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"And then they came for me." At first I was so upset when GoFundMe froze my fundraiser (and your donations!) on May 18th, 2021 pending "review" then Michael helped me see that it was a compliment. An honor to be "under review" by a Marxist organization. Who needs 'em!? Who wants 'em!?

Many of the readers of AMERICA: The Blog have encouraged me to set-up a GiveSendGo fundraiser and that day finally arrived. This fundraiser to support AMERICA: The Blog is my only income as a freelance writer and caregiver for my husband, Michael. Making ends meet by writing at home is a challenge but I so enjoy writing for you while still being here for Michael whenever he needs me.

AMERICA: The Blog was founded in Sept. 2020 on one simple idea: "I want to write about America." Since then, it has grown and expanded after the bizarre events of November 3rd, 2020.

If you find yourself checking my News Aggregator site throughout the day and/or if AMERICA: The Blog has been a blessing to you, made you smile or even laugh, please support as you're able.

Thank you!

~ Lenora Thompson, Writer


MailChimp Suspension. Can't Email Subscribers! Can't Download Database!
June 16, 2021
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Dear Patriots,

And then they came for me...again!

Imagine my shock this morning when I attempted to log into my mass emailing service (MailChimp), only to receive a message stating that my email address "is not associated with any Mailchimp accounts." I couldn't believe my eyes!

Thousands and thousands of subscribers painstakingly added one-at-a-time for eight months...and I have no access to my database.

It wasn't completely a shock. I'd heard of MailChimp suspending a pro-gun account months ago...but no one else. With no hint and no warning, they came for little ol' me and all I can think is, "Oh, this is gonna make one heck of an article...that I can't share with my subscribers." Grrrrrr.

Actually though, I feel so blessed right now that I can't get too upset. The suspension couldn't have come at a better time. Michael's CT scan of his head came back absolutely normal yesterday. Inexplicably, the website experienced unusually high traffic yesterday (33k pageviews) and best of all, I had NOT yet added the 75+ new subscribers who just subscribed yesterday to MailChimp. Yes, the timing was actually pretty awesome.

Another blessing is that I'd just downloaded and backed-up the database 11 days ago and hopefully MailChimp will honor their policy and send me my most current database but it's going to be some time until I'm able to email my subscribers again.

Are there any pro-patriot mass emailing services!?! Suggestions welcome!

In the meantime, I'll be quietly updating the news page ( and quietly writing new articles ( no way to notify my subscribers.

During this MailChimp imposed "quiet time," you can help by sharing my site/articles with your social media, friends and family. Thank you!

Hey! We Patriots are tough! The more they knock us down, the more we get up again. The more they try to silence us, the louder we get. And the more they victimize President Trump, the more we love and support him. You'd think they'd understand the Martyr Concept but no! "These people ARE stupid!" LOL

Thank you all for reading and supporting AMERICA: The Blog and thank you for your patience while I find a new email service.

Lenora Thompson, Patriot Writer

Where Do Your Donations Really Go???
May 31, 2021
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Dear Patriots,

Hope this update finds you having a Blessed Memorial Day with your nearest and dearest. Michael and I are spending today as we do every day: happily together in our little cottage with Delly, Cleo, Snuggles-n-Cuddles.

One of the greatest features of GiveSendGoEatPrayLove (whatevah!) is you can set a monthly goal. (GoFundMe doesn't have that!) I chose $1k...but why $1k!?! If I were a supporter of AMERICA: The Blog, I'd want to know how my donations are being used! Transparency and all that.

Well, it costs about $200/month to keep the blog going. That covers things like mass e-mailing service, web hosting and domain, PO Box, fees, etc. Just your day-to-day costs to keep the blog running smoothly. Being a cheap Scandihoovian, I do everything in-house. No paying a web designer for me! I do everything myself...hope you can't tell! ;)

That leaves $800 of which $500-600 goes for groceries which are more expensive in small towns (a gallon of milk is $4.50-$5.50 up here), toiletries, cleaning products, pet food/treats, general household stuff. We hardly ever go out to eat, buy new shoes/clothes or buy much you'd consider "frivolous." My big splurge is ice cream, supplements (for both of us; Michael takes a ton!), good cheeses and $30 to a local gentleman who mows our huge expanse of That Damned Green Stuff called grass. I just couldn't do it with my little push mower anymore! Michael doesn't splurge but now and then he's just gotta have some new electronic thingummy or doohicky. Vacuum tubes are his passion and hobby.

That leaves less than $200 for vet bills, vehicle upkeep/oil/gasoline, propane for cooking, winter heating fuel and the inevitable Domestic Emergencies inherent in a 1912 cottage. I badly wanted to pay someone to give Delly and Cleo their Spring Haircuts but at $45/dog I just couldn't do it and trimmed 'em myself! And we haven't even talked about income tax yet. (Yes, tax. The IRS takes, and I quote, "a pretty dim view" of bloggers who don't report donations as income so, of course, I render unto Caesar,)

And now you know where your donations are going. Thank you for taking such good care of us.

God bless you and God bless America! #trumptriumphant

Lenora Thompson, Patriot Writer


Started off with a bang! WOW! Thank you!
May 21, 2021
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Dear Patriots,

Thank you SO much for your care and starting off this new fundraiser with such a bang! Thanks to your kindness and generosity, we're already 25% towards our monthly goal and I'm actually glad GoFundMe did-what-they-did to my old fundraiser. It was a blessing in disguise and EatPrayLove, I mean GiveSendGo, is a much better system functionalitywise.

It's only fair for you to know how your donations are being used. The biggest thing is, of course, groceries and after so many years of being very thrifty, it's wonderful to splurge on a steak for Michael maybe once a month. He loooooves steak and went for goodness-knows-how-long without one. A decade? More? I wish you could see his smile now.

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is splurging on themselves when they should re-invest in their businesses. So that's exactly what I've, I mean, not splurge.

A few weeks ago, my computer monitor died. Luckily, I had an old cast-off one from a neighbor but boy! Going down to a tiny screen is irritating-on-steroids heaped on top of the irritation of a computer that constantly froze. My taskbar disappeared so often I had to use control+alt+delete to switch programs using the Task Manager. Grrrrrr.

So I reinvested in a new system, at the insistence of my in-house Geek Squad (aka Michael.) He was adamant about adding RAM cards ("I don't want to hear you cussing at your slow computer anymore.") as well as external storage so I never lose a file again. Bless him!!! Writing is so much easier when my concentration isn't shattered by a frozen computer.

The only downside is that I'm unable to log into Telegram anymore. I miss all of you on there but I'm kinda glad to be free of that social-media-addiction-monkey-on-my-back. It was distracting me from writing and spending time with Michael. :(

Then there's my new Inse Cordless Stick Vacuum...regular price $100-150 but I got it barely used on eBay for just $42.85. Where has this wondrous thing been all my life!?! Michael hates the sound of the regular vacuum and this one is so quiet, I can keep the house clean even while he sleeps. I'm in love and use it almost every single day. Yes, I have OCD! No, it's not a problem! LOL

I've also fallen in love with Barkeepers Friend spray foam. It's gentle yet powerful. Eggs stuck on pan? It'll remove it. Carbon build-up on your favorite cooking pot? It WILL remove it with barely any scrubbing. Grease, carbon, burned on just melts. I'm in love... again!

Of course there's always health supplements to order for Michael and my usual ACV and Moringa (helps with arthritis in my hands) and I took your suggestions and ordered an ashwaganda/GABA supplement to keep me calm. Calmo, Lenora, calmo.

What I HAVEN'T done is spend anything on Spring dog grooming. Only $45/dog but my thrifty Scandinavian self just couldn't do it. As usual, I trimmed Delly and Cleo myself. They look slightly moth eaten. Shhhh. Don't tell 'em! LOL

And the trimmer. Oh my goodness! The trimmer! We needed this badly. Found an inexpensive rechargeable trimmer at Home Depot so our yard will look well kept. No more stooping and crawling around, snipping grass by hand. I can't wait to try it!

All this to say...THANK YOU!!!!

Patriots are the best. No! I mean that. You really are the best. The milk of human kindness flows in your veins. There just aren't better people on God's Green Earth.

Have a wonderful weekend. God bless you and God bless America!



  • Please keep my husband, Michael, in your prayers. Already I can see how your prayers are helping him. He has so many health problems as you know. So please keep remembering him before the Throne of Grace. Thank you!
  • I find myself forgetting to pray for President Trump, his family and our beloved nation. Let's remember to keep our beloved, true President in our prayers. He needs 'em!
  • One of my dearest friends, Gigi, is battling liver cancer. Gigi has been there for Michael and me through thick and thin. She's a great Patriot and a beautiful lady, inside and out! Please take a moment, right now, and pray for Gigi. Thank you!

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