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Goal : AUD $100,000

Raised : AUD $85,304

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UPDATE: Minimum goal achieved! Thankyou for helping us hit the $65,000 minimum! We are now hard at work in pre-production and research and will commence filming in a few weeks!

We have increased the goal to $100,000 and the extra budget will allow us to invest more hours into this project, more time in the edit suite, more time with the motion graphics artists, more time on the music, and all of that will mean a more powerful and emotive documentary that does an even better job of telling the story!

Thankyou, lets please keep this momentum going!


Battleground Melbourne

The Fall of the World's Most Livable City, through the eyes of those who risked everything to save it.

Battleground Melbourne charts the extraordinary fall from grace for the once 'Most Liveable City' in the world.

The last 18 months has seen Melbourne, Australia, fall from 'Most Liveable' to 'Most Locked-down' city in the world. It's an astonishing fall which has brought with it previously unthinkable levels of civil unrest and government repression and sparked protests around Australia and throughout the world as scenes reminiscent of the USSR or CCP have gone viral.

The fact that these scenes are playing out on the streets of a city in a wealthy and 'free' country makes this an ominous warning for all. If it can happen here, it could happen anywhere.

Battleground Melbourne tells this story from the perspective of the activists and journalists who tried to save the city of Melbourne. This is our story. The Government and the media have already told their twisted and dishonest side of the story, Battleground Melbourne is our reply. This is how we set the record straight and ensure the world will forever know the truth.

We have been smeared with false accusations, called every name you can imagine, assaulted, arrested, imprisoned. But even after all this, they haven't defeated us. Our love for freedom, and our love for our once wonderful city, compels us to battle on.

Battleground Melbourne is a story of men and women who love freedom. It's a story of courage in the face of fear, of triumphs and failures, and ordinary people giving everything to change the course of history for the city they love.

Covid-19 has sent shockwaves around the world, but nowhere has the political reaction to the virus been more extreme or more repressive than in the 'free' city of Melbourne. Seven time winner of the 'World's Most Livable City' award, Melbourne has become a cautionary tale that has shocked the world with a dysfunctional parliament, sham 'inquiries', politically motivated arrests, secrecy, abuse of human rights, and heavily armoured riot police roaming the streets with 'shoot on sight' orders against unarmed civilians.

The world has watched in horror as watches scenes from the streets of the once idylic city of Melbourne, as it has descended into a police state reminiscent of Communist China's repression of Hong Kong, or worse.

Battleground Melbourne tells the story through the eyes of the men and women who risked it all to try and save their city. Weaving together interviews from key freedom activists and journalists, with live as-it-happened footage from on the ground, this Documentary tells the world the truth of how Melbourne fell, as seen by the freedom fighters who dared to stand in the face of a tyrannical government and fight for the freedoms of themselves and their children.

Battleground Melbourne is perhaps the most important documentary of our time. Narrated by Topher Field, and including interviews with top freedom fighters and gritty, real life footage of protests and police repression, this documentary will forever stand as a snapshot of a city in crisis, and a cautionary tale for the whole world.

In order to do justice to this critical moment in history we need to have enough budget to hire a team of the best film makers that Melbourne has to offer. To truly tell this story in the way it deserves to be told we need cinematographers, editors, motion graphics artists, composers, and many more film industry professionals to collaborate together, and that means we need budget to pay them.

Topher Field is an experienced Documentary maker with a 12 year history of political commentary and film makeing and will take the reins as Director of Battleground Melbourne.

In order to do this project justice at a basic level the team need a budget of $65,000AUD. This will provide the necessary resources to produce a documentary to acceptable production standards, although nothing fancy, and due to a lack of budget the production will have to work very quickly and minimise the hours spend, and will have no resources for promotion of the documentary when it's finished.

The ideal budget is $210,000AUD, as this provides the necessary resources to pay a small army of experienced film industry professionals to work fast and craft an absolutely top notch documentary that will be watched the world over and has a chance of being picked up by TV or online streaming services, AND will pay for a substantial marketing and promotional budget to ensure the documentary is a success post-launch.

Anything in between the minimum $65,000 and ideal $210,000 levels will go to where it will have the biggest impact in terms of improving the quality, clarity, and success of the documentary.

All public donations above $500AUD will be credited by name on a 'Thankyou' screen at the end of the documentary.
All public donations above $1,000AUD will be credited in larger type with few persons per screen.
All public donations above $2,500AUD will be credited with no more than 4 persons per screen
All public donations above $5,000AUD will be credited on a dedicated screen per person, largest donors first.

Please note that any private / unlisted donations will not be listed or credited anywhere, in order to protect your privacy.

We ask that anyone who can support this project from OUTSIDE Australia please do so! The people of Australia, and especially the people of Victoria, have suffered immensely under this madness and we would be deeply grateful for those outside of Victoria to help make this project possible.

And please remember to spread the word! It's so important to tell the world about this project and help us to tell the world the truth about what has taken place here.

Topher Field.
Director - Battleground Melbourne


Update #3 - 100% of the minimum goal funded, now stretching for the next goal!
October 18, 2021
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Wow! What an insane week of my life!

As I've said elsewhere, I want to thank Victoria Police for helping to raise the minimum budget so fast! We smashed through the $65,000 minimum budget just 48 hours after they came and arrested me, so I'll be giving them a 'thankyou' in the credits!

But also, thankyou to YOU! As things stand now we've raised over $72,000 from 800 donors! It's a wonderful vindication of my firm belief that we are NOT alone! There are MANY of us who are deeply concerned by all we've seen in the last 18 months and we want the world to know.

Because we've now met the minimum budget, I've increased the target to $100,000. To be clear, the minimum budget HAS been raised and the documentary IS going ahead! The increased target is provide me with more resources, so I can pay for more hours from my crew, my editor, my motion graphics team, and if we can raise even MORE than $100,000 then I'll start to have budget for marketing and promoting the documentary after it is released, to MAXIMISE its impact.

In terms of the project itself, my research team continues to work hard, they have a deadline of Friday the 22nd to deliver to me a comprehensive timeline of events, grouped into various themes (corruption, protest, media manipulation, and the list goes on) so that I can then sit down with that comprehensive timeline for a few days and craft the narrative, the exact story, that we will be telling.

Once that is done we will be moving quickly into the next phase of the project, the interviews! We'll be interviewing key people that have been in the thick of the battle for our beloved city, as well as people who have been in the background and working hard in the shadows, to hear their stories and get inside their heads as they tell the story of Battleground Melbourne.

That's where we're up to, please keep spreading the word far and wide, and thankyou so much for your support!


Update #2 - We're going ahead!
October 12, 2021
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Hi supporters, thankyou so much for your amazing support. We have some great news, this project is going ahead!

After raising nearly 40% of the budget in just the first week, Topher has made the call that we're going into production effective immediately, and we're trusting that the rest of the support will come through as things progress and more people find out about Battleground Melbourne.

This ensures that we don't waste time 'waiting' for the budget to be raised, so it means we can spend more weeks on the project and be more likely to be able to release it prior to Christmas 2021!

But we need to keep spreading the word and encouraging new people to support Battleground Melbourne! Nearly 40% is amazing, but that leaves us with 60% to go! And the sooner we can raise the remaining budget, the sooner Topher can forget about the fundraising and pour all of his energy and focus into making the documentary absolutely amazing.

So please help us by continuing to spread the word! Thankyou for your support, we can't wait to share with you our progress as we get to work creating Battleground Melbourne!

All the best, and thanks again, from Topher and the Battleground Melbourne Team.

Update # 1 - 23% in 24 hours!
October 7, 2021
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Wow, thankyou all so much! We hit 23% of our MINIMUM budget in the first 24 hours of the fundraiser!

That's amazing and I'm so grateful to everyone who helped make that happen.

But now the hard-yards begin! The first 24 hours were always going to be the biggest, so now we need to keep this momentum going and spread the word to more and more and MORE people, with the aim of reaching the minimum goal ($65,000) within a week!

I REALLY don't want to be worrying about fundraising while I'm trying to make this documentary! It'll take time and focus away from what I really need to be doing, which is making this documentary the absolute best it can be.

You can help me do that by not only supporting the fundraiser (and thankyou to those who already have!) but also by spreading the word! If YOU can take care of the fundraising for me, then I can focus on producing a documentary that will really have an impact.

So thankyou so much to everyone who has helped, it's been a GREAT first 24 hours, but now the REAL work begins.

Thankyou in advance for doing everything you can to help this project achieve its minimum goal ASAP!

Kind Regards,

Topher Field.


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