Patriot Fund for Jorge Riley

Campaign Created by: Dacian American
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Jorge Riley.


Goal : $33,000

Raised : $383

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#FreeThePatriot #FreeJorgeRiley

This fund was created for Jorge Riley for all legal purposes needed to fight the corrupt deep state attempt to incarcerate and ruin Mr. Riley's name and future.

     Jorge Riley (pronounced George) is a Conservative Christian, disabled Veteran, and Father. Jan 6th, He, like many other patriots went to the D.C. to support and listen to President Trump. He Prayed, he met a lot of patriots, and helped fellow human beings when needed. The crowd went to the capitol grounds, thats when all the instigators (many proven to not be Trump supporters or Patriots) broke the windows and doors. Jorge and many other were actually let in and waved into capitol grounds. Shoving became the norm and many people were stuck in the middle and only way to go was forward or crushed from behind by the huge crowd. At moments, police officers were worried or in vulnerable positions. Jorge and others would actually help the police, he even got stuck between some officers and patriots and Jorge told them "do not worry, we wont let anything happen to you." Once inside police would walk the crowd room to room like a tour. Why would they do that? We all know how this was a trap, but it felt more like a concert. After taking pictures inside, Jorge made sure any patriot he came with made it back to their hotel safely. Jorge will always be a protector of the innocent and faithful. After coming back home to Sacramento, Jorge was arrested by the FBI because he posted everything online. He does not cower to the masses. Many told him to delete but Jorge has nothing to hide and only fears God.

Jorge Riley prior to these events was the President of SRA (Sacramento Republican Assembly) and CRA member. He will need help from all of us Patriots. He did not only go to stop the steal, he went for all of us, a voice for us that couldn't be there, a voice for justice, a voice for Christians, and a voice for Democracy. He served our country proudly and fought for our conservative rights that are being trampled by the enemy within. Before the events at Capitol Hill, Riley was actively protesting at the Stop the Steal Rallies in Sacramento. Riley has been targeted by Sacramento blm and antifa chapters. He has been targeted, harassed and attacked by these hateful racist groups. He even had a smoke bomb blow up right next to him at a peaceful protest when antifa showed up in blackbloc and attacked and destroyed Patriots cars. These same people have been harassing Jorge online and at home. They are trying to ruin his name and demonize him. They even attacked his heritage, saying he isn't a real Native American. Jorge is a proud American. They are actively destroying his name. Every article written about him and D.C. is fake news used to slander. Riley now is facing up to 25 years in federal prison. 

While Jorge was in jail his house was broken into and he was robbed.  

Anyone that knows or has met Jorge Riley, know that he is a kind soul and soldier of God. Lets not let our Patriot go through this alone. BLM rioters from the summer and antifa rioters from all year long have went on Go Fund Me and raised money way over their Goal. Go fund me is notorious for deleting conservative funds from their platform and giving the money back to people that donated. Clearly this is the right place for justice. Pray for Jorge and his Family. God Bless.

#FreeJorgeRiley #FreeThePatriot


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