Hey friends & family!!

I'm stepping into Full Time Missions with YWAM (Youth With A Mission)!!

Growing up with missionary parents, I knew in my heart that I would never be able  to step into missions unless I felt like the Lord was specifically calling me like He had with my parents.This confirmation came through having been crushed by the world and experiencing the wave of overwhelming love from Jesus poured over my life. In those moments of having been alone with Jesus, often weeping in His presence, I would hear His soft voice saying  "encourage my people." At the time I took it as an opportunity to encourage anyone and everyone around me, but as the months and years rolled by, this phrase has evolved into a much deeper calling.

This simple request has evolved into reaching others with the Good News of Jesus Christ followed by deep discipleship over the course of a lifetime. My heart breaks for those living in complete hopelessness, believing the lies of the enemy that all life has to offer is a cold grave at the end of it. We get to have ETERNAL life through Jesus and the very beating of my heart is driven by this.

As I weighed the cost of what it truly meant to step out as a full time missionary, I declared with my heart & mouth that I would be willing to die if just one person would come to know Jesus. Going to the ends of the earth in the name of true love goes far beyond the conventions of my own comfort and actually trespass across the borders of true sacrifice: to lay ones life down for another. Knowing the full sacrifice of denying myself in order to fall more in love with Jesus is pretty much the greatest gift I have been given in life-- and now I want to make it my mission to spread that joy to others!!

I will be going back to YWAM in early July for Leadership Training and after that have the honor of discipling a group of students to head out into the nations and preach the Gospel!!

I'm building a support team of people that feel led to champion what God is doing both prayerfully & financially for this journey. For every one person that gets sent out into the nations, it takes 12 others to support them in this endeavor.I have no doubt in my mind that God will provide for what He's called me to step out into!

Giving on this platform doesn't automatically set up a monthly subscription, but if you'd like to become a monthly supporter, pls message me!

If you feel led to become a prayer partner, please be praying for:

  • Humility to Serve in any way God calls me to.
  • Wisdom in knowing how to best lead & love others.
  • Peace to flood my mind & heart in every situation.
  • Protection as I potentially go to nations where Jesus is still illegal to talk about.

AND anything that the Holy Spirit leads you to pray for me with! <3

Thank you so much!!

from the core of my heart to yours,

Destiny RJ Nielsen:)