really put a strain on them and this could be the getaway that they so desperately need

  • I Prayed for this

    received January 19, 2022

    Mary Ellen Munium, has lymphoma stage 5 cancer, pray for remission and total recovery. Please also lift up her husband Anjad Munium and their family. Thank you all so very much and God Bless

  • I Prayed for this

    received January 18, 2022

    Please, if God guides you, pray for me and my family as I have been struggling. I contracted covid Dec 8th 2021 and have had a hard go of it since then. I now have pneumonia, scarring on my heart and liver due to the infection, severe joint imflammation in my hands, elbows, back, hips and knees. I am scheduled to been seen at the covid recovery clinic for long hauler covid syndrome. I haven't been able to work since Dec 8th and my leave of absence won't go much further, as I haven't worked there for more than 26 weeks. I started in Oct 2021. I won't be able to make rent for Feb and I'm beside myself. I can't go outside in the cold because of my pneumonia. I pray and pray and let it go to God but any prayer or help would be sooo welcomed!

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