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NOTE: there are more details on Voter's Revenge at Also, while Voter's Revenge is ultimately a general purpose tool, I believe it would be extremely useful in fighting medical tyranny, such as vaccine mandates.
Voter's Revenge is a tool meant to facilitate populist political muscle. Research by Gilens and Page show that, while the United States has the trappings of a democratic republic, it functions as a de facto plutocracy, with legislation that generally suits the desires of only the top 3% of the citizenry, in terms of their wealth. Following, the main vector (but not the only one) for this sort of corruption flows from the overwhelming advantage that incumbency confers in raising campaign contributions from special interests.
The American public, however, is spectacularly rich in votes, collectively, and could make deep changes in it's elected representatives, if it got its act together. Special interest lobbyists are rich in cash, but very poor in votes.
Voter's Revenge is an organizing tool, mostly about facilitating the early stages of a deep reform process, when the level and power of genuine, grassroots political organizing will be anemic, compared to the influence that the assets of Democratic and Repubican donor bases and insiders can muster. This is the current situation, and has been so, for a long time. Voter's Revenge facilitates the formation of what I call "negative vote blocs", which exist primarily to remove incumbents from power, principally during their next primary, when doing so is easiest. It also embraces ongoing activism, designed to pressure officeholders by educating low-information members of the electorate about their failings.
Wild West analogies abound. So, the groups which target a specific politician based on a specific issue are called  posses. The users who make pledges wo vote against somebody if their redline conditions is not met, are called voteslingers  (analogous to gunslingers). The users who make serial redline demands, but wthout non-revocable negative voting pledges if the demand is not met, are called wranglers. Posses and local posses have people with higher priveleges, where their roles can be that of sheriffs and deputies. These are basically administrators, who also have fewer restrictions in terms of built-in messaging. Gatherings for group activism, or just socializing, are called shindigs. Local posses are subsets of posses consisting of members that live near each other, and hopefully will coordinate their local activism.
A proof of concept for Voter's Revenge was developed in 2016. It was basically abandoned afterwards. The original version was mostly motivated by my horror of the Trans-Pacific-Partnership being passed into law.
I was originally motivated to revive this project due to the Presidential voting debacle of 2020, which I have been following on Steve Bannon's Pandemic Warroom show. However, I have since become more concerned about medical tyranny as a prime issue.
Unlike in 2016, when I did all of the programming, for the current, re-imagined version of Voter's Revenge, I have taken to writing specs; and then putting these up for inexpensive, outsourced development, overseas, by others. The pace at which my projects have been completed is unimpressive, all 3 having not been delivered long after their deadlines. In fact, 2 of the 3 are still not delivered; and the one that "completed" was only the smallest milestone of the original spec. I suppose this bad record in delivery must be related to my meager payment offers. It is hoped that crowdfunding will allow me to hire more capable and/or motivated individuals, at higher levels of compensation than I am willing to personally provide.


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