About Crowdfunding Is GiveSendGo really free?
We have had people that think our marketing posts are dishonest regarding fees. We wanted to respond so that everyone would understand how crowdfunding works. The last thing we want people to feel like is that we are tricking or lying to anyone, so here is our response: 

We can assure you as a platform GiveSendGo does not take a fee. We are free. We have people who have not processed any money but still use our site and never have to pay to use our services. We have people that use GiveSendGo features to update followers on their mission, we have users that just use GSG to put donations they have received offline to show that they are raising money. They never have to pay to use GSG. They use our share buttons to share what they are doing , and never have to pay anything. 

It is like if I said I had a free book I wanted to give you and you asked me to ship it to you. I said you can have it but in order to get it to you, you wanted me to use the post office. The post office has no obligation to be free just because I want to give my book away for free. You can still get my book if you want to pick it up and it won’t cost anything. But the service to ship the book is something added. WePay as well as every processor out there charges for their service. There is nothing we can do about that. If you want to process money online or with a credit card - you will pay a processing fee- it’s just how it works. That processing fee goes to wepay. It doesn’t go to keep GSG running. We are free. We are upfront about WePay’s processing fees. But when we compare ourselves to gofundme And others we are simply saying - did you know gofundme takes 5% out of every donation for their platform , (that’s not including the processing fees you get charged on gfm) - because again everyone has processing fees if you have credit card transactions. 

Since our platform is offered for free to use, and if you know there are credit card charges for every time you accept a payment, do we need to cover those fees as well for you to be happy with us? We couldn’t do it. It isn’t feasibly possible to have a free site cover your processing fees. So we always hope instead of complaints that we would get “thank you” since we are trying to allow our campaign owners to keep as much money as possible... by offering our platform for free.

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September 7, 2020 at 09:18 pm
I use Discover Card but they say they will not deal with GSG. That seems prejudicial for a giant like Discover card. I have used Discover since 1984. I guess its time to start using a different card...

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