-It's 2am on Sunday and, as usual, I can't sleep. 

Team Orr/Graham is just about ready to depart. We have now raised $900 of the $1,000 goal so that is tremendous!

Team Dye will be  joining us as the second team your contributions have helped provide money to cover expenses for. They told me that they are very greatful for your consideration and generosity. It came as such a pleasant surprise..  

Kind of like when I was in Chick-fil-a drive thru the other day and I go to pay and its a couple dollars cheaper than what she told me earlier.  I asked. 'How come?' and she explained that the vehicle ahead of me actually donated their change to 'the car behind me'.  I was floored. This was also totally unexpected.

You won't see communists doing that.  

We depart in approx 2 days!  Nervous but excited as well.