Campaign Created by: Kali Edwards
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Justin Stoll.


Goal : $10,000

Raised : $2,575

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Due to the pandemic and being stuck in the house, I turned to social media to voice my opinions, advice, and to socialize. When I got to social media, I found that I had a profound voice and speaking ability. People wanted to hear what I had to say. I spent 14 months being attacked because of my looks and my beliefs as a conservative. I received numerous threats and death threats against myself and my family, both online and sent to my house. Eventually enough was enough and I stood my ground against an individual that incessantly harassed me for a year. I defended myself against an attacker in my comment section and due to the fact that I was in DC on January 6th,  I am now accused of Interstate threats and threatening in tampering of a witness. News outlets inaccurately report my charges in conjunction with events that occurred in Washington DC on January 6th, when they actually occurred on January 7th, virtually, via social media. However, because I was there on the 6th, though never breaching the capital or committing any crime while there, I have been labeled an insurrectionist, domestic terrorist, and more. I have spent the last nine months with a public defender working on a plea deal for a felony. The tipster that tipped off the FBI gave false information per the FBI no evidence was found from the tipster but yet I am supposed to be guilty and labeled a domestic terrorist because I was protesting in DC on the 6th. I have lost my home, my now ex wife left me, and my investments were torn down. I have nothing left. I can barely find work. I'm barely eating and I'm barely making my bills. The difficulties I have faced in providing the basics for myself and my family have proved to be very difficult. The pending charges, have made it very hard to find work. I was restricted for nine months from having any type of online communication which is how I connected with my community. I've been stripped of my second amendment rights. As an army veteran and former corrections officer, I am very familiar with hard work. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find now with this label. Any and all help and getting my life back on track is greatly appreciated.


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