Janet Aldrich Stood for Freedom and it Cost Her

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Battling COVID Double Pneumonia at Lahey Hospital,
Janet Aldrich Risked Her Life Defending Medical Freedom to Get the Treatments She Knew Would Save Her

Janet was rushed to the hospital with difficulty breathing. She was diagnosed with COVID double pnuemonia. She had done her research and knew that the treatment the hospital was insisting that she receive, Remdesivir and the ventilator, could be deadly. Despite being very ill and being subjected to the constant pressure of the hospital to submit, the 76 year-old held her ground. After a week of tireless efforts of friends, family, legal advisors, and most importantly a team of doctors & healthcare workers, Janet was finally freed, and got out of the hospital, got her lifesaving treatments at home. and continues with her remarkable recovery weeks after doctors said she had only 24 hours to live.

Alarmingly, this protocol, which is being forced on patients in hospitals across the country, is quickly becoming known as a deadly combination. Listen to this doctor's personal story: https://www.bitchute.com/video/IC2LQQpieYl6/

The 78-year-old was medically kidnapped, held hostage for 9 days at Lahey Hospital in Burlington, Massachusetts. Despite her debilitated condition, Aldrich had the courage to say, NO! But everything has its price, like the cost of the ongoing treatments that are not covered by insurance.

“I’m alive, I am not dead!” says Janet, “and I am deeply grateful for all who have rallied around me and all who stand for freedom!” A special video gift from Janet: https://fb.watch/8a6ECheEmL/

Please join Janet's Journey by contributing to her mounting medical expenses here on GiveSendGo or by mailing a check directly to:

Help Janet and all those dedicated, courageous, healthcare providers who came to her rescue and literally saved her life, and are providing treatments for her continued recovery at cost.

More details on Janet’s Journey from Lifesite News:

America’s Frontline Doctors and thousands of other healthcare professionals are courageously risking everything to get life-saving treatments to those in need. Their protocols are flat out being denied, along with the insurance coverage for them. We must change this, so patients are able to receive treatment that will make them well, not make them die! Please share this information!

Shockingly, Janet's harrowing experience is not unique. Hers is only one of the thousands of stories that are waking people up to the reality of what is actually happening in the healthcare field during this chaotic time. Patients whose treatments of choice were ignored are dying all across America, as family members helplessly stand by. Because Janet was informed, she was spared a similar fate.

Janet Aldrich
34B Rust Street
Hamilton, MA 01982

Read about the beginning of Janet's Journey here in the Boston Broadside:

Listen to Janet Aldrich's son, Mark in an interview with Jeff Kuhner on WRKO Radio:

Let us all protect against medical tyranny because the next time, it could be you or one of your loved ones. United we stand, divided we fall. For additional updates and videos, visit @WeThePeopleWeToo on Facebook.


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