Legal Fight Against Pima County Vail School Dist

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Goal : $30,000

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Our battle against child abuse, tyranny, and executive overreach began after Kelly Walker's wrongful arrest in September, 2020, later dismissed. It has continued through the despotic imposition of unlawful mask/vaccine mandates, quarantines, forced masking of children, usurping of parental rights, coercion based on loss of livelihood, etc.

On September 2, 2021, local father, Reese Rambaran was notified that his ten-year-old son was being held in the office and had been forced to wear a mask against his will, and then forced to fish it out of the trash and put it back on after he threw it away. The school further insisted that an illegal "quarantine" of a non-sick/untested child would be imposed, depriving him of ten days of in-person education. 

After being treated with contempt by the principal and vice-principal and denied any explanation, Reese contacted two other local fathers to join the meeting. He asked for their support because a family of three, including a teenage girl, had been arrested and led away in handcuffs simply for standing their ground and demanding answers. 

Subsequent to this event, a limited video segment was used out of context by the mainstream media to portray these fathers as "domestic terrorists"; without interviewing the fathers or having access to video of the full meeting, the principal and the Vail School District conducted a smear campaign and knowingly created a fabricated scenario to defame them. This led to job loss, death threats, cyber-bullying, and loss of prestige, as well as international character assassination. 

Tucson Police refused to respond to Reese's call to come to the school for alleged child abuse but sought him out for trespassing arrest more than two hours after he left peacefully. The other two fathers were arrested for trespassing and released three days and five days after, respectively. 

The fathers have since retained a lawyer and need assistance raising funds needed for their fight, which will benefit many other parents and children dealing with similar tyranny. They have released portions of the "missing video" that refute the false narrative.

You can review the videos here:

What really happened at Mesquite Elementary

Lies, Lawbreaking, and Abuse in the Vail School District

The Mother Speaks


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