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Midshipman First Class Chase Standage Defense Fund

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Kevin Standage is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Midshipman First Class Chase Standage First Amendment Defense Fund.

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Kevin Standage Moorpark, CA
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My wife and I are careeer law enforcemnt officers.  We are trying to raise money solely for the legal defense of our son, United States Naval Academy Midshipman First Class Chase Standage, who is facing separation from the Academy for violation of his First Amendment and Fifth Amendment rights while trying to defend law enforcement and the President of the United States.  Due to his defense of law enforcement and the ideals of law and order, he has been branded a racist by USNA and the Capital Gazette.  One fact that is convienetly left out by USNA and the Capital Gazette, when being labeled a racist, is Chase's best friend and USNA roomate for 3 years is black.

If donations received, exceed those needed for legal expenses, the remaining balance will be donated to The Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation and Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

Midshipman First Class Chase Standage, is a person of exceptional character and dedication.  He is an Aerospace Engineering major, with a cumulative 3.8 GPA, and has been accepted into graduate school through the prestigious Volunteer Graduate Education Program following the completion of his undergraduate studies in December.  He is an accomplished Commercial Pilot, who flew an airplane solo at 16, before driving a car solo, earned his Private Pilot License at 17, Instrument rating at 18, and Commercial Pilot certificate at 21.  His life long goal has always been to  become a Navy Fighter Pilot.  

And yet MIDN Standage now faces having his exemplary achievements and his future as a Navy pilot canceled for making the mistake of responding to heated exchanges on social media concerning issues of national concern, as well as positions taken both by a female black conservative and pronouncements by the President and Commander-in-Chief, positions with which he agrees and, as an American citizen, with which he has the right to agree.  These exchanges took place over a frightening one-week period in June 2020, during which MIDN Standage sat in the home of his parents, both career Los Angeles Police Department officers; in the midst of the Los Angeles riots, fearing for his parents safety, to tens of thousands of protestors, many of whom were deemed by the President, the U.S. Attorney General, and a resolution introduced in the U.S. Senate, to be domestic terrorists.

The subject matter of these exchanges included a black conservative woman’s views as to the roots of economic disparities among various demographics; whether the U.S. military should be employed to combat the domestic terrorists destroying Los Angeles and other U.S. cities; the police shooting of a black woman; and the Navy Football Team.  

In the first stage of the conduct adjudication process, the Deputy Commandant of Midshipmen, Captain (CAPT) Robert Mathewson, made clear to MIDN Standage that there existed only one correct and acceptable position (some of which included implicit criticisms of the President) with respect to each of these issues.  The Deputy Commandant further made clear that MIDN Standage’s deviation from that position rendered his social media posts racist, unprofessional, and a threat to good order and discipline.  Ignoring the law governing the conduct offenses with which MIDN Standage was charged, COMDMIDNNOTE 5720 and UCMJ Article 133, the Deputy Commandant trampled MIDN Standage’s First Amendment rights, found him guilty of both offenses, and forwarded him for separation. 

Commandant of Midshipmen, CAPT Thomas Buchanan, has made clear to the Brigade of Midshipmen must embrace the Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Anti-Racist movements’ core principal – that passivity in the face of “racism” is unacceptable, or as the activists like to say, “silence is violence.”  His daughter Anita’s social media biography includes “ACAB” (All Cops Are Bastards) and the abolishment of the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service.  Among other things, in her tweets and retweets she endorses allegiance to ANTIFA. 

The Superintendent, VADM Buck, has made clear through repeated public pronouncements that he unconditionally embraces the structural and institutional racism tenets of the BLM and Anti-Racist movements and that those tenets will be drilled into the minds of every member of the Brigade of Midshipmen through mandatory training, irrespective of the fact that the President of the United States has ordered that no such training take place at any federal agency.  He has also made clear that he intends to root out and separate any midshipman who fails to get “on board” with these policies.  During his interview of MIDN Standage – the final step in the conduct adjudication process – the Superintendent made good on that threat, evidencing a contempt for law enforcement and leaving no doubt that he viewed threats against MIDN Standage’s parents and other police officers as overblown and no excuse for committing indiscriminate acts of violence against “innocent” civilians.

Meanwhile, numerous current and former midshipmen have, for many months, aggressively engaged in the weaponization of social media in a manner that can only be described as disgraceful, pernicious, racist, nihilistic, and seditious.  Among other things, the posts call for the removal of all white politicians; compare the President to Hitler and Saddam Hussein; advocate shooting a white couple who defended their property with a gun; applaud the mockery, desecration, and destruction of federal and state statues and monuments; endorse rioting, looting, and a countrywide revolution; and call for violence against, and even the death of, MIDN Standage.  Despite the fact that dozens of such posts, by other midshipmen, were called to the attention of the Academy’s senior leadership, MIDN Standage – and only MIDN Standage – faces separation.

The conduct and statements of the Superintendent, the Commandant, and the Deputy Commandant amount to blatant and unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination against MIDN Standage. At issue is the Academy’s monolithic adoption of, and insistence upon, unilateral positions with respect to vitally important issues of public concern and the extent to which any or all of those issues evoke the specter of racism, as framed and defined by movements such as BLM and Anti-Racism.  These movements demand recognition as the sole arbiters of what does or does not constitute “racial insensitivity” or “racism” in this Country, and insist that any position contrary to their pronouncements – even passive silence – is inherently racist and must be condemned.  Those tenets have been embraced by the Naval Academy’s senior leadership and have made their pernicious assault on the First Amendment manifest through the disposition of MIDN Standage’s conduct case and the Superintendent’s separation recommendation.

Pleae help us fund Midn Standage's legal fight to defend his and other Midshipmans constituitional rights.  

The entire case file can be seen here:

Redstate Contributor Stu Cvrk provided an in depth article of the Cancel Culture running rampant at the United States Naval Academy.’s-cancel-culture-targeted-the-son-of-two-la-police-dept-officers-for-expulsion/’s-eo-13583-and-fogo-purge-are-now-obvious/


neil Christal "74

2020-10-06 19:53:59

Obama Admirals must be running the NAVY now. That was the danger of having a Communist commander in chief !!!


2020-10-06 19:59:53

Wish I could give more. Thank you to your family.


2020-10-06 20:01:40

Stand for truth.

Pamela H

2020-10-06 20:02:11

God bless and give you all an abundance of courage and strength in this fight. I pray an army of supporters rises up in prayer and financial participation to stand with you in this most important and strategic area. In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!


2020-10-06 20:08:11

Good Luck!

Kristen L Carmichael

2020-10-06 20:15:15

This abuse of the midshipman’s first amendment rights is appalling.

Charlene D

2020-10-06 20:36:07

Praying for your family!

Jillian Cimo

2020-10-06 20:45:27

My prayers are with you all❤️🙏🇺🇸


2020-10-06 20:46:09

Thank you for your service


2020-10-06 21:47:50

Thank you for your service. You deserve better.

Norman Read

2020-10-06 21:56:03

One pilot to another.

Cat B

2020-10-06 22:20:47

This action is unconscionable.

Denis Wauchope

2020-10-06 22:54:32

Fight for what is right!


2020-10-06 22:56:20

We've got your back. Thank you for your service and may the Lord walk with you.


2020-10-06 23:09:45

Hang in there, young man! Thank you for standing up for your President and for what is right. May God Bless you! “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.” ‭‭John‬ ‭14:27‬

Lynette Miller

2020-10-07 00:07:20

We cannot have Marxism be force fed in our American institutions. There is no place for it. We are a Navy family and of course Back the Blue. Good luck Midshipman. 🙏🏼


2020-10-07 00:08:48

All the best to you in the future young man. God speed!

Cindy Mac

2020-10-07 00:23:39

Stay safe, Standage parents. Fight the good fight, MIDN Standage. Thanks to Stu for the article.


2020-10-07 00:37:37

Stay true.

Ian Campbell

2020-10-07 00:38:39

No way this is fair.


2020-10-07 00:43:19


Larry B

2020-10-07 01:00:19

My prayers are with you


2020-10-07 01:00:24

We Stand with the Standages! A proud American Family.


2020-10-07 01:26:59

You should try to contact some Senators and Congressman.


2020-10-07 01:30:34

Good luck.


2020-10-07 01:54:00

As a former USNA coach this story saddens me. Chase, regardless of how this turns out, know that you will find much success in life. Best of luck.

Make the Navy Great Again

2020-10-07 01:59:48

God bless our patriotic service members fighting against the corruption that has overtaken the branches of service ESPECIALLY the Navy, a particularly nasty bunch, many adherents of Allister Crowley and Satanism. How many more of them need exited before we can reclaim our proud heritage of serving the country before serving themselves and foreign powers? This is a travesty. God bless you sir!

X-Blue Angel Solo pilot

2020-10-07 02:27:27

Stay STRONG~!! Very PROUD of you~!!


2020-10-07 02:53:13

Our family is praying for yours. Hang in there, remember to keep God close and look to General Flynn's example of fighting the corruption, of which you are now a part. A nation of patriots is with you. God


2020-10-07 03:02:57

Salut, soldiers! We have your back. Chinese old man from San Francisco

Mamie Barrett

2020-10-07 03:20:50

Keep the faith.

Matthew Harper

2020-10-07 03:39:16

As a retired Air Force officer and USAFA grad, this story frightens the out of me. It is clear that this cancer has infected deeply one of the few remaining institutions that should have only the clearest of goals and produce officers and leaders for the United States military. I can only hope your experience and efforts will help to “right the ship”. Good luck and Godspeed.

Bren D

2020-10-07 04:46:30

Please take care of this gentleman Lord Almighty!


2020-10-07 06:15:53



2020-10-07 06:20:41

Best of Luck! I know how some bad officers can blacklist anyone they like. Power in the wring hands is lethal. I hope your son becomes a fighter pilot.

Michael D Loyd

2020-10-07 08:21:19



2020-10-07 12:55:20

Sending my Best to you.


2020-10-07 13:06:32

Stay strong Chase, the President has called out the evils of Critical Race Theory that have invaded our government and military. You are in good company in resisting this divisive ideology. Take a look at President Trumps executive order on Combating Race and Stereotypes--it makes your case.

Rusty Cone

2020-10-07 13:41:15

We stand with you to right this wrong!


2020-10-07 14:20:17

Keep up the fight. Former OS1/OSC selectee, USN/USNR.


2020-10-07 15:16:06

It is depressing that our country -- and of all places the Naval Academy -- has descended to this point, but thank you to Midshipman Standage for standing the gaff.

John T Byrd

2020-10-07 15:19:22

As a USNA alumni from the class of 1972, I'm appalled at this unfair treatment, as is every one of my classmates I've contacted.

Ted Phelps ‘74

2020-10-07 15:32:38

It hurts me to see that our beloved Academy has abandoned Honor to become part of the Swamp. Good luck and Godspeed!

Retired navy pilot

2020-10-07 15:35:31

We have to keep fighting these people. Don't give up!

Richard Ziska

2020-10-07 15:49:40

I'm a 1971 Grad, Chase...and APPLAUD your Courageous Stand against BLM/Antifa, and for Standing Up for your PRINCIPLES !! Best of luck...we are following EVERYTHING that happens !!

Captain Leonard Wass, USN (Ret.) USNA '64

2020-10-07 18:15:55

This is a sad time for America. I never thought my Alma Mater would be overwrought by leadership blinded to what's really going on in America and how important this November 3rd election is to maintaining our Republic and Freedoms. The Barbarians are inside our gates already. Many of us are loaded and locked to fight for our Freedoms and those of our grandchildren.


2020-10-07 18:20:42

We are praying for you. This is outrageous.

CDR P. J. Keuhlen, USN (Ret)

2020-10-07 19:18:46

I am a proud USNA '71 grad, and a parent of a fine young man who is part of the thin blue line. I am appalled at how your son has been treated. Stand strong, you are fighting for what is right. I survived the lawsuit to end mandatory chapel at USNA, and went on to command a nuclear submarine, as did one of the other appellants. It's a tough row to hoe, but hang in there and see it through.

Walter W. Belfield

2020-10-07 20:12:53

Stand tall, Midshipman Standage, you are not alone!

Jones Family

2020-10-07 20:43:03

Thanks for fighting the good fight.

Kenneth Law

2020-10-07 20:43:04

Be of good courage. The truth will set you free. I am a Class of ‘78 grad, and what I am seeing being done by USNA leadership is contrary to their oath to defend The Constitution of the United States from enemies both foriegn and in this case, domestic. The Superintendent, Commandant and Deputy Commandant should be relieved for cause along with others that have aided and abetted them.


2020-10-07 21:15:46

Good luck.

LAPD Class 11-83

2020-10-07 21:28:38

Thank you for your service. Law Enforcement and military must support our own. Trump 2020‼️

Allan Nadolski, CAPT/USN (ret.) '77

2020-10-08 13:19:35

God bless you for taking this extraordinary action in support of your son. I wish you success in moving his case from a kangaroo court to a proper legal venue where the rule of law and Constitutional rights actually matter.

Daniel Steele, CDR USNR Ret, USNA Class of 74

2020-10-08 15:28:17

Stand strong, shipmate.

Terrance Fitzpatrick USNA ‘80

2020-10-08 21:11:07

Fight like to get past this gross injustice!!

David Quessenberry

2020-10-08 21:59:24

Don't give up the ship


2020-10-08 23:11:32

Be strong against this hate Chase 🙏🏼


2020-10-09 00:40:25

My older son wanted very badly to go to the USNA but was disqualified for medical reasons. God obviously was protecting him. Fight the good fight and don't give up.

John Galli, USNA ‘80

2020-10-09 03:26:32

Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9


2020-10-09 09:53:55

Currently serving in the navy enlisted and on submarines. The moment this sort of subversive Marxist ideology takes hold of the military is the moment our country falls apart. Stay strong and fight the good fight.

Bill Kurz 73'

2020-10-09 11:42:02

Good luck to Jeffery and Midn Standage!


2020-10-09 13:09:08

Praying for you and Our Country! 🇺🇸🙏


2020-10-09 13:32:43

As a college student and humanities major who deals with liberal indoctrination on a daily basis, I feel very compelled by Standage’s story. The notion that he is racist for supporting the police and disagreeing with the Marxist BLM narrative is completely ridiculous. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Standage for your continued service to the community. I wish MIDN Standage all the best.


2020-10-09 14:04:57

Our first amendment rights must be upheld. This 2014 family supports your rights.


2020-10-09 15:19:46

Keep up the fight. USNA 2005

Bob Bowden '68

2020-10-09 15:46:32

I never thought that anything about USNA would disgust me, but this action by USNA , and the underlying cancel culture behind it, is absolutely unconscionable. Don't give up the ship!

Ed Sullivan USNA, 68

2020-10-09 16:42:38

This is just wrong!

USNA 74, Pink

2020-10-09 17:40:17

Superintendant and Commandant should be removed for cause. They are not allowed to expouse any political positions in carrying out their duties at USNA. Weak kneed yes men/women Flag and Senior Officers is what you have left over after the Obama Flag Officer Patriot Purge from 08-16. Obama Admin not only decimated military materially, but, also leadership wise. Stand Strong Midn. Standage!

Capt Thomas Houghton USNA 1968

2020-10-09 19:33:48

God Bless you! Fight the tyranny of left wing racist propaganda. Tell the Naval Academy to obey President Trump's executive order to stop white supremacy anti American trash training.

Larry Poh

2020-10-09 21:40:16

You got this; keep your Airspeed up!

RJ Arneson ‘68

2020-10-09 22:48:36

You’ve got to win!

Helmuts A. Feifs ‘66

2020-10-09 23:54:12

You are not alone in this struggle.

Matt '89

2020-10-10 05:12:35

Thanks for fighting back against this divisive ideology

Rett Rasmussen, USNA '82

2020-10-10 05:21:03

Be strong, stand steadfast, and learn from this experience. I believe in free speech, and I also believe you will be well served to delete all of your social media accounts. Your are now a target, so don't let give ground to your detractors so that you can focus on graduating and serving as a commissioned officer in the Navy. BEAT ARMY!

Greg Teves "69

2020-10-10 14:12:34

As a graduate of USNA, the father of a graduate of USNA, and the father of a law enforcement officer I am disappointed and appalled by the actions of the Academy officials toward MIDN Standage. I will pray for the Standage family and support Chase in any way that I can. False narratives in the media present the American public with misconceptions of events and lead them to wrong positions.

Rock Harmon '67

2020-10-10 14:29:52

This must stop now. We need young people like Chase in our Navy now, more than ever.

David Loughran

2020-10-10 19:50:27

Please ask Chase’s lawyer try to get on Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity or Laura Ingarum’s TV show. Pres. Trump tunes in to all three. Trump intervened in the Eddie Gallagher kangaroo court. I am sure he would be interested in what’s happening to Chase. Too many of the Navy’s senior officers have lost track of what the Navy’s mission is. Hang tough and Chase will prevail. Dave Loughran USNA 73

Joe Sfara USNA ‘68

2020-10-10 20:10:32

I am revisiting the site to up my support. Continue to fight, and we will be with you financially, spiritually and politically. Our elected officials need to know about the incompetence of USNA senior leadership, and they will.

Capt Ken A Lee

2020-10-10 23:44:18

Do not send me emails unless I ask for them

e forde '80

2020-10-11 00:53:12

As another donor so appropriately wrote "DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP".

John A. Davis III

2020-10-11 05:28:12

Chase, I am the class of 1976 and my dad graduated from the USNA in 1946. This is outrageous! I wish you the best of luck in battling these buggers and the DOD. Best Regards, John

Tom Meyer USNA63

2020-10-11 13:14:44

Things have gotten far too political. I am steadfastly opposed to the Racial Training that was imposed & that President Trump removed. Worst case Midn. Standish could be accused of "Good Judgement, Failure to Use!' but think I might have done the same in his circumstances. Know it is difficult for the Sup and Commandant in these political times, but think they are not doing the right thing!

Hal Garrigues’77

2020-10-11 14:48:01

The Dant and Supe are really bad news. Hope you prevail son. God bless.

Mike Grulli '68

2020-10-11 19:33:35

In spite of shameful leadership, warriors ALWAYS prevail!


2020-10-11 19:58:53

Godspeed, Standage family. How sad to see our new federal two-tiered justice system is now in place at USNA too. Please keep fighting and don't give up the ship.


2020-10-11 21:14:38

Hopefully his vindication will lead to regime change at the Academy.

BScott 68

2020-10-12 04:13:08

This midshipman has been unfairly treated by Academy brass and deserves a defense that allows him to graduate and begin the Naval career he has worked so hard for.

'79 36co

2020-10-12 22:39:03

Our oath was to "support and defend the constitution of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic." May our USN/USNA leaders remember that. When so many our junior officers were leaving the service in the early '90's, a survey was taken and the number one reason for their leaving was "no faith in senior leadership." Let us not repeat that.


2020-10-13 00:47:39

St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle! I don't even recognize my school anymore. I hope MIDN Standage wins and USNA leadership realizes their "anti-racist" garbage makes them useful idiots for Marxists. Turn the ship around!

Charlie Unger

2020-10-13 03:14:00

I wish success to two caring and loving parents and to a son of whom you should very proud. Chase is on the side of righteousness and I wish him success in helping to restore a sense of honor, duty and loyalty which used to be a foundation of the Naval Academy. God Bless!

Raymond W. Vogel III

2020-10-13 12:58:40

Graduated from the Naval Academy in 1962 and my father as well, Raymond W. Vogel, Jr.

Mike and Trina Kreyenhagen

2020-10-13 20:09:14

Good luck, as an Academy alumnus and a career Naval Officer, my wife and I are appalled at the lack of due process and perceived ‘political correctness’. We hope you will prevail in your lawsuit and your son will complete his education at the USNA, be commissioned and serve his country proudly! Thank YOU for your service to our country as police officers in this very tumultuous time!

Karl Eysenbach '67

2020-10-13 20:21:13

I always avoided any type of court Martial but I would gladly serve on a court that adjudicated a case against the Superintendent, the Commandant and the Deputy. This anarchy by BLM and Antifa has gone too far! Politics is NOT the domain of a Naval Officer. Keep up the fight for yourself, and for the country!

Norma Foor

2020-10-13 23:04:32

God bless you, your wife and your son for your commitment to our Constitution and our country. I pray you will prevail and thank all of you for your service.

Stephen Michael Dwyer 68

2020-10-14 17:10:45

Hang tough you have the Constitution on your side.


2020-10-15 17:03:31

Stand strong; be brave; hold true to your principles. God's Speed, Midn Standage.


2020-10-15 17:40:14

Good luck Chase!!

CAPT John Kizer, SC, USN (Ret)

2020-10-15 17:54:47

God Bless freedom of speech in our United States!


2020-10-15 18:51:20

From England to the US. Kevin: you and your wife have been the object of scorn by a weak Supe who has proved to be confused and without any notion of fairness. Chase: stay strong! your parents gave you the example of pride and sacrifice versus vanity and self-service. I am INSPIRED by the wonderful testimonies of donors on these pages and feel grateful to them.

Derek Simmons, USNA '63

2020-10-15 19:38:01

Perhaps this litigation can be both a wake-up call and provide an anchor to windward that's sadly lacking at USNA

Paul Saacke USNA'63

2020-10-15 22:10:29

God help us all! Apparently brainless, progressive political purity is the sole qualification for flag rank. As an American I find the charges and actions taken to be offensive and downright ignorant. There was a children's book "The Emperor's New Clothes", 70 years ago. No one said a word in the kingdom about the emperor until an unknowing, innocent spoke up. We should all speak up!

Margie Nicholson

2020-10-16 01:34:54

Keep fighting ! Don’t back down!

Jin Wong

2020-10-16 21:07:57

May God be your guide and protect you. With you all the way against this hateful politically correct injustice.


2020-10-18 17:21:19

Navy needs people like you.

Josh Harris

2020-10-20 02:06:40

I support you in your fight against this injustice and am sad that the naval academy has come to this point that the only free speech they find acceptable are points of view with which they agree. What a shame that the leaders of the academy are asking Naval Academy graduates to fight for freedoms which are so important to uphold, but do not honor these freedoms themselves.


2020-10-21 19:25:20

From England to the US: Revisiting the site in order to remind you of a beautiful comment by a donor 14 days ago: "Please take care of this gentleman Lord Almighty!"

Chip Drury USNA '68 in memory of Patrick Drury USNA '11

2020-10-23 04:41:38

This would be impossible where the rule of law was still respected! Chase, don't let this slow you down. Keep up this fight, while simultaneously keeping your life moving positively. Don't become bitter or distracted. Life is God's boot camp. No one gets through without doing pushups. You are awesome! Kevin, thank you and your wife for your service as police officers. We salute you both.


2020-10-23 14:31:55

Praying for Gods comfort and strength during the difficult time.


2020-10-23 17:57:33

God Speed

Campaign Created by:
Kevin Standage Moorpark, CA
Beneficiary: Midshipman First Class Chase Standage First Amendment Defense Fund

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Anonymous Donor

8 hrs ago

God Speed

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Winston Elliott III

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$ 50

Anonymous Donor

12 hrs ago

Praying for Gods comfort and strength during the difficult time.

$ 200

Chip Drury USNA '68 in memory of Patrick Drury USNA '11

21 hrs ago

This would be impossible where the rule of law was still respected! Chase, don't let this slow you down. Keep up this fight, while simultaneously keeping your life moving positively. Don't become bitter or distracted. Life is God's boot camp. No one gets through without doing pushups. You are awesome! Kevin, thank you and your wife for your service as police officers. We salute you both.

$ 100

David Morris

1 days ago

$ 500

Anonymous Donor

2 days ago

From England to the US: Revisiting the site in order to remind you of a beautiful comment by a donor 14 days ago: "Please take care of this gentleman Lord Almighty!"

$ 200

Anonymous Donor

2 days ago

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Anonymous Donor

2 days ago

$ 20

Josh Harris

4 days ago

I support you in your fight against this injustice and am sad that the naval academy has come to this point that the only free speech they find acceptable are points of view with which they agree. What a shame that the leaders of the academy are asking Naval Academy graduates to fight for freedoms which are so important to uphold, but do not honor these freedoms themselves.

$ 47

Anonymous Donor

5 days ago

Navy needs people like you.
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