Ida Hatke Medical Bills and Burial Expenses

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Goal : $100,000

Raised : $127,395

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Continued donations past the goal are most welcome and will be gratefully accepted as insurance will not cover the majority of the medical expenses incurred. Ida's funeral and burial took place on Sept. 23, 2019. 

Ida Hatke, 4, suffered a traumatic horse-related injury near her home in Virginia on Sunday, Sept. 15, as she was playing with her sister and friends. She passed away days later. 

Due to the extent of her injuries, the medical costs, which included helicopter transport and days in the PICU before her death, are exorbitant. 

Additionally, there are costs associated with her funeral and burial that must also be borne.  

Ida's family needs financial support, prayers, and other assistance from their community to weather this storm.

At this time, the most concrete way to help is through financial contributions. It is never easy to ask for money. Ben and Anna and the extended Hatke family are incredibly self-reliant and self-sufficient. It is their friends, seeing the need and a burden greater than the Hatkes can bear alone, who are humbly asking for financial contributions, with their permission.

Only Ben and Anna will have access to any funds raised. Nobody else can access the donations, even the campaign creator. 

Please also continue your outpouring of prayers. Continual prayer, vigils, adoration, sacrifices, Masses offered, rosaries, Holy communion; all gratefully accepted on behalf of Ida's family. Please email to share about these prayers, or even simply to send messages of love and support.   


Link to Ben's post
October 18, 2019
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Ben shared his beautiful artwork of Ida, and a post. 
Please keep Ben & Anna and Ida's sisters in your thoughts and prayers. 

A Note from the Hatkes
October 2, 2019
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To every single generous soul who has reached out to us in this time of tragedy with prayer and support. Thank you.  This tragedy will live with us the rest of our lives and we miss the sunshine of Ida’s smile and voice in a way that can feel at moments unbearable.  But your kindness is a balm on the wound, a reminder that we are not alone.  It makes the unbearable, endurable.  

Ben and I have read each message here and recognized the names from many pages of our life stories.. . and to the many strangers, your gift is equally precious and generous.  Thank you.  
The prayers, Masses and rosaries, have uplifted us in moments of despair.  The weight of this tragedy has been shared.  

The day we came home from the hospital my eldest daughter, Angelica, handed me a page she had bookmarked  in one of her favorite novels, “The Martian.”   Then pointed to the very end of the book to a line which read: 

“Every human being has a basic instinct to help each other out.  It might not seem that way sometimes, but its true.”  

Ida had the most beautiful burial I have ever seen.  A woodworker donated a handmade boat for her to be buried in, a sign that her journey is not over, only continuing.  

We were able to lay her body to rest on a plot of land we purchased seven years ago on the banks of the Shenandoah.  We hope to build a house there by little Ida’s grave.  She rests by the Shenandoah river facing the Massanutten Mountains.  She truly rests in peace.  
Yours in the mystery of suffering, 

Ben and Anna Hatke 

For Ben & Anna
September 22, 2019
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Please continue to pray for Ben & Anna today as they begin the final preparations to lay sweet Ida’s body to rest. 

Ida is deeply loved by her family and her whole community and will be forever missed.

The outpouring of prayers, love, and generosity to the Hatke family during this time of deep sorrow is profoundly inspiring. 

(Photo below was taken in early September at the local Apaloosa Festival by Craig Spiering.) 

With Deep Gratitude
September 20, 2019
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It is with deep gratitude for your generosity that we share that the initial $50,000 goal for this fundraiser was met. We raised the goal, but will not raise it again, though continued donations past this new goal will likely be much needed in the weeks and months ahead. 

The truth is that we do not know how high the total expenses will be, depending on the final medical bills even after reductions, funeral and burial costs, and the many small and large expenses that come with an unexpected tragedy.

When leaving the hospital for the final time, the Hatke’s vehicle would not start and they learned it may need replacement. 

In addition, Ben, Ida’s father, is self-employed. Only time will tell how his work is impacted by this deep loss.
Please be as generous as you feel led as we help support the Hatke family for the long and difficult road ahead.

Little Ida is deeply missed and so very, very loved. 



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