Legal Defense Against Disney Mandates

Campaign Created by: Legal Defense Against Mandates For Cast Members
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Goal : $100,000

Raised : $15,475

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                  Please Support Cast Members Fighting For Freedom Of Choice!

We are raising money to stop the Walt Disney Company from mandating the Covid vaccine. All monies collected will go towards our spectacular legal team (which we will announce soon, so stay tuned). 

No one can deny that Covid has turned our world upside down. While some things are hard to comprehend and define, enforcing a Covid vaccine mandate to keep one’s job while the vaccinated are contracting, transmitting and dying from Covid, flies in the face of logic, reason and science. Data from Israel and Singapore clearly show these shots are not the be all, end all of safety and efficacy as touted from the start.

We all want to be safe and healthy. Given the inability of these vaccines to do what we were assured they would do, and given the personal experiences of some who have received them, it is clear that a one-size fits all vaccination policy for a genetically diverse population is riddled with issues. Medical mandates are dangerous and obscene.  There are people who cannot and should not be vaccinated and there are others who are opposed on religious, philosophical and conscientious grounds. 

Medical exemptions are nearly impossible to obtain short of a near death experience from a vaccine. Doctors are reticent to write them (even for those who qualify) for fear of losing their license. Those who have submitted a religious exemption are being asked inappropriate and out of bounds questions. Furthermore, Disney is not clear on what accommodations will be made for those whose exemptions have been approved.

•    Will we lose our job status?
•    Will we be isolated?
•    Will we be denied the ability to earn the same wage?
•    Will we have a monthly fine?
•    Will we be put on leave until we comply?

Disney has not been forthcoming with this information and the panic it has caused is unconscionable.

Medical mandates have no place in a free society. One’s ability to feed one’s family should not be held hostage to a medical product or procedure, especially one that comes with the very real risk of significant injury or death ( We must take a stand for personal, medical, religious and human rights. 

Disney is a globally recognized corporation. If we can stop this vaccine mandate, it will send a message to the world. To that end, we are asking for donations to fight Disney’s vaccine mandate. All funds from this campaign will be put toward our legal defense against this medical tyranny.  

Together we can do this & no donation is too small. Thank you!


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