Hey everyone! WOW! This has been absolutely incredible. We are over the target by 150%!! I am very happy to report that we were not only able to get in touch with Lt. Kelly, but we also flew him out tot he show so we could present him with a check. Since I presented him with the check, you guys have given even more. 

I am going to suspend this campaign at $250k. Lt. Kelly tells me that this money will help so much with his family legal bills that have been piling up to deal with this mess. As he has instructed (and so that you know), all of these funds will be transferred directly to his legal team and dealt to him appropriately thereafter. 

I am always so blown away by what patriots can accomplish when we come together. Evil wins the battle, but goodness always wins the war. 

Happy Thanksgiving. And be sure to tune into my show on the Daily Wire if you want to see me present him with the check. He really is such an incredibly kind man, with a wonderful family. 19 years of service to his community. This should have never happened to him. 

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May God Bless the Blue!