Frank Scavo Legal Defense Fund

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Goal : $12,000

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At 6 a.m. On January 6, 4 buses rolled out of Scranton Pennsylvania to witness history. Over 150 NE PA Patriots responded to President Trump's invitation to Washington D.C. to attend what they hoped would be a review of Pennsylvania's electoral votes, with Congressmen Dan Meuser (PA9) and Fred Keller (Pa12) leading the way in questioning the actions of Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathryn Bookvar. What was a peaceful Patriotic day went sideways when the doors from the Capitol were opened from the inside. A May 25 Gateway Pundit article shows our Capitol's defense system with the impenetrable Capitol's magnetic door locks, that can never be opened, except for the electronic disarming from somewhere within the Capitol. Click on the link here: HTTPS://T.ME/GATEWAYPUNDITOFFICIAL/3783

To that end, thousands of Trump supporters, who had no plans to enter the Capitol, found themselves swept up & in as they went to bear witness to this electoral process in the People's house. Since then, Frank Scavo, the organizer of the peaceful bus ride to and from Washington, has surrendered to the FBI, handcuffed, complete with leg irons, put in jail, and has had to spend thousands of dollars to hire two great Attorneys for his not-guilty plea.

For spending less than 8 non-violent minutes in the Capitol, Frank has retained premier criminal defense attorney Ernie Preate Jr, former Pennsylvania Attorney General who has argued in front of the United States Supreme court, and is Mr. Scavo's lead council in this most unfortunate of federal prosecutions. A second co-council based in Washington D.C. has also been retained, an additional, crushing cost for all federal charges in Washington.

As the discovery and evidence are reviewed, including Frank's being de-platformed by Facebook and Twitter, the costs to defend Frank, who has no prior criminal records, not even a speeding ticket, are climbing into the tens-of-thousands of dollars. And the medical costs have also taken a toll, as Frank's wife of 30 years, Caren, has suffered a heart attack due to the stress of seeing her Patriot husband in leg irons the day of arraignment.

As patriots, your help and donations are greatly appreciated in defending our patriot friend Frank, who has served as a school board director, and run for the Pennsylvania State Senate to fight for the people and preserve all of our rights against the relentless efforts of the Socialist/ Communist left. Please click the DONATE button now and show your support...Frank showed you his commitment to fair & free Election Integrity on Jan 6!


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