Unique Opportunity

The Orthomolecular Garden Church is raising money for Helios Farms.  These funds are dedicated to helping Helios Farms secure the land purchase for their prototype farm that has been in operation for over 10 years. This will give Helios Farms a firm foundation from which they can see their vision of community farms spread in a time of growing food insecurity.

Contributions over $250 will receive a tax receipt.

You can also contribute to this effort by pre-purchasing discount vouchers for the high-quality foods Helios supplies.  Please visit their PMA store.

For any questions, please contact Theo via email at theo@heliosfarms.com!


Helios Farms has been in operation for over 10 years developing a system of decentralized food supply where small farms use wholly natural methods to produce high quality foods for their local communities.

Helios Farms mission is to see every community have one of these owner-operated farms in their immediate region. The prototype farm in Yoncalla, Oregon has grown to over 300 subscribers, and Helios Farms is ready to spread the model to other farms in Oregon and beyond. 

Until now, Helios Farms has been leasing the land for their prototype farm, but their landlord has given them the opportunity to purchase the land before he puts it on the open market.  Securing the land will give Helios Farms a firm foundation from which they can grow and to help others replicate the success they have proven.

The land being purchased is a beautiful 160 acre farm in Yoncalla, OR that has been improved and enriched over the past 10 years to support Helios Farms' Orthomolecular Regenerative farming methods.

In order to secure the land purchase, Helios Farms needs to initially raise $200,000 (12.5% of the total $1.6M purchase price).

Please consider donating here, pre-purchasing a food credit, or otherwise getting involved to see Helios Farms' vision and model revolutionize and secure our food supply!
If you’d like to learn more about opportunities to be involved with Helios Farms, the land purchase, or the mission to secure our food supply, please contact Theo via email at theo@heliosfarms.com.

The Orthomolecular Garden Church

The OGC is The Orthomolecular Garden Church – a 508(c)(1)(a) organization dedicated to expanding the Kingdom by decentralizing the food supply back to a network of private, family-run Christian farms that feed the private farm communities associated with each farm.

The OGC is fully behind Helios Farms in their mission.  The foods produced follow God's design at all levels of production, and, as God designed, are healing by nature. The centralized and globalized food system works to the detriment of Creation and human health, and has become increasingly fragile. By contributing to funding the purchase of the first Helios Farms' farmland, you are funding the solution.