Chris Worrell Political Prisoner 377183

Campaign Created by: Tricia Priller
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Goal : $100,000

Raised : $10,766

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Chris was a January 6 Political Prisoner for 237 days. Chris was denied ANY Cancer treatment for this his Non Hodgkins Lymphoma while incarcerated in the Charlotte County Florida and DC Jails.
The jail doctors REFUSED to give him his currently prescribed meds that were keeping his cancer in remission. The DC Jail Directors and Doctors were caught lying and falsifying his medical records by the US Marshals and a Federal Judge and are currently charged with contempt due to their blatant and intentional disregard of Chris' medical needs.

Chris has maintained his cancer for almost 16 years with much success. The intentional and criminal abuse by the DC Jail doctors has caused his Cancer to accelerate to a stage 3 condition.

Chris has NO medical insurance to help cover the costs of his immediately needed chemotheropy or any other treatments he is immediate need of. 

Please help Chris get the medical help he desperately needs with a donation and by also sharing this campaign to bring awareness of his situation.

Thank you to all for any support or awareness you bring.

              "DIVIDED WE FALL"



Update #5
January 3, 2022
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As of 1/3/22 Chris has still not had treatment for his cancer. The restrictions they have Chris on do not allow for immediate Dr appointments as they have to be scheduled and approved by pretrial services. Last week Chris finally got to his first Oncologist appointment after being home for 2 months because of the bullshit restrictions and approvals needed. 

Chris also has a bad absess in his jaw and hasnt been able to get to the oral surgeon after seeing the dentist 2 weeks ago for the same reasons above.

They are still blatantly ignoring due process and his civil rights.

Chris is in need of all your prayers and we are both so very thankful for all the support you all have shown. 


Update #4
December 16, 2021
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Chris has new major medical issues. Chris is now in immediate need of mouth/dental surgery due to his cancer and past radiation treatments. This needs to be done concurrently with his cancer treatment. Chris is a fighter, but he needs help to keep fighting. PLEASE share his fundraiser as he needs your help.  

Update #3
December 7, 2021
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Thank you to all for your amazing generosity this week!! Chris is very humbled by you all.
We still need your help in sharing this fundraiser everywhere you can so Chris can get his cancer treatment. 
Lets start a prayer war across this country to get Chris and every Jan 6 inmate the help they deserve.
We are "One Nation Under God"

"United We Stand"


Update #2
December 3, 2021
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Chris has not been doing well this past week. He has had very little sleep and is very concerned for his future. We are having trouble getting doctors appointments with oncologists as they wont even request his test results and review his records from DC before he has a consultation visit. Chris will keep fighting and prays that God will send him the help he needs. He is thankful for everyone that has donated or shared his fundraiser.
Please help Chris in any way you can
God Bless you all!!
He always says we are "One Nation Under God" and "United We Stand, Divided We Fall"  

November 27, 2021
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Chris was denied his previously prescribed cancer medications and denied medical attention for 237 days!!
Chris has no medical insurance and his meds alone cost $50,000. That’s without the other meds needed to go along with it and also does not cover the doctors and nurses.
Please help him get the care he desperately needs.


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