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Hello everyone! I'm Melissa McAtee and I've whisteblown against the company I've given nearly 10 years of my life for. I've decided to whistleblow because I believe the people are not making informed decisions on what they put in their body. I'm not doing this for money or any benefit to myself as I'm losing many great benefits and pay to do this. Pfizer's own policies say they expect integrity, honesty and OWNing our actions. I was in complete shock to find my worst fears to be true when I found these things by a total accident, or what I believe to be a miracle of God. I'm not an anti vaxxer. I'm fully vaccinated and work for a pharmacutical company that makes injectable medications. I just didn't get this ONE. I was simply waiting until my company started producing the vaccines to see if anything seemed sketchy or out of place about the production of this shot. Sadly, right away there was lying, deciet and manipulation within my plant. Recently they began going back on their claim to value equity by mandating the shot to their employees and only testing those who did not recieve the shot. When the Science says that even the vaxxed can spread it. Once I found this information I was in a panic and took an LOA from work to take care of my stress and mental health. Then I saw an article that Pfizer's goal is to get this to babies as young as 6 months old this year and that's when I knew I had to say something. This isn't about Republican vs. Democrat. Liberal vs. Conservative. Religious vs. Non religious. This is about humanity and doing the right thing when you believe something wrong is taking place. I believe God kept me at my job and in my position for this very reason. Ephesians 5:11 says  "Have nothing to do with the fruitless works of darkenss, but rather expose them." So that's what I'm doing. In these uncertain times with my safety and my future. ANY support or prayer is GREATLY appreciated. I planned on starting a family on Pfizer insurance and now I won't get the chance. My livlihood had been threatened and I may face legal battles. But I don't neccessarily care. For me this is about exposing truth and doing EVERYTHING I can to bring light to the darkness and expose the truth.  I'm just one employee who has information out of many. I'm the first because I simply have nothing to lose but my job in my eyes. If I face pursecution or death, may it be in the name of truth and on the right side of History.  I pray that you understand I am not coming forward falsely. That I fully plan to make sure the public has transparency and honesty in their medical decisions.  
John 3:20 "Everyone who does evil, hates the light and will not come into it in fear that their deeds will be exposed"
Come into the light Pfizer, be honest with your employees and the world. This is why so many of your employees refuse to bow to the vaccine. Many of us have information and it won't end with me. I hope what I've done brings us closer to unity in the world and bring understanding to people that wonder why some people involved in the processes are "vaccine hesitant". Who do you think knows the most about the food at the restaurant? The Waitress who serves you the food, and knows the menu and has eaten the food themselves? Or, the ones who preapred the food, know the ingredients and are part of preparation of the food? Pfizer has turned it's back on it's employees when Albert Bourla promised he wouldn't bring polictics into the work place over this. Their employees have missed, holidays, birthdays, special events to work for them and have missed out memories with loved ones no longer with us to work for them, and they are disregarding all of the effort and contribution from their "vaccine hesitant" employees. God bless all of you. -Melissa McAtee


Update #4
November 6, 2021
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Hey everyone! Another update. My co workers relgious exemptions were accepted! While I'm thankful, I believe it is temporary. I think they will let them go if the OSHA rule passes and is upheld. I'm going to post my venmo as well here @craftychristian92  I plan on using funds for legal and physical protection as well helping me continue to get the inforation I have out available out there. I also plan to use the money received to help those who remained strong and didn't receive the vaccine during the holidays. Anything helps and it's greatly appreciated! God bless everyone and I promise the truth will soon be out! 

Update #3
October 24, 2021
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Thank you so much everyone for everything! The kind words, prayers and donations are all very much appreciated. I'm officially her terminated by my job and am now looking for work. My ideal job would be doing Christian apologetics or teaching scripture. If anyone knows any way to make this a reality for me please reach me by email
any prayers and donations are appreciated as my future is uncertain. Thank you, thank you.. thank you God bless everyone 

I won't stop
October 10, 2021
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Now that Pfizer has made it known they don't care to speak to me about the things I've seen and not investigate. I now know that they have no plans on being 100% transparent with the world.  So I will continue to whistleblow and release information I know until every mandate is dropped and those who were deceived into taking their vaccine under social medias false and misleading fact checks of claims that the Pfizer and BioNtech vaccine had NO FETAL CELL LINES used in the development what so ever. As the world now knows they desperately did not want this info to be common knowledge as people can use it for religious exemptions. Even if they lock me up, what an honor to suffer as the apostles. Even if they kill me, they killed my savior too. What an honor to suffer as Christ did. Pray for my safety so I'm able to keep speaking and whistleblowing. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep holding on to hope and praying. Don't let them harass you or make you think you have no choice. I have been overwhelmed with love and support and plan on answering messages as quickly as I can. Thank you everyone and God bless you all!

26 hours later
October 8, 2021
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I can't even express how thankful I am. I wasn't sure this would be well received by the public. I will continue to whistleblow until mandates are non existent and the people who were forced and deceived to get this vaccine be compensated. Or until I'm in jail or dead.. God bless all of you 


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