Sound and Stage Fundraiser for November 20 Rally

Campaign Created by: Artist Audio Inc
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Alan Thompson.


Goal : $27,000

Raised : $3,077

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*Goal has been reduced after receiving $5,000 dollars in offline donations!!!* 

If everyone in our community contributes just $2, we will have a sensational professional sound system for the rally this Saturday, November 20th!

The freedom movement in New York City is at a defining moment. This is the chance for New Yorkers and Americans at large to make the most powerful statement yet in defense of basic human and constitutional rights.

New York Freedom Rally has grown from a handful of activists with bullhorns on the street into a diverse coalition of thousands of parents, city workers, teachers, nurses, healers, youths and elders who understand what we are facing at this moment in history: a spiritual reawakening and societal rebirth.

As we have grown organically, persevering through censorship and on-the-ground hurdles, we have done our best to produce inspiring events with limited resources and funding. Time and time again, we have mustered a platform to amplify the voices of our leaders with as little as two speakers and a car battery borrowed or purchased on our own dime, and even a wooden platform constructed by hand.

This time will be different. We have been blessed to connect with a master engineer with a storied history. His name is Alan Thompson of Artist Audio Inc. From Nelson Mandela, to Whitney Houston, to a crowd of 60,000 at Philadelphia City Hall for Mumia Abu Jamal, Alan's resume manning stages and systems for artistic and political events is too long to list in one paragraph.

We have secured our most exciting lineup of speakers yet, including:

Naomi Wolf, Daily Clout
Professor Mark Crispin Miller, NYU
Chris Masterjohn, PhD
Tricia Lindsay, Esq.
Kevin Jenkins, Urban Global Health Alliance
Tramel Thompson, Progressive Action
Jeannie Vega, New York Dejure Assembly
Rachel Maniscalco, Do Not Comply NYC
John Matland, We the People are the News

and many more...

This lineup more than any deserves a large scale, professional touch. Alan and his team have everything one could imagine to make it happen, from a soundstage trailer to amp racks and subwoofers, speaker towers, generators, cable ramps, analog mixers, delay lines, trucking, and the manpower to manage it all.

For such an occasion, now is the time for us to humbly reach out to our followers and community members to pitch in. The base expenses for our minimum coverage area on Central Park West from 61st to 65th street add up to over $32,000.

If we are able to draw the numbers we anticipate (hinging on you all pumping those flyers out on social media and on the street!) each additional block will cost $6,200, reaching up to 72nd Street or higher!

If each of our followers on social media contributes as little as $2, we will have these base expenses covered overnight! If you can afford a little more, you will have taken part in producing one of the most historic events in modern history.

Every donation goes directly to Artist Audio, Inc. Stay tuned for more opportunities to support New York Freedom Rally aside from our Venmo @newyorkfreedomrally as we find new and improved ways to reach people and build a future together. We are just getting started, and this is our time to shine!

Light for Liberty
Freedom Over Fear
We Will All Be There



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