Hey Everyone!

W O W! Your generous and selfless donations have delivered countless tears to my eyes! Some of you have even swung into Zen Den for a class; it’s been so incredible to meet you all. Thank you for your support. Your donations help more than you know! I am forever grateful.

Last Wednesday was awesome (NOT because of what MSM broadcasted with the help of Hollywood regarding the (fake) you know what…) but because I was interviewed with the one and only Life with Liz in the morning and later, was a guest on the Howie Carr show. Since then (plus being on THE FRONT PAGE of Saturday, January 12th’s Portsmouth Herald) about a dozen different “local news” radio and tv stations have taken it amongst themselves to write stories about me. Without ever talking to me. They say no press is bad press, right? I mean a reporter from The NYT even reached out. You can’t make this up. I’ll attach both youtube links below to last Wednesday’s interviews I was apart of. On Howie’s fast forward to about the 3 hour 5-minute mark.

While I’ve got your attention…
I’m thinking about holding space for us and many, many other like-minded people to gather at Zen Den, a speakeasy in a sense, in a space where you won’t have to defend or explain yourself because God forbid you’re capable of thinking for yourself or maybe you believe something that goes against the mainstream media’s propaganda based narratives. Or because you, dare I say it, take pride in being patriotic?! Since when did being patriotic become worthy of constant public scrutiny and ridicule? A haven if you will, where you can come and be R E A L. Would you be interested? And if so, would you want to meet biweekly or monthly; weekly? What day what time would you be able to commit to?

I’ve had enough of this evil trance people are under. I heard these words the other day and they just struck me so strongly:
“If you don’t stand for the flag; what do you stand for? What do you represent? You can point your finger to people brave enough to put their necks on the line, but I don’t see you out there trying to make change anywhere. I don’t see you putting your neck on the line to reach people. To dedicate yourself to something you believe in; to be a part of something great. To helping others, dedicating your life to service to help other people. Is that not why we are here. To help one another (because we are one)and to connect? If you aren’t here doing God’s work; then what are you doing? Your complaining, you are being negative you are perpetuating the cycle of darkness we’re trying to get out of. People thank me for what I’ve done; for putting myself out there. But I don’t see myself as doing anything that I didn’t feel was right and that’s what everyone else should do. Standing up for what you believe in is not brave, it’s what should be done. But standing up might not be easy but standing up for what’s right is not hard; its what’s right. Standing up for your country and for what you believe in is not a bad thing.”

It is so clear that there are 2 separate realities existing simultaneously. My friends, we are on the right side of this historic time. We are at the forefront of the tipping sphere. We are pushing this ascension forward. Don’t give up. Keep the faith. Hold the vision. The next few weeks should be very interesting!

I am still on the hunt for legal assistance. If you know any doxing/defamation lawyers please send them my way or share my info/story with them! The emails I have received from those of you near and far have really reinforced this “activated” feeling that is growing louder, stronger, and brighter.

This is ONLY the beginning.