Second Chances

Campaign Created by: Gregory Kemmis
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Second Chances:

"All things are done through Christ who strengthens me..."

This is a lesson which is often taught, but a few people have lost sight of it, at one time or another and we ask ourselves a lot of questions.

Hi, My name is Gregory Kemmis; I'm an Independent Singer/Songwriter.
Since I was 17 years old, before I graduated high school, I've been blessed with the gift of creativity and faith towards a successful future.

I started writing lyrics, and knew where I wanted to go in life; I had made a decision about wanting to pursue a career in music, because I knew how to always be original, hard-working and unique. This was in 2003, where one of my only dreams was to migrate to Canada... namely Vancouver, BC.

You know, my purpose in life was to try to inspire others, even when I felt like knocking myself down. During my lifespan, I have endured several challenges, and never knew how to ask for help... nor had gotten a chance to ask for help; because of circumstances persistantly occuring, for the longest time, though I had hope for an optimal outcome, though I was winded in self-doubt.

After praying The Lord's Prayer, because thats all I know how to pray at times, I would still hope for the unseen... which I never knew was the definition of faith, until just recently. However, most of the time, I could not believe it would happen... I felt as if, there was a quid pro quo towards my prayers being answered, because oftentimes I would believe with my human mind... while my heart would conflict at the same time.

This happened as a consequence of abuse and accidents by others, especially during my younger years from 1994-2003. I was born with a birth defect of menegitis at six-months old, which left a neurological limitation resulting in a seizure disorder, in 1985.

In 1994, at just nine, I was a passenger in a vehicular collision and was hospitalized for a traumatic brain injury. Although that was a settled case, I was a minor still... and in 2000, I lost my grandmother when I was 14 years old, to emphasyma/lung cancer. Finally, in 2004, I was hospitalized again for attempting suicide.

After surviving, I eventually went to three different colleges in 13 years, and did not graduate. During my years of college, it was challenging to think how things would get better, yet I became a first-time filmmaker in 2016, for about 2 years... which attempting to manage a non-profit organization. When that effort did not succeed, a year later, I was able to return back to music.

While many people were not concerned with what happened, I remained an open book, thinking that my story may help save a life. As I struggle financially, I work as a musician, wishing to share my stories in unique ways hinting at some of the worldly and personal issues I experience, just like many others.

My financial lifeline faded after 2017, when I was barely able to pay debts, and many crowds would tell me to "be realistic, get a new job." Considering, that I've been able to compose music since 2004, it has been a gift.

However, as the global pandamic hits The United States harshly, the rise of online scams and unemployment has become a factor, and many are facing risks of Identity Theft as well, (myself included). Families and friends are being torn apart on a daily basis, and the world is in a crisis.

One of my friends who has been deployed overseas, several months before I knew them for the first time, is awaiting an opportunity to come home again to the United States.

This is only one reason, I've made this campaign to ask for a second chance at life, because I believe with a little more prayer and hope, it will become truer today that life is a gift.

Opening Doors:

The hardest part for some people could be opening up to others and giving themselves permission to become vulnerable, whereas for me, it is not; rather, it is asking for help with financial assistance.

The reason I'm asking for help, is because we all deserve a prosperous life. Part of prosperity, is feeling valued, while the other is allowing yourselves to start over again.
I am a creative professional with several talents, who knows what I am worth... however, like all opportunities, they are required to be sought after.

Some of the opportunities I'd like to accomplish is within music and videography, while the others are a chance to be debt-free, and get married. This fund is a collective of what is planned to be for my life.

The Road to Prosperity:

The road to prosperity includes both faith and works, however in my subtle opinion, we are constantly creating and performing works in everyday life.

It is a struggle to live in poverty, where welfare is your lifestyle and you're just getting by. Where, as an example, one is worried about how to pay for healthcare vs. how to eat or pay the utility bills. As musicians face these challenges moreoften, it is a blessing when another party recognizes your effort and sees you as valuable.

As a collective, we are always trying to perform better, while undergoing forms of hardships. Some have experienced homelessness, hunger, strife and/or bankruptcy just trying to survive... and it is a shame, because it hits the community harder than most of the public.

We can change some of this with this fund, however.

How You Can Help:

We are asking for a goal of $1M over the next 14 months. Should we hit our goal, we will use our additional funds to create more projects and opportunities for artists, by developing new programs and assistance for unsigned and/or underrepresented artists.

Part of these features will include gifts of membership to "The Official Artist Community & Support Page" (, as well as continuous support towards Artist Development aspects, and/or may also help us establish a label of our own for artists.

This is a passion of mine, and I would like to ask for your donations, to assist with building this project, should we reach out goals.

What You Can Donate:

Donors are allowed to contribute to this fund in incriments of $50, $100, $250, $500, or $1000. Should you wish to help support an album, please donate $25 and be sure to make your donation publicly visible, so that I can reach back out to you and offer a free prayer as a thank you.

Please note, this is a collective fund and each donation of $50+ will get you a prayer or thank you note and a digitally autographed picture of me.


This fund must reach its first deadline of $200 by November 3, 2020
It must then grow to $5000 by December 1, 2020
The fund must reach over $1M by December 31, 2021


Closing Note:

Please be sure to watch the Header Video to become inspired, and remember to seek help, then keep going.
We appreciate your viewership.


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