Support former LMPD Detective Brett Hankison

Campaign Created by: Joe Langley
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Brett Hankison.


Goal : $75,000

Raised : $4,010

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On March 13, 2020, Brett Hankison answered the call for help.  When a team of his fellow investigators needed help serving several simultaneous search warrants to take down a dangerous and violent drug syndicate, Brett volunteered without hesitation. The events that followed would forever alter countless lives and lead to the tragic death of Breonna Taylor.  

While it is clear Brett's actions did not lead to Ms. Taylor's tragic death, Brett is being used as a political scapegoat and his heroic actions are being twisted into an alleged criminal act.  Only after Mr. Walker shot Sgt. Mattingly, nearly killing him, did Brett take actions to try to stop the deadly assault on the officers serving the warrant.

His valiant efforts to protect and defend his friends and colleagues that night have not led to awards and commendations, but to the total annihilation of his personal and professional lives; to death threats; to threats to the safety of his family; to the loss of his beloved K9 partner, Franklin; and to his arrest and prosecution - an unimaginable experience to anyone whom has served his or her community in the way Brett has.  

Under political pressure from the mayor and outside groups, Brett was fired without due process, long before the investigation was complete and all the facts were made clear.  While the appeal process remains ongoing, it will likely take years to see that process to its conclusion.  In the meantime, Brett is out of the job he has always loved and considered a calling.  Brett loved helping people and enforcing our laws but has been forced out of the career he loved as a direct result of his attempt to protect innocent human life.     

This is a campaign for JUSTICE, as so many have been calling for.  JUSTICE is a concept meant to be applied to ALL in our society and should NEVER leave any one individual on the opposite side of it, regardless of the ignorant few demanding what amounts to INJUSTICE for Brett, Jon, and Myles.  Unfortunately, in today's society, JUSTICE is difficult to achieve without funding.  The loss of his job, coupled with legal defense expenses, and the extraordinary measures required to ensure the physical safety of his family have all taken a tremendous toll on Brett's ability to provide for his family.  Brett has been displaced from his home, fired from his job, and had his face plastered on countless television, computer, and mobile device screens.  Brett has been vilified in the media, in the community, and by the leaders in the police department he selflessly served for nearly 18 years.  

Right now, Brett needs YOUR help.  Please consider making a donation or saying a prayer to ensure JUSTICE is achieved for everyone involved in this case.  All proceeds from this campaign will go directly to Brett's legal expenses, administrative costs, and costs to provide for the safety of his family. 

Thank you for your love and support!


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