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Goal : $60,000

Raised : $11,335

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1. March 12, 2021: A Loudoun County Public School Board Member put out a "Call to Action" to a private Facebook Group called “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” (ARPLC), also known as "Chardonnay Antifa".  ARPLC began acting quickly to recruit others to:

  • Setting up funding and volunteers
  • Hack our computers systems, website(s)
  • Wage a mail/email campaign against us 
  • Expose & shame us online and offline
  • Targeting our employers
  • Targeting my family, myself, and my organization P.A.C.T. simply because we are against Critical Race Theory. 
2. March 22, 2021: A Loudoun County School Board Equity Committee member urged current and former Equity Committee members, School Board members, and a former PTA president to report PACT's GoFundMe campaign. On March 25, our GoFundMe Campaign was shut down. 
3. March 26, 2021: The Loudoun County School Board Equity Committee issued another "Call to Action" on Twitter and Facebook saying that they "can and will silence the opposition".

How Donations Will Be Utilized:
1.  Legal Representation:  This situation is wide, deep and spans Loudoun County Public Schools, Loudoun County School Board, Loudoun County Government, a well-known "civil" rights group and other elected officials.  There is also a discrimination case against my kids that is separate from this story (see link below) but will be included as part of the overall litigation
2.  Security:  Increased security vigilance around our home
3.  Second Anti-CRT Website:  The "Chardonnay ANTIFA" will not deter us, we're doubling down.  We have acquired a second website (under construction) to help fight against Critical Race Theory.  We will not be "silenced"
4.  Marketing:  Pamphlets, flyers, banners, relatable content for individuals to clearly understand CRT, t-shirts & hats for increased awareness about Critical Race Theory and PACT's efforts to fight it
5.  Recruitment:  Outreach into ethnic communities around the area.  While CRT has white people in the crosshairs, CRT impacts every ethnicity and community, and we want to be sure we share all that we have learned and help others understand
6.  High School Student Involvement: PACT RATS (really angry teen students) are real Loudoun County Public Schools HS students.  Currently, PACT has (5) young and brave LCPS students that are disgusted by all of the Critical Race Theory and Equity indoctrination that is rampant in LCPS. They will be sharing their firsthand experiences of; classroom materials being taught, interaction with other students, their plight to fight back against Critical Race Theory, and the threats they endure for not praying to the CRT and Equity “God’s”.  This will provide a very unique perspective to CRT, one that people rarely hear, if ever.

Below is a recent press release condemning the actions that occurred on March 12, 2021:
LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA - In an effort to address the ongoing steps being taken to implement race based affirmative action policies at the once highly respected Loudoun County Public Schools, the group, “Parents Against Critical Theory” (P.A.C.T) launched a grass-roots effort to educate and inform the public about LCPS’s efforts to implement critical race theory, which has the goal of erasing racial color blindness and equality based policy making and replaces it with an aggressive philosophy where race and equity drives all policy making decisions as it relates to our schools.
On March 12, 2021 a large Facebook group called “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” (ARPLC) began a campaign to solicit felonious activities against dozens of Loudoun County parents. The group includes key administrators and teachers from Loudoun County Public Schools, Loudoun government officials including the Loudoun County Attorney, members of the Loudoun County School Board, and members of the Loudoun Board of Supervisors. This group touts its core principals as “celebrating diversity” and “promoting tolerance” but underlying those tenets is a hate-driven cadre of members who have now engaged in illegal behavior to solicit illegal activities and to threaten and intimidate people to prevent them from exercising their First Amendment rights.
Specifically, ARPLC members have called for an insurgent campaign against parents in Loudoun County that do not espouse ARPLC’s worldview. That campaign solicits people to hack their computers, wage a mail campaign against them, and “expose them publicly.” The targeted individuals include the founders of P.A.C.T, their families, members of the School Board and local Government officials, members of the Loudoun Republican Committee and the Loudoun Republican Women’s Club, active and former federal employees, and locally concerned citizens exercising their Constitutional right to speak out to hold their local government accountable. As part of that campaign, ARPLC is asking for and being provided names to target and is reviewing all Loudoun County School Board minutes and listing as targets anyone that has voiced concerns about critical race theory implementation in their children’s’ schools.

**GiveSendGo is in the process of adding a mailing option.  Until they are ready to release that update, they suggested providing a mailing address for those wishing to mail donations to the address below:

PACT: Parents Against Critical Theory
PO Box - 4494
Broadlands, VA 20148

Below are a few links to recent news story's and a few links related to the discrimination my kids faced:

  • Washington Free Beacon:
  • Daily Wire:
  • Daily Wire:
  • The Federalist:
  • Fox News:
Discriminatory Program and Discrimination:
  • LCPS Student Equity Ambassador Club:
  • LCPS HS Denying White Students to Speak:
  • The Virginia Star:
  • The Virginia Star:


Update #2
April 5, 2021
facebook twitter

The people of America are amazing!  The Woke Mob and Big Tech honestly believe the American people are either too dumb, complacent or afraid to fight back.  Through the support of (137) thoughtful and generous donors to PACT and our fight against CRT, we've not only proven that they are out of touch but have also demonstrated that more people CARE about the destruction of our great country than don't.  PACT has had the GiveSendGo fundraiser up for less than a week and we've almost raised 3X the amount than what was raised on GFM when they shut it down!  Thank you all for the donations, prayers and kind and supportive comments!

What's happened since our last update:
  • PACT was on Fox and Friends on 4/3 discussion GoFundMe cancelling our fundraiser:
  • Chardonnay Antifa Considered Sending a Coffin to My Home and Had My Tweeter Account Taken Down:
  • PACT Released a New "PACT Cracked Chardonnay Antifa" T-Shirt & Coffee Mug:
  • Loudoun County GOP Has Officially Called for LCPS-Equity Committee to Sever Any/All Affiliations With the School System:
  • NBA Legend Charles Barkley Speaks the Truth:
PACT is in the early stages of talking/working with an organization that is releasing a heavy initiative focused on "1776" education.  This is still very early, and we hope to provide an update within the next week.  There are some very key players involved in this project, fingers crossed we are able to move forward!

We live our life with the Serenity Prayer at the heart of all we do.  It's our beacon of hope, reality, and strength!  Thank you all for your support, prayers and kind words.  Onward and upward!  

Scott Mineo


Thank You!!
April 1, 2021
facebook twitter

It's only been about (48) hours since we created our GiveSendGo fundraiser and so far, we've exceeded what was generated on GoFundMe when it was shut down!  They say things happen for a reason!  I am scheduling a few meetings with attorney's, actively working on our PR awareness and working with local HS students (PACT RATS) to bring their stories and experiences with CRT out.  There are many people speaking out against CRT but some of the most important voices not being heard, and are the ones CRT is directly impacting.  PACT had a good day from a media perspective as well.  We are not backing down, in fact we've been doubling down!  When you have facts, truth, and God on your side there's no reason not to stand up against those that seek to condemn us.  Below are a few links to recent news articles.  Again, thank you so much for all of the support, prayers and kind words!

Scott Mineo
  • Jonathan Turley:
  • Daily Wire:


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