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The family of Detective Joshua Jaynes, one of the officers involved in the tragic incident of Breonna Taylor, is starting a fund to help Josh and his family to continue to move through this process. We are starting this fund in an effort to help the Jaynes family to be able to live safely and securely while moving forward. It is clear that Josh will be unable to safely return to a career of any sort at the moment in the midst of this outcry.

On a national and local level, the media has used the Breonna Taylor case and pressed it into an agenda that has no regard for the lives that are being destroyed. Any situation in which a human life is lost is tragic and the result of that night is no different. It has been a traumatic event for all of those involved. It has been obvious from the violence of the riots and the ongoing protests, that conversation that is both safe and reasonable needs to be had. This is not something that can be established overnight. As being part of this community, it is imperative that we are able to make rational decisions that will create positive change and progress for the city of Louisville. Amidst these conversations, it has become obvious that safety is a concern for the Jaynes family and parties involved.
It has been evident that the force of the media on the narrative of this tragedy has created unprecedented times for this community locally and nationally. Josh and his unit were given direct orders by the mayor’s office to focus on high crime areas which included the Elliot Avenue corridor. Although Josh knew this would be a large project for the brand new unit, they took on the task as directed. Many hours of surveillance and investigations were poured into this location which led to several other locations. Josh’s integrity has been in question because of a project that was placed upon this unit by the mayor.

Being a police officer in America in its current climate is a very difficult career that many don’t understand. Officers choose to place their lives on the line to keep law and order, not knowing whether they’re going to make it back home. To make split second decisions when placed in situations to determine whether a life is lost whether it be their own or someone else. The mental exhaustion officers go through daily so that those in the community are protected from the evil of this world. Then to have the entire world turn on you for performing in a manner in which your superiors trained you too. Please take a moment and think about the orders and directives you are getting from the mayor and your superiors and the climate in which officers work in. All we ask that you would consider what Josh and his family are going through. Josh has a family which includes two small children whose lives have been put in danger because of the atrocious narrative that has been pushed by the media.

As many of you know, the city has made it known that they intend to terminate Josh as political pressure has been placed on the Louisville Metro Police Department and the Mayor’s office. The letter cites “there should have been better controls, supervision, and scrutiny over this operation prior to the warrant being signed and executed”. The department has used their failures and lack of training against Josh and all those involved. With the decision to terminate Josh’s employment comes several hardships that will affect he and his family. Main consequences of this action include loss of mental health services for Josh and his family, the loss of health insurance during a global pandemic, the potential loss of his pension and benefits, more death threats, and now finding employment due to the media’s sabotage of Josh’s name. We are asking the community for their support for Josh and his family as the political agenda has severely impacted the future of Josh and his family.  


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