If you never met NobleBeard (Jeremy) & all you saw was his Patriotic Love for his Country as a Proud Boy, then you would miss his Spirit! 

You'd miss out on his sense of humor, his down to earth nature, his intellect & ability to say what we are all thinking.

You'd miss out on a person who would ride or die for what's right, you'd miss out on his passion for his children, for the woods, for guns & all things given to us by our forefathers. More importantly you'd miss out on actually knowing who he was!!!

When most people are kneeling for someone, Jeremy is standing for something???.

Now is our chance to stand behind him & show him the love & gratitude we have for what he's already given to this country. 
Jeremy is Stable and Recovering. 
We are asking that everyone continue to pray over him. 

?? He wishes for people to know that he reads every comment, he has seen the love and support! He appreciates every single one of you. 

?? While we can't be there for him physically we can be there for him by continuing the good fight for our country. He wouldn't want us to give up now because has hasn't and isn't!