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Save James Help Protect Jeffs kids

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Help Save James. James' mother is trying to transition the boy to a girl. Jame's father, Jeff, is trying to stop her.

But it's not just about James. Thousands of kids are at risk of medial child abuse. Your funds will help :

  • Stop the social transition of James to a girl. His mother tells him he's a girl and puts him in dresses.
  • Stop the medical transition of James: chemical castration, sterilization, sex-change surgery.
  • Help pass a law prohibiting social and medical interventions like this on children.
When James is with his father, the boy shows no signs of wanting to be a girl. Even when in female company, away from Jeff, James rejects a female gender expression.

Documentary evidence proves: James’ mother had plans to initiate medical interventions without the father's consent.

James' mother's intentions are recorded in:
  • James’ pediatrician's records. James’ mother had conversations about puberty blockers at age 9 with Dr. Jennifer Pape. She’s the pediatrician who first misdiagnosed James with gender dysphoria.
  • Plans for medical interventions appear in James' record at the GENECIS sex-change clinic in Dallas.
  • James' counselor referred James to the GENECIS Clinic specifically to "explore the medical side of treatment."
This is alarming. It’s happening to thousands of children.

James is unaware of the long-term consequences of changing his gender. James has expressed a strong interest in having children and being a father. If subjected to medical interventions, James will be permanently sterilized. James would never be able to have children.

James does not have gender dysphoria. His counselors and doctors appear to have misdiagnosed him. To diagnose a child with gender dysphoria, there must be some kind of impairment. But James has no impairment.
  • James’ therapists, chosen solely by his mother, testified that James had no significant impairment or anxiety.
  • The court-ordered custody evaluator, Benjamin Albritton, testified that James shows no signs of impairment or severe anxiety. His report says that James is happy and doing well at school.
  • James’ teacher said he is the happiest kid in school.
Despite not meeting the diagnostic criteria, these over-zealous licensed counselors still diagnosed James with gender dysphoria - setting off this tragic chain of events.

The best outcome for James is to identify with his biological sex. Jeff's experts -- some of the most respected researchers in transgender medicine -- testified that affirming a child in a false gender identity is harmful.
  • Affirming a false gender identity causes a child to persist in their delusions.
  • If you affirm a child’s gender delusions, they may never again identify with their biological sex.
  • Social transition is a direct harm to James.
James' mother and counselors want to suppress the boy’s normal, male gender expression when he's with his father. Why? It makes no sense.

Help us Save James by helping James’ dad. Jeff Younger’s case is the tip of the spear in the fight for kids:
  • Kids harmed and lead astray by affirming false gender identities.
  • Kids negligently abused by overzealous psychologists misdiagnosing innocent youths with gender dysphoria.
  • Kids threatened with medical interventions that lead to permanent harm.
This dad needs to win his case for all the kids suffering today.

Please, donate to Jeff Younger and Save James.


2020-02-18 17:42:02

I give my support to Jeff and pray that the court hearings come to an end soon so that Jeff and his sons can live peacefully. I pray for all court decisions to go in Jeff’s favor. May God bless them always.


2020-02-18 17:46:25

May God protect these boys in Jesus name


2020-02-18 18:20:57

Praying for James and Jude.

Shari Robb

2020-02-18 19:29:19

Praying for James' protection, for strength and hope for his Daddy, and for his Mom's heart to be open and receptive to the Gospel of Grace and a change in heart!

Jacqui Saenz

2020-02-18 20:56:16

I am fervently praying for James and his father, that God will give them the victory through Jesus Christ!


2020-02-19 00:16:46

It isn't much but I will try to send something as often as possible. I am so sorry you are dealing with this insanity and I will keep your family in prayers. -- Stefs

Jean Z

2020-02-19 01:51:20

This is a little boy! Let him decide for himself when he is 18. In the meantime, hands off, leave him alone!!

George Levy

2020-02-19 01:57:33

I pray that this nightmare ends for James, his father and his brother. God bless you and protect you.


2020-02-19 02:22:55

Praying for you.

Kleypas Family

2020-02-19 03:00:15

Praying for your family!


2020-02-19 15:51:34

Trust in the Lord and He will guide your steps.


2020-02-21 18:17:04

God order will win


2020-02-21 21:49:07

Praying with you for justice, righteousness and goodness to prevail for James.

Mrs May Arthur

2020-02-22 05:55:23

I totally support your bid to save your lovely son!

Elizabeth perez

2020-02-23 17:01:01

Praying for your family!


2020-02-26 16:43:22

God chose James to be a boy. I pray that Satan will rebuked in the shed blood of Jesus Christ and God’s Angels surround and protect James.


2020-02-26 18:01:42

Thank you for the hard work you've done to save James and other vulnerable children.


2020-02-28 13:43:38

Never met you, but I love your boys and pray for you all from Atlanta, Georgia.


2020-02-28 17:28:51

I'll be giving more when I get my paycheck. This disgusting child abuse needs to stop!

Elise Kimpel

2020-02-28 19:36:42

I support Jeff and both of his boys. I hope the judges and doctors remain sane and don’t further traumatize the boys. Stay strong Jeff!

Believer in Jesus Christ

2020-03-02 22:11:54

Praying for ur victory.

Daughter of Yahuah

2020-03-03 06:24:16

1 Corinthians 16:13 Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. Isaiah 41:13 For the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.


2020-03-07 02:13:59

Evil prevails when you do nothing. Go scorched earth against her.

Emily Rose Lewis

2020-03-08 05:00:48

Praying for angelic protection.


2020-03-13 21:55:43

May God protect the boys from harm.


2020-03-14 00:05:10

The Lord bless you and your sons.


2020-03-14 01:44:17

God , please save James.


2020-03-18 18:30:02

Praying for James and Jude.

Mrs May Arthur

2020-03-22 11:07:43

God bless you for fighting for this precious boy. He will thank you for it later.


2020-03-25 09:44:06

God's force be with you.


2020-03-30 00:11:22

Praying for this boy.

Chris Graham

2020-03-30 23:30:48

Jesus is King. Save this child from the insanity of the wicked

Jesus Daughter

2020-04-01 23:59:43

Dear God Heat our cries and save JAMES, Jude Jeff and please grant full repentance+salvation to Mom

Pam Simmons

2020-04-02 00:14:52

God bless James, Jude and Jeff. I wish I could give much more. ❤️

Denham Family

2020-04-04 15:21:42

Stay strong!

Jean Z

2020-04-07 17:58:22

Please don’t mutilate and abuse this darling child. This is NOT a decision a child can make. Leave him ALONE, Mom.


2020-04-09 23:56:50

praying for sweet little James every day...Please Jesus Christ protect this little boy!!!

Allan Michael's

2020-04-20 20:57:30

There are 26k of people following this campaign if everyone who liked or commented donated The cost of a coffee $10. They would have the fund to fight this!! Please donate! ill donate my $11 to get this started!!


2020-04-20 21:06:20

I am praying our Lord Jesus Christ give you victory! Please teach the boys about Genesis in the Bible, where it says that the Lord God created them "male and female", in His image!

Emily Rose Lewis

2020-04-20 21:23:01

Praying for angelic protection and God to intervene.

The Foord family from UK

2020-04-22 07:50:21

Hope this helps to 'Save James' from his mother

Let’s save our children

2020-04-25 00:17:44

Transgenderism is a mental disorder and child abuse


2020-04-25 00:39:37

Dear Jeff, I pray the court proceedings will go in your favor because you are reasonable, fair and just and you have been this way from the very beginning. May God bless you and your loved ones.


2020-04-25 00:43:41

Times are hard for a lot of us. Keep the faith


2020-04-25 01:11:40

Praying for you and your family!

Esther Marosan

2020-04-25 02:01:15

Best of luck!!

Romeo Lee

2020-04-25 02:46:46

Save this poor kid from the wicked witch! Best of Luck.

Ellen T

2020-04-25 03:13:51

Save James

Rachel V

2020-04-25 04:42:51

I wish I could help more :) You are in my prayers!


2020-04-25 12:20:03

Praying for James and the kids caught in similar situation.

Fathers Are Important, Too

2020-04-25 13:29:37

Keep fighting Jeff, we're all with you and the boys.


2020-04-25 18:00:07

Praying the Lord God upholds you and you will be victorious. No weapon formed against you will prosper. James and Jude should be removed from their wicked mother and live with their father.


2020-04-26 02:21:51

May God bless you and save James!


2020-04-26 03:05:02

May God stop this evil that the evil one and the child’s mom are doing against this young innocent child.

Ben C

2020-04-26 03:35:09

Isaiah 54:17(KJV) 17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.


2020-04-27 02:01:57

Praying for God's intervention on Jame's behalf!


2020-04-27 04:10:54

Been watching this case for a while. Keep up the fight. Regardless of how long this takes, it is building the foundation for your children to recognize what true parental commitment for their well-being looks like when they are adults despite the agony of what they are going through because of their "mother".


2020-04-27 11:28:19

God made James. He is made in His image and likeness. He loves James. Let us love God’s beautiful creation, James. Also thinking of his brother Jude. Please help these twin boys enjoy being twin boys! Boyhood only lasts for so long. Let’s make sure it is not stolen.


2020-04-28 01:50:00

Holy Spirit come and do what only you can do for this family!

Pam Simmons

2020-04-28 02:55:57

God bless, comfort, encourage and protect James, Jude and Jeff.

Ratliff Family

2020-04-28 14:04:50

God bless this father and his sons.

Eva Vlastos

2020-04-28 22:06:53

Good luck ?


2020-04-28 23:57:05

God bless you all.

Teresa Jones

2020-04-29 05:44:05

I'll keep praying for you, James.

James Nolen

2020-04-30 09:44:00

God bless James.

John smith

2020-05-01 13:23:29

I support James & his Dad

Yevgen V

2020-05-03 23:58:26

We are praying to Jesus Christ for sweet little James, his brother and father Jeff every night...

Mario Sbardella

2020-05-05 03:02:34

I vehemently believed I was gay up until the age of 17. Children cannot decide on their sexuality, even many adults do not understand sexuality. It's complicated. To castrate this child would be a horror and a humiliation upon this kid in front of the world. I pray that this child's demons are destroyed and executed in Jesus' holy name. A name like 'Luna,' I imagine the mother is a witch like 'Desmondisamazing' mother, who posts that she is a witch on her Facebook. God bless

J.T. Franks

2020-05-06 20:38:19

Praying for you guys, don't give up, you're fighting a bigger fight that affects thousands of children.


2020-05-16 16:35:14

You need some comfort from the Bible. Please read Revelation 21:3-4 and Psalms 37: 10-11 in your own Bible. Soon Wicked people and this system of things will be no more. Jesus will rule over our earth with righteousness and all children will be safe from this kind of insanity.

James Benchia

2020-05-21 02:52:52

Leftism is a mental disorder. Fuck FASCISTS.


2020-05-29 18:23:15

I you well

James Nolen

2020-05-30 10:44:25

God bless James.


2020-06-03 16:03:46

I donated to act, not talk. Best of luck Jeff. James needs this.

Erin Brewer

2020-06-09 00:45:19

Praying for you!

Dora & Cynthia

2020-06-10 06:06:36

We are praying for your cause, the battle is not over. James is growing up and will decide for himself.


2020-06-10 22:26:43

Praying for you and your family


2020-06-19 00:35:02

I am praying for you James


2020-06-21 22:54:57

Prayers lifted up for you James. We love you.


2020-06-25 14:46:42

Jeff is a great guy. Deserves more but this is what I can offer for now.

James Nolen

2020-06-30 10:44:57

God bless James.

John smith

2020-07-01 14:23:43

I support James & his Dad

Nancy Knotts

2020-07-02 18:52:49

I want to save James from harmful puberty blockers. He was born a boy, he should remain a boy !


2020-07-03 02:54:06

Praying for James, his brother and his dad.

Pamela Simmons

2020-07-05 00:03:36

Stay strong! God bless!


2020-07-05 22:26:42

Praying that James will be allowed to develop naturally with out brainwashing and dangerous pharmaceutical and surgical interventions.

Dominic Cavanagh

2020-07-10 14:49:13

God bless Jeff. Kia Kaha.

Marco De Veglia

2020-07-10 14:52:44

I have been following you since last October and thought the battle was won somewhat. It seems you have to fight more and that is disgraceful. I sent you these $100 to keep fighting and winning. Because you have to win, because anything different is pure folly. Take care and keep fighting, you both guys! Marco

Roe Sweeny

2020-07-10 21:39:20

Praying ?❤️


2020-07-10 22:00:17

I wish had more to give. Keep fighting the good fight.


2020-07-10 22:01:01

Praying for your family. May God give you favor!


2020-07-14 20:39:02

Fighting with and alongside you. Prayers for your sweet innocent boy❤️

Eric Pickett

2020-07-20 11:52:45

This is dispicable what the mother wants to do. James is a boy.

Dominic Cavanagh

2020-07-21 14:33:32

All the best


2020-07-21 23:21:42

This is my third donation because I see that you are struggling to get to your goal with only 207 donors. I wish I could just cut you a check for every dime that you need to keep up the fight. I pray for absolute success against the forces trying to harm your boys and your relationship with them.


2020-07-22 14:27:38

God bless!


2020-07-25 10:00:15

I'm praying for you and your boys Jeff. Meg from N.Z

Pamela Simmons

2020-07-28 14:51:24

God bless, protect, encourage and give peace to these boys and their father.


2020-07-28 15:03:04

Praying for God to intervene and protect this father and his sons.


2020-07-28 15:20:58

I wish you God's blessing during this arduous time.

Elise Kimpel

2020-07-28 15:40:51

Kee you head up Jeff! Many support you and your boys.


2020-07-28 16:57:54

Shame on the court system for allowing this travesty to play itself out at the expense of this family and the crazy mom.


2020-07-28 17:25:39

Praying for the boys, and for a change of heart for all adults trying to harm them.


2020-07-28 17:43:33


Lucas Brock

2020-07-28 18:29:03

God Bless You

Erin Green

2020-07-28 22:58:16

I am really praying for you all. I hope the court shuts Anne down!


2020-07-29 02:19:03

May Christ continue to strengthen you and your precious boys in ALL things.

M J Viera

2020-07-29 16:52:12

Praying --

Jason and Jenn L. {Idaho}

2020-07-30 02:57:00

Praying for you Jeff. Keep fighting the good fight for your son James and the countless nameless other children. God bless you!!! May He protect and strengthen you.


2020-07-30 04:08:13

Prayers & hugs as you fight for James, Jude & what's right!

James Nolen

2020-07-30 10:46:43

God bless James.

Nancy Knotts

2020-07-30 21:16:33

Keep fighting !

L Glanister

2020-07-31 04:30:09

Save James!


2020-07-31 18:45:42

Praying for you and your BOYS! God will do this! Don’t give up Jeff!

Jennifer Cole

2020-07-31 20:18:26

Praying for your success in the courts. You are already winning as a good parent! God bless you!


2020-07-31 21:44:04

I pray that through this whole mess, God will be glorified. I pray God's protection over this innocent child. May Jeff be the dominant influence in James' & Jude's lives. May he point them to God. I pray their names are written in the book of life. May the mother see the error of her ways and turn her heart to God. In Jesus' name, Amen.

The Cooks

2020-08-01 00:06:46

You are not alone!! Praying for you and giving what little we can to ease the burden a bit.

Angela Zemp

2020-08-01 11:38:02

Can't afford much, but I wanted to give a little to help these sweet boys find peace, and a normal life. May Jeff prevail, and the so-called 'Mother' see how damaging her actions are to James and his whole family. Prayers from Switzerland ?

John smith

2020-08-01 14:24:04

I support James & his Dad


2020-08-02 00:05:15

We are praying for the boys to be able to live a peaceful life instead of what Anne keeps doing to them.


2020-08-02 01:17:22

Praying for Jeff, James, and Jude <3

Jean Z

2020-08-05 21:29:01

Hang strong, Jeff. We are behind you 100 percent!

Callum Cameron

2020-08-10 05:58:08

This "mother" has got to be warped in the head to think imposing a sexual identity upon a seven year old child against his biologically determined sex, who cannot even understand the ramifications of sexual transitioning (and furthermore, should not even apply to children who are generally androgynous until puberty) is in any way a healthy or responsible theme to dominate *his* childhood.


2020-08-10 14:16:51

Keep fighting the good fight, Jeff. My prayers are with you!


2020-08-10 14:42:06

“For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, But My lovingkindness will not be removed from you, Nor will My covenant of peace be shaken,” Says the LORD who has compassion on you.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭54:10‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Parent of RODG daughter

2020-08-11 17:30:15

I am so sorry you and your son and your family are going through this nightmare. I pray you can save your son. I pray for your strength. You are fighting for the many who are in this now and will come after. This madness needs to stop. We need to stand together to protect the vulnerable against these wolves.


2020-08-12 00:14:32


Fr. Daniel

2020-08-12 00:28:37

God bless you and all you are doing to protect your sons.

Matthew De La Torre

2020-08-12 00:30:57

Keep your head held high! Your boys are worth it!


2020-08-12 00:36:10

She will NOT win. In Jesus name I declare this victory!


2020-08-12 00:50:23



2020-08-12 01:09:22

Lord, have mercy.

Teresa Jones

2020-08-12 01:33:49

I'm praying, calling, sending emails. It IS time for action. God be with James.

Karen Gilbert

2020-08-12 01:51:31

Donating as these atrocities toward children must end!


2020-08-12 02:35:46

Stay strong! Keep fighting!


2020-08-12 03:09:03

There aren't enough adequate words to express how livid this entire abomination makes me. God Be With You!!!

The Keislings

2020-08-12 03:10:30

Praying for victory and protection for you and your boys.


2020-08-12 03:25:37

My son acted the exact same way when he was aged 2-5 yrs old (it started after he saw Frozen...did nothing but dance in Elsa and Anna dresses, play with dolls, said he was a girl, etc.) but I didn't push anything on him and let him be. He is 8 yrs old now. He outgrew it. He identifies as a boy because I allowed nature to take its course and gave him time to explore and be curious, but now 100% identifies as a boy. He likes to sing/dance/act but no longer identifies as a girl.

Benhur K

2020-08-12 03:37:38

May God uphold your case and protect James.

Michele Kruger

2020-08-12 03:47:25

Praying for justice

Ruth Gasso

2020-08-12 03:58:40

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.

Brittani Kae Bailey

2020-08-12 03:58:53

What is happening to your family is so very wrong. I pray that God will deliver you, that his purposes will be served through your suffering, and that it will all eventually lead to His glorification.

David Servin

2020-08-12 04:31:25

Jeff - Fight the good fight!

Julie Collins

2020-08-12 04:31:35

I continue to pray for Jeff, James, and Jude, as well as for the conversion of the boys’ mother.


2020-08-12 04:32:28

Our prayers are with you and James. May the Lord grant you victory in Jesus’ name.

Jeremy Schwab

2020-08-12 05:19:46

We are all praying for you everyday in all of Joel 2:25 groups. We are with you all the way. God Bless you!


2020-08-12 05:39:40

O Lord and Savior Jesys Christ, protect James and his father and brother from any harm and evil deed. In Jesus's name, Amen!


2020-08-12 06:53:32

Lord have mercy and save and protect these boys from the evil that plagues their lives. Please God, do not let Anne win. Give Jeff strength and James and his brother hope and freedom in this seemingly hopeless situation. ?

Rebecca Bentley

2020-08-12 07:09:41

Heard about this case before. Can't believe it is still going on. Why are they allowing such major intervention on children? It sounds like this child is just trying to please his mother and this could have such irrevocable consequences. People seem so afraid to speak out against such things these days. Let him decide for himself once an adult at least!

Lynn Meagher

2020-08-12 07:55:36

Standing with you in prayer and solidarity. We won't give up.


2020-08-12 07:55:44

I will keep praying for James Younger and his family


2020-08-12 08:16:46



2020-08-12 08:45:24

Thank you for fighting the good fight, a precedent must be set to protect all children from this form of child abuse.

Tracy Lynn Shannon

2020-08-12 09:15:28

There just are no words. Prayers for victory.

Bosch family

2020-08-12 12:09:23

This is worth the fight!


2020-08-12 12:40:08

Save James

Brenda Porter

2020-08-12 12:41:05

Don’t give up!!


2020-08-12 12:41:05

Praying. God bless.

Allison H

2020-08-12 14:17:37

Praying for the best outcome ???? Crazy this even has to be a discussion, May God have mercy on her soul for doing this to her child.


2020-08-12 14:38:26

God bless

Jonathan Tay

2020-08-12 14:42:21

May God protect James from the evil that seeks to capture him. He alone is his protector and no one can stand against the Lord.

Fr. Dino

2020-08-12 15:06:44

Christ give you the victory.


2020-08-12 15:18:51

Keep fighting.

Nancy Castro

2020-08-12 15:19:48

Jeff, you and your boys are in my prayers.

Julie Elliott-Eickenroth

2020-08-12 15:22:18

May Father God bless you all with His favor and peace, and may He rise to champion and defend you in the fight against this wickedness. You will all be in my prayers. Jeff, James and Jude - the Father knows your names and He knows how He created James and Jude to be mighty men of valor like their daddy!

Sheryl Britt

2020-08-12 15:43:09

I can't give much, but I am praying and sharing James's story. May God bless our efforts and everyone who is trying to help James.


2020-08-12 16:20:04

hang in there

Linda Glanister

2020-08-12 17:20:55

Praying for James & family.


2020-08-12 17:35:08

I Care


2020-08-12 18:12:52

Pray for wisdom and strength and the saving of a beautiful, young boy!


2020-08-12 19:27:17

Trusting the Lord to be mighty on your behalf and allow truth and goodness to win!


2020-08-12 19:36:04

May God strengthen James, Jude, and Jeff during the terrible set-back, and create a way forward. Please post links to Texas officials who can help so we non-Texans know who to email.

Another Sister

2020-08-12 20:15:30


Jacqueline Saenz

2020-08-12 20:30:46

I continue to pray for your victory and that of these precious boys! Also, please read Genesis 2 to the kids, showing them where God made male and female in His image. Males cannot become female!

David & Lynn Griffin

2020-08-12 20:43:24

God protect your son & guide everyone involved to help him.

Kathy Garrison

2020-08-12 21:09:14

Prayers for you and your boys to be victorious in this battle.


2020-08-12 21:55:09

I am facing my own battle against the powers of darkness in high places. I completely empathize with this campaign. I pray, that in my time of need, God will send what I need as well. I pray for you.


2020-08-12 23:02:21

Prayers for these precious boys and their father. Maybe we should show up at the court on hearing day.


2020-08-13 00:17:45

Repeal the 19th


2020-08-13 00:26:50

So distressing, prayers for the boys and dad?

The Harrison Family

2020-08-13 02:51:38

God make a way! Jeremiah 29:11 Our love & prayers!

Pastor Britt

2020-08-13 03:02:10

Praying for you.


2020-08-13 04:33:49

I’ve survived 3 lawsuits over protecting my kids. Stay strong and always do what’s right. God will carry you and your boys.


2020-08-13 05:00:05

Praying for your boys and you and for their mom’s life and change of heart. Keep being strong. The Lord is with you always. - Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Cynthia Cunningham-Piper

2020-08-13 05:15:10

My prayers are still with you and your boys. Have faith in Jesus!


2020-08-13 05:24:07

This is heinous.

bunny stager

2020-08-13 05:36:29

These cases are only made possible by our totally corrupt and disgusting court system. Praying for your boy.

faith kuzma

2020-08-13 09:39:00

Keep up the good fight! We are praying for your success!!


2020-08-13 12:45:17

I am standing in agreement with you!


2020-08-13 13:24:06

May God lead you all through this in His full protection.

Ruth Ray

2020-08-13 14:50:14

Praying for James!

Marion Viera

2020-08-13 15:09:19

Keeping all in my prayers.


2020-08-13 17:55:33



2020-08-13 18:34:42

God bless you.

Charles Saunders

2020-08-13 21:23:00

There should be a serious criminal offense for people doing this to kids!

Ann Cathleen Neumann

2020-08-13 21:40:38

Our hearts go out to you in this gravest of injustices. Continue to hope in the Lord who will one day call all to account. "When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. He keeps all his bones; not one of them is broken." Psalm 34:17-20


2020-08-13 22:07:57

Donated to earlier defense of Dad's custody battle. Sorry to read, battle still rages on. God Bless at GodSpeed.

NC mom

2020-08-13 22:14:58

Praying for the protection of that sweet little boy. Decisions like this must wait until adulthood


2020-08-13 22:25:38

God is on your side. If God wanted James to be a girl, He would have sent you a girl. He obviously wanted him to be a boy.

Rick Hammar

2020-08-13 22:40:43

The family courts are suppose to be about the best interest of the kids. I can tell you as a divorced dad that just ain't so. Best of luck fighting for your son. Never give up. One day he will be 18 & respect you for not giving up on him. I hope there is a special place in hell for evil people in the family court systems across the US.

Michelle Acevedo

2020-08-13 23:23:57

Don't give up you must fight and get sole custody get emergency injunction!n for temp custody. Get that boy out of the mother's care .


2020-08-14 00:09:36

We hope and pray for James

Chad Lane

2020-08-14 00:20:45

Praying for you James!!

The Cleary Family

2020-08-14 00:23:00

Praying for this Father and Son. This is a horrendous story and one we must stand up to. If this boy wants to change his gender that decision comes later when he can make it. I pray he comes to know Jesus and lives his life as a man who serves Christ.

Nichole Carter

2020-08-14 00:36:57



2020-08-14 00:38:42

Keeping fighting, Never Give Up!!!


2020-08-14 01:06:52

Your path may be difficult but your calling is higher. Peace be with you.


2020-08-14 01:14:19

I’m sorry you and your boys are going this. I will be praying for you!


2020-08-14 01:40:38

Praying for your family. This breaks my heart.


2020-08-14 02:23:00



2020-08-14 02:42:43

we are praying for you.


2020-08-14 03:01:42

I want you to know this whole country is behind you dad! Keep fighting for your child.


2020-08-14 03:28:28

(((Dad))) (((James))) St. Michael Archangel, defend us in battle Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil May God rebuke him, we humbly pray And do thou, Prince of the heavenly host by the power of God, Cast into hell, Satan, and all the evils spirits, who prowl about the world Seeking the ruin of souls. Amen

Mary McMahon

2020-08-14 05:03:41

Not only is winning this fight important for this boy, and his life, but also for every single child abused and used in this manner. A precedence must be set. Where the HECK is the pediatric society?and those doctors who know this is wrong???

Kristin Eisen

2020-08-14 05:03:42

Praying for you to stay strong and for the Lord to protect James from this abuse! My heart breaks for you!

Praying for You

2020-08-14 05:04:56

Praying for you and your boys... Justice.

Mary McMahon

2020-08-14 05:10:53

Not only is it vital for James to win this fight, it’s important to push back against this insanity. This child abuse has to stop!!


2020-08-14 05:18:42

So sorry for this pain that you and your boy are suffering. I'll pray for you.


2020-08-14 05:29:22

Prayers for your son!


2020-08-14 05:33:54

Good luck!


2020-08-14 05:47:08

Praying for you dad, James, and Jude. Lord please intervene!


2020-08-14 05:47:42

God is with you !

John Grapsas

2020-08-14 06:00:11

May our Lord protect Jeff, James and Jude from this evil.

Alison Hayden

2020-08-14 06:45:05

It's in God's hands. Trust Him.


2020-08-14 06:45:58

You have to be taught to think about abstract ideas like transgender. It's not a disposition an innocent person can have, it's a very complicated series of decisions that an individual can take after abuse, and only after abuse. It's criminal to encourage children to become transgender, and the mother should be barred from practice.

Lydia R.

2020-08-14 07:34:45

Praying you continue to find the strength to keep fighting.


2020-08-14 07:59:07

Please save our children


2020-08-14 08:18:41

God Bless!


2020-08-14 08:30:39

Praying for you and your boys!

Fear not. Jesus is Lord.

2020-08-14 08:57:01

Praying to Jesus for: James' & Jeff's Victory - Love always protects and never fails. God bless you.


2020-08-14 10:10:27

Praying that sense prevails


2020-08-14 10:49:51

Praying for James!


2020-08-14 11:05:24

Praying for your family.

Andrew K. Cuddy

2020-08-14 11:06:36

Our courts should be protecting children from this current madness.


2020-08-14 11:34:46



2020-08-14 11:37:40

Tell Jeff we got his back.


2020-08-14 11:38:40

We plead the blood of Jesus that is superior over these boys! We pray Gods conviction over every Judge lawyer and therapist involved in this darkness. We declare no weapon formed against James shall prosper. We declare even now that this plan will disintegrate in Jesus mighty name!

Robin H.

2020-08-14 11:43:32

May God protect this little BOY!


2020-08-14 12:02:19

This is straight up child abuse on the mother's part. Please save your sons.


2020-08-14 12:23:11

I wish it could be much more. Good luck and God Bless.

Jon Dougherty

2020-08-14 12:23:38

Good luck to you, sir!


2020-08-14 12:32:50

Stay strong Jeff! We're praying for all of you.


2020-08-14 12:46:50

Praying for y’all.


2020-08-14 13:01:35

Fight for this boy!!! Don’t give up


2020-08-14 13:03:37

Praying for James

James supporter

2020-08-14 13:11:26

Praying for this little guy and his father.


2020-08-14 13:27:44

Praying for you


2020-08-14 13:27:54

I pray this ruling is overturned and that all involved in this evil action against James & America are sanctioned. We trust God to be the light in this darkest evil. Blessings


2020-08-14 13:33:17

Praying for your sweet boys and you. You're a great father. They're lucky to have a dad that fights so hard for them. I pray the Lord breaks this Mom of her sin. That he rids her of this stronghold.


2020-08-14 13:35:16

I will be fasting and praying for you that you will prevail in receiving FULL and SOLE CUSTODY of your son. Your ex-wife is trying to hurt you. Turning your son into a girl will cause irreparable damage to him. THIS IS A TRICK OF SATAN! God is greater than this evil and you will come out victorious so hang in there.


2020-08-14 13:40:48

Tragic! God help this boy and our nation!


2020-08-14 13:45:29

Don't give up. Fight for your son.


2020-08-14 14:28:12

Praying for this family.


2020-08-14 14:42:19

I pray for you and that this Judge Mary Brown is removed from the court as soon as possible. Is it any wonder that our judicial system is now BELOW third world countries. Here is one more liberal judge that couldnt balance a scale for justice if they had help. You cannot fix stupid!


2020-08-14 14:42:47

Praying for you and your family.

Ashley K

2020-08-14 14:51:00

Sending prayers. This is the same as mutilation of little girls. It’s their body their choice not their mothers.

Lisa Crum

2020-08-14 15:23:42

Wish it could be more. We must work to set a precedent to save all our children from being subjected to this treatment!


2020-08-14 15:33:11

I would explore you, George, to try your best not to let your emotions blind you thoughts and words. I can't imagine being in such a horrible situation, but I can imagine how I would react if I were. I wish you and your son the best. And again, please be strong for your son. I haven't articulated myself best, but I believe you know what I mean. We all wish you the best!


2020-08-14 15:40:10

I pray that James’ father prevails in his fight to save his son from being sterilized and maimed so his mentally ill mother can have the “girl” she wanted.

TheraPure Health Essentials

2020-08-14 15:52:26

We love you, James and Jeff. We pray for you. Please stay safe from the satanic pedovores' dying gasps.

Travis Steckbauer

2020-08-14 16:03:05

Please help save this boy.


2020-08-14 16:12:03

God bless you.


2020-08-14 16:20:00

May God guide you in taking the right steps to victory. God bless you

Heineken Family

2020-08-14 16:34:56

Save this boy! Share this page!

Michelle Rinard

2020-08-14 16:48:12

Love, Support, and Prayers in Texas!!!

George Navarro

2020-08-14 17:12:57

You are in my prayers, God Bless you.....

Michael Johnson

2020-08-14 17:21:59

Don't let this abusive mother ruin this young boy's life


2020-08-14 17:51:11

Stay strong.

Jo Foley

2020-08-14 18:05:53

This person calling herself a mother is trying to ruin James' life. She must be stopped and how can Judge Mary Brown make this decision without even a hearing? The Judge should be thrown out of court. Please Save James.


2020-08-14 18:13:39

We're all fighting for you James! It's normal for a boy to like Girls! You're incredibly brave!

Adrik Weinsier-Marcano

2020-08-14 18:38:02

May God help Jeff and his family get through these trying times. Rooting for ya, Jeff!

Kay Zeeh

2020-08-14 18:39:27

Praying for you.

Sallie G. Mabry

2020-08-14 18:40:15

I am praying for you James, your mother is wrong and sick, sorry to say. I am trusting God to take swift action against these deplorable Judges and associates to have their license revoked for siding with your mother. God made you a perfect boy in his eyes. To the father, stay strong!

Celeste Piccolo

2020-08-14 18:58:46

Keep fighting for what is right. Praying for you all.

Mike L.

2020-08-14 19:02:28

Lord have mercy.


2020-08-14 19:26:37

Praying for you.


2020-08-14 19:37:02

Thank God for fathers who try so hard to protect their children from evil.


2020-08-14 19:52:03

I am totally amazed that the judge ordered transition for a boy who doesn't want it!


2020-08-14 20:47:17

Praying for God’s intervention.

Marinos Family

2020-08-14 20:58:23

Will be praying!

Natalie Wilson

2020-08-14 21:02:20

I will pray that this evil mother has a changed heart or that the next court cases go on your favor. This is indefensible what they are truly to do to a little boy!!


2020-08-14 21:13:33

Praying for all ... When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:19

Derek J. Federico

2020-08-14 21:15:45

Keep fighting!!!


2020-08-14 21:28:28

Praying to the King


2020-08-14 21:47:16

This decision should be the child's and the child's alone to make when he is of an age to make an informed, mature decision.


2020-08-14 21:50:42

I pray for God's divine intervention, and honestly pray that God brings to light the evil this mother is trying to do to this poor child.

Allan Lozano

2020-08-14 21:52:22

Praying for you.


2020-08-14 22:07:44


Lydia Troller

2020-08-14 22:22:28

God bless you and help you.


2020-08-14 22:28:54

This situation is beyond horrifying & is scary as hell! Seems more like something China would do, not the U.S. This nation must REPENT! May God be with you & grant you favor in your appeal. May justice & righteousness reign!


2020-08-14 22:33:30

Praying for a just outcome and healing for James who has been subjected to abuse. God did not mistakenly make him a boy when He wove James in his mother’s womb.


2020-08-14 22:36:11

We’re praying for you Jeff and your boys.

Sherry Daugherty

2020-08-14 23:15:20

We have to bring the fight on all fronts. Peaceful protests outside the courthouse. Look into the finances and biases of Judge Mary. Go above and around her head too. Look for all the loopholes in the law. Look at the mother's sanity and biases. We have to use the actual studies that we have on the issues i.e. Sweden's studies of high suicide rates in the transgender community and the other study of workforce differences in men and women. We also have to look at the studies of brain development throughout the childhood years. We need to contact all the justice warriors like Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Joe Rogan, Candace Owens, Jordan Peterson, etc... We can pray but we also we have to do the work too. Don't give up ever. Let's cancel the cancel culture (they canceled science and biology).


2020-08-14 23:24:06

Tell dad to hang in there. It's hard now but will work out in his favor. His son will thank him one day. Don't give up. God bless you and give you strength.

Dinah Lamberson

2020-08-14 23:43:47

Praying that God save your son from this horrific abuse.

Theresa A Sharp

2020-08-14 23:48:59

I'm praying for you and your boys.


2020-08-15 00:32:17

please pray for this father


2020-08-15 01:03:35

Help is on the way

Mandy yasinski

2020-08-15 01:12:00

I am adding dad, James, and siblings to my prayers. I pray for the lords endurance and fortitude to be your energy source and I pray people from around this world will see your story and help with donations and prayers. You’re a solid dad. Wear gods shield as you fight on.


2020-08-15 01:27:19

In the name of Jesus father I pray for your intervention in this to crush the plans of the enemy as no weapon formed against us shall prosper cause your enemies to be confused and scattered I pray for victory over Jeff and his son Lord right now amen!


2020-08-15 01:35:58

James and his Dad are my thoughts and prayers.

Josh S

2020-08-15 01:39:31

This is so wrong


2020-08-15 01:56:01

God Bless you! continue to fight! We probably cant and own feel what you feel, but you must fight this! This is the battle God has chosen you to fight for! It's not about the flesh anymore, this is a spiritual battle now!

Diana T.

2020-08-15 02:46:18

Praying for the best! Don't lose hope!


2020-08-15 03:11:48

Heavenly Father, please save James, Jude and Jeff from this madness. Please instill clear thinking in Anne's mind to help her see what is truly best for James by dropping these legal proceedings and allowing James to live the life of a normal boy. In Jesus name, Amen.

Gary Johnson

2020-08-15 03:48:45

30 years ago my ex-wife tried to have unnecessary surgery performed on my little daughter. It cost me a great deal of time, money and grief to legally stop her. I empathize with you and your family. I wish you well and pray for you.


2020-08-15 03:53:22

Prayers for James, Jude, and their dad. May God have mercy on them and convict the hearts of that "mother" and unjust judge!


2020-08-15 04:26:54

God save this boy, please!


2020-08-15 05:01:18

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.


2020-08-15 05:49:10

James and Jude aren’t safe with their “mother”. Please ban her from having them! What she is trying to do is child abuse!!

Amanda Lee

2020-08-15 06:08:38

In my prayers.


2020-08-15 12:38:02

I pray you will win this battle for James.


2020-08-15 12:57:36

May God give you favor with the court system and protect your children's mind and body in Jesus name!

John Pelzel

2020-08-15 13:33:18

Best of luck.


2020-08-15 13:47:17

Justice be done.


2020-08-15 14:05:21

Praying that God would stay the vile schemes formed against young James. Protect him Father, and keep his and his father’s mind in perfect peace because they are stayed on you.


2020-08-15 14:40:15

Praying God will use all of your heartache and fight to help all children. "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." 1 John 4:4


2020-08-15 15:01:13

God bless. I hope this helps.


2020-08-15 15:23:40

May the Lord bless and keep you through this terrible trial.

Les & Carol Reusser

2020-08-15 15:27:53

Praying for victory for James.


2020-08-15 16:07:52

Jeff, Jude, and James, we are praying for you!! You will have victory, I declare it in Jesus' Name, amen!

David S

2020-08-15 16:16:44

May God sovereignly overrule the folly of those who would oppose His created order. I commit to praying daily for you, Mr. Younger, and all those in your situation.


2020-08-15 16:26:53

God bless this little boy. He deserves the right, liberty, and freedom to choose his own path! A child should never have to go through this trauma!


2020-08-15 16:34:48

God forgive us, help this child.

Michael Passaloukos

2020-08-15 16:42:22

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!


2020-08-15 16:52:39

Please keep fighting for James.

Judith Ann

2020-08-15 17:16:20

This is a complete affront to reason and sanity.


2020-08-15 17:24:34

Mark 11:24


2020-08-15 17:25:43

Keep fighting

Hahn Family

2020-08-15 17:40:44

Praying for you


2020-08-15 18:01:39

God bless you in your struggle to protect your son!


2020-08-15 18:12:38

May God bless James and his father and keep them safe.

Rob Robinson

2020-08-15 18:34:53

Never give up


2020-08-15 18:42:42

God Bless You! You are a wonderful father.

Cara Martin

2020-08-15 18:58:45

Praying for you! Please don’t give up!

Gina Child

2020-08-15 18:59:52

This is absolutely horrendous. This judge must be on George Soros payroll. This is child abuse. Imagine how messed up this little boy will be if he is forced to pretend he’s a girl. Jesus intervene and rescue this child.


2020-08-15 19:52:08

God bless.

Seamus Bradley

2020-08-15 20:31:36

God Bless you and your boys. No matter what happens, never stop fighting. The Lord is on your side.


2020-08-15 21:06:01

Praying for the whole family.

Jamie Godwin

2020-08-15 21:11:07

Praying for this sweet father and his boys!


2020-08-15 21:23:13

keep fighting! You have a lot of people behind you!

Michael N Mikulaninec

2020-08-15 21:54:43

If, in the end, you are ordered to pay to damage James's body and mind in this manner, I pray you have the strength to simply not pay, and face whatever comes from that. No money, no "transition". It wont get done for free. If the woman solicits enough money from other sick perverts to mutilate him, at least you will know you did not capitulate in this madness. Good luck to you and your sons.


2020-08-15 22:02:07

I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with this insanity.

Rick Lavin

2020-08-15 22:27:51

Praying for God’s protection for James.

Vicky B

2020-08-15 22:58:30

The Lord will bring the victory! "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord."

Danielle Harper

2020-08-15 23:52:03

Keep fighting for your children!!! God bless you and keep you! LORD God give this man favor in every court hearing, protect him and his children from the plan of the enemy! I rebuke the devourer in the MIGHTY name of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

Irma cruz

2020-08-15 23:53:48

God bless you. Sending many prayers


2020-08-16 00:10:34

Father we ask you to deliver James from darkness!! Give his father protection, provision, praying friends, and a greater measure of Faith to fight this battle.

The Baker Family

2020-08-16 00:48:10

This woman is a deranged psychopath #saveourchildren

Ken Conway

2020-08-16 00:57:43

Take this gratuity as my sincere offer and support for your son against these evil forces.

Hood Family

2020-08-16 01:37:45

Praying that the Lord intervenes, this is wrong!

Jasemine Jackson

2020-08-16 01:40:44

Pray for God's intervention!!


2020-08-16 01:49:02

Keep fighting.


2020-08-16 02:10:36



2020-08-16 02:49:56

You are not alone! There are sane people out here that recognize this as the child abuse this is!

Brian Boury

2020-08-16 02:52:13

Let James be James!


2020-08-16 03:26:17


Caring parent

2020-08-16 03:36:32

I can’t imagine how difficult this is! God will prevail.

Katie C

2020-08-16 05:24:50

Good luck and God Bless.

Praying for James!

2020-08-16 05:56:54

May the Lord have victory in this case! Praying!

Mary Warr

2020-08-16 07:30:56

I am praying for this family. I hope James is protected from harm and given a chance to be the perfect young man he was created to be.


2020-08-16 11:59:17

God I pray they allow this little boy to remain as you made him.


2020-08-16 12:15:01

We serve a BIG GOD, together with Him the prayers of the saints will prevail in victory. Praying for peace and comfort for this family. I pray the mother will receive the love of Christ to understand this situation more clearly.

Deborah Kidwell

2020-08-16 13:01:56

This is totally outrageous! Praying for James


2020-08-16 13:32:36

You be the Judge presiding over this case Lord, Thy will be done!


2020-08-16 13:58:55

Keep fighting for your son! God Bless you!

Aaron and Che Che

2020-08-16 14:47:39

Praying for all these wickedness to end and repentance to begin.

Sherrye B

2020-08-16 15:42:32

Father, protect this child! Please keep these boys safe in your arms and do not let this evil agenda win or have a lasting negative affect on either of them!

Bethaney Latham

2020-08-16 15:59:47

Keep fighting! Save this child and those that will be harmed in the aftermath. Lord, step in. We need you!


2020-08-16 16:01:08

May God protect James


2020-08-16 16:27:20

This reminds me of that phrase that says when good men do nothing, evil triumphs. I'm glad to see you standing up for your boy and all those helping by using this site.


2020-08-16 17:30:38

God have mercy on our country

Garvin Family

2020-08-16 17:50:44

Everyone please remember to continue to pray for this young boy and his father and brother! They need our constant uplifting before our LORD as this is a fight against evil and they need to be encouraged to trust GOD in this battle. Praise GOD we do not have to fight alone.❤️


2020-08-16 20:18:23

Praying for the kid and others like him who may suffer the same fate if we lose here.


2020-08-16 20:32:05

We are praying for you and all kids in our nation whose abusers the courts are protecting. We have to keep trusting that God knows best.


2020-08-16 22:08:59

Praying for you and your little boys.


2020-08-16 22:24:44

Looking out for an Orthodox brother and his child. God be with you. This insanity cannot go on.


2020-08-17 00:09:52

God be with you


2020-08-17 00:40:00

Praying for Justice


2020-08-17 01:01:52

Praying for you all, I see Glenn Beck at Blaze tv via Facebook updated his followers about the latest in your case, they seem sympathetic and it may be worth following through. They have a large reach.


2020-08-17 01:08:22

Praying for your family. I'm a family NP and I cant understand how a judge can make such a medical ruling. This is unethical and child abuse to give an adult the ability to give a minor harmful medications that can put their health and well being at risk. I will write to your state representative.

Keith Newmeyer

2020-08-17 01:48:46

Save ALL our kids from becoming victims of the LGBT agenda! Dont allow this boys sexuality to be ruined for life I pray!


2020-08-17 02:15:36

In Jesus' name we curse this evil at its root and declare James to be free and all evil schemes for this boy are broken by the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


2020-08-17 03:41:35

The article says "non-biological mother" WTF!! Let this kid go you evil bitch!!


2020-08-17 04:13:38

This is heartbreaking. Praying for y'all ?❤️

A believer in Louisiana

2020-08-17 04:32:40

Do not grow weary in doing good; at the proper time you will reap - if you do not give up. Praying for you all.


2020-08-17 12:07:22

Hello Jeffrey Younger, May Jesus Christ our Savior bring about an amazing, unexpectedly marvelous outcome in this diabolical lawfare attack upon you and your son's mental well being, and may the mental sickness of Dr. Anne Georgulas be healed through an encounter with Christ.

Marshall E Entrekin

2020-08-17 12:28:39

Praying for you and your sons!


2020-08-17 12:55:39

May God preserve this boy


2020-08-17 13:36:48

Praying for you guys that this evil will be conquered.


2020-08-17 15:27:13



2020-08-17 15:28:34

Willing to see that justice prevails and James is left to grow up as the neat kid HE appears to want to be. Continue to be the 'Happy Warrior.'


2020-08-17 15:34:23

May the Lord go before you!


2020-08-17 16:51:19

I am so deeply sorry this is happening to you. It makes me sick. I wish I could do more. I really hope the tides turn back in your favor, soon, and permanently. That "mother" should be committed to an asylum for life.


2020-08-17 17:14:44

God bless you Jeff. Keep up the fight and I pray for your strength. Your son deserves it.

Lynne Lowder

2020-08-17 19:25:54

I'm so sorry for the trauma your son has suffered at his mother's hands. I know you are doing everything you can for your dear boy.


2020-08-17 19:38:59

Praying for a hedge of protection around you, your family and especially James from Satan's attacks.


2020-08-17 20:22:02

Can't believe this psycho woman is doing this. Hope my small contribution helps in the battle for sanity. Can't imagine the toll this is taking on the dad, the brother, and of course this small boy who is being abused by his lunatic mother and the political activists supporting her.


2020-08-17 20:30:11

Praying that almighty God (the Righteous Judge of all the universe) will quickly reverse the evil, sinful ruling from Judge Brown.


2020-08-17 20:43:02

You have to get a better attorney that can take this to a better court. God bless James


2020-08-17 21:21:50

With love from California. I am not religious but i am appalled none the less. I wish you james, and jude the best. Keep fighting the good fight.


2020-08-17 21:35:08

What a crazy country we live in where a father has to go through this complete and utter nonsense. Best of luck to you and your son!


2020-08-17 21:42:23

God be with you! Praying for your family!


2020-08-17 21:55:26

When good people are silent, evil prospers.

Dana Barron

2020-08-17 22:16:18

This has to be stopped, and this mother should not be permitted to have custody of these precious children. She is sick!


2020-08-17 22:20:11

Praying for this situation!


2020-08-17 22:21:07

Donating is the essay bit

Ken & Denise Matkovich

2020-08-17 22:44:59

Jeff, keep strong & please know there are so many of us supporting your effects to save your son. We are storming heaven with our prayers. Our love goes out to you, your boys and the rest of your family. May God hold you all tightly in His loving embrace...


2020-08-17 22:47:32

I pray God protects you and your sons! That HIS justice will reign.


2020-08-17 22:49:42

This is wrong. Take it to the Supreme Court if you have to.


2020-08-17 23:10:27

Godspeed. Keep up the good fight and save that child! I will pray for you.


2020-08-17 23:15:28

God willing, this little boy will still get to be a boy. Shame on his mother.

The Humrichouse Family

2020-08-17 23:26:57

The entire Younger family will be in our prayers to save James from this terrible situation.

Jason orleman, on behalf of goodness fighting evil

2020-08-17 23:40:24

God bless your son. He will shed this curse at 11 or 12. HE WILL read of your fight for him. Keep fighting. You are all he has in this world. Your friend in the good fight . Jay Orleman. 2039125446. Gimme a shout anytime brother, i live in CT.

philip lee horner

2020-08-17 23:42:13

Unfreakingbelieveable. Hopefully your lawyers are ethical.

A friend

2020-08-17 23:42:30

Praying for you all


2020-08-17 23:59:00

I am sorry for all your family is going through. Praying for your boys

Jessy Cope

2020-08-18 00:02:58

It’s unbelievable anything like this could happen. It’s disgusting a mother could do such a horrific thing.


2020-08-18 00:08:15

I am so sorry you have to deal with such an evil force in your life and that your son must suffer something so horrible and beyond destructive that it is sickening. I cannot even imagine how you must feel. I will give as much as I can and please know I will pray.


2020-08-18 00:59:53

Praying for your family !


2020-08-18 01:25:06

Praying that God blesses you and your family and delivers them out of the hands of those who would do them harm.


2020-08-18 02:14:49

This situation is so tragic, I can't process it. May God truly bless you and come along beside you.


2020-08-18 02:28:32

Sickening. For dads everywhere.


2020-08-18 02:50:16

As a young girl child I remember wanting to be a boy and standing over the toilet trying to pee like a boy and everything else that goes along with thinking what a boy is. I am a woman. I am female. I gave birth to 2 children. I am married to their father. I am not wanting ever to be a boy and I am happy being female.


2020-08-18 03:09:00

This is just wrong. A decision like this needs to be made at a much later age. At least 18.


2020-08-18 04:43:36

I am saddened and outraged. It was many years ago, during the time my son went to Elementary school, he had a friend, a girl. She was raised by a same-sex couple. And my wife and I were friends with them. Very nice, professional, financially successful. However, later, this young girl transitioned into a boy, including surgery and the disaster that followed. It was outrageous and I could do nothing. What is happening to James is a horrendous act against creation. The wife and the judge’s attempt to undo what has already been created is criminal. Fight on for James!


2020-08-18 05:25:35

George, keep fighting for your boy. We're with you. God bless.

Susan Han

2020-08-18 05:44:43

My heart is sick hearing about this story. I'm praying for you James. May God protect you from evil.


2020-08-18 06:43:24

Stop this tragedy from occurring.


2020-08-18 11:57:02

God Bless and keep you


2020-08-18 12:42:09

I’m so sorry this is happening to your family.

Tuath De Dannon

2020-08-18 13:30:10

It is the greatest of evils to prey on the innocence of children.

JoAnn Moore

2020-08-18 14:44:24

Praying for James.

S. Young

2020-08-18 14:48:02



2020-08-18 17:00:30

This story is heart-wrenching and cries out for justice. Please pray without ceasing!


2020-08-18 17:32:34

Praying for Jeff and his boys.

Thomas Gaughan

2020-08-18 17:33:52

Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ!


2020-08-18 17:45:08

May God protect your son


2020-08-18 17:57:28

God bless you all.

JB Green

2020-08-18 19:51:03

I pray that God's mercy in this situation will win out in your favor.

Nathene in Canada

2020-08-18 19:52:51

Praying for this brave man and his two sons. God have mercy and hear our prayers.


2020-08-18 20:04:15

Psalm 91. Under HIS wings and Protected....In my thoughts and prayers.


2020-08-18 20:57:55

Good Luck to you and your family!!!

Oleg Waisberg

2020-08-18 21:46:07

Please don't give up. Hope this nightmare will be over soon


2020-08-18 21:53:03



2020-08-18 22:05:18

Prayers for all of you.


2020-08-18 22:15:54

Believing for the Lord to arrest Judge Mary’s heart, as well as James’ mother’s heart. We serve a mighty God and I am believing for intervention that only He can do. Justice and divine protection for James in Jesus Name! We plead the blood of Jesus over James. No weapon formed against him will prosper in Jesus Name. ❤️


2020-08-18 23:03:43

You and your boys are in our prayers.


2020-08-18 23:10:38

My heart broke when I saw the ruling. I am praying for you and your family. In Matthew 5:44, Jesus says, "But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you," I will be praying for those who are condoning evil. I pray for their salvation. Acts 4:12 "And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved."The blood of Jesus saves and redeems us. His death on the cross paid for our sins. I continue to pray and hope for God's intervention. God bless you!!

Billy Plemons

2020-08-19 00:08:11

Godspeed! I’m praying the right thing is done here.


2020-08-19 01:12:13

To James's Father: Christ is sovereign, even over the wickedness of Anne Georgulas. Trust in The Lord, as Christ will be glorified in this matter as many people are praying for James. Also, Anne Georgulas needs to repent of this evil as she has no idea of the wrath of God that now abides on her and will consume her at her death.

S Knefley

2020-08-19 01:32:05

Jeff - Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.


2020-08-19 01:37:19

I donate today on behalf of Alice DeLoge. She is unable to donate monetarily, but prays for James daily.


2020-08-19 03:43:38

You are in our prayers. Please do not give up!


2020-08-19 04:12:01

This is sick child abuse Keep fighting!!


2020-08-19 04:59:54

Praise God


2020-08-19 05:48:23

Have faith, keep praying. God knows what you are going through.

Alexandru Daniel Bogdan

2020-08-19 08:26:57

Good luck !!!


2020-08-19 13:51:49

Best of luck with this

Kathy Cahoon

2020-08-19 19:00:39

God Bless


2020-08-19 21:30:39

Please Lord, help this child from his deranged mother. Leave the Kids alone!


2020-08-19 22:42:31

Praying for you brother! We love you and support you.


2020-08-19 22:49:21

Jesus is Lord


2020-08-20 00:17:27

May the Lord bless you.

Roy D Van Ness

2020-08-20 00:31:34

Praise God!

Nicholas Burtner

2020-08-20 03:18:49

blessings. Prayers of compassion for everyone involved, including the boys mom. She needs an internally change motivated by a move of the Spirit. That only comes from the Father of Lights, and often times it is through His followers. So my prayers are for His love to infiltrate all parties involved and let His will be done Love yall


2020-08-20 04:40:06

Gods bless you and your family. Keep fighting! We will keep praying...


2020-08-20 19:49:10

I've been praying for your son. No matter what happens right away God is in control and pray is powerful. The worlds will be put to shame one day.


2020-08-21 02:54:38

No choice for this child or his father: My heart breaks for this child, his brother, and his dad. Prayers are desperately needed.

Matt Artho

2020-08-21 03:45:54

Praying for everyone. May God’s Will be done!

Joshua Kahky

2020-08-21 05:34:17

I can't imagine the strength you must have to not give up on your children. It really proves the love of a parent is unmatched by anything else. Stay strong man, we're all here with you.

Catherine Howe

2020-08-21 08:00:40

We are praying that this evil against James does not continue. God bless you, Jeff, as you fight for your sons.


2020-08-21 13:35:11

Many of us are praying for Jeff and the boys for comfort and strength. We are also praying for Anne and for God's Will for this situation. This case has far reaching implications for our nation and how we treat children's and parental rights.


2020-08-21 13:37:43

Praying for repentance of judge Mary Brown and Anne, and for them to recognize and receive God’s perfect love for them. I pray for Anne to receive the son God created and gifted her! Who can reverse what God has done? Prayers for a bold and uncompromising faith for Jeff as he exposes and battles darkness! “For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭139:13-14‬ ‭NASB‬‬


2020-08-21 15:03:50

Keep fighting the good fight! Praying for you!

michael tilley

2020-08-21 15:39:04

God Bless your family. May His Light consume the darkness

Rachel Reichert

2020-08-21 15:58:27

God is in the midst of the abomination this woman is trying to do to her son. I have no words! I cannot imagine what Jeff must be going through. May this mother change her mind and may she realize her son is wonderfully and fearfully made, that God did not make an accident in creating him as a man. May the mother's eyes be opened to the harm and resentment she will cause to her child if this operation takes place in the future. I pray that she does not take away her son's right to be a man, a father and a son, and that Jeff will win this custody battle! Jeff's love for his son is evident, praise God he is fighting for James' life. May the light battle this darkness, in Jesus' mighty name, amen!

Mark Marino

2020-08-21 17:30:59

I pray for James and for your entire family. No child should be FORCED to change their sex against their will because of a vindictive parent! This is not just criminal - it is pure evil!

The Martin

2020-08-21 17:46:48

Praying all the time for you.


2020-08-21 18:13:53

I’m praying hard for you, James!! Ever since I learned of your battle I have been sharing your story as much as I can on social media to raise awareness and prayer support. I have two sons myself and just the thought of this happening to one of them would break my heart! My heart breaks for you, James!! I’m praying constantly for you. May God protect you, keep his angels constantly by your side. God is fighting for you and so are many others thru prayer and sharing with others who will join the fight to save you!!

Getman Family

2020-08-21 23:25:10

I want to partner financially and prayerfully in an ongoing basis. I see the website is down now.

Chandler Raines

2020-08-22 00:40:24

James is and always will be a boy no matter what happens. I am so sorry kid that you are a victim in this war. I Hope one day all this madness will just disappear so no other children can be abused. The bottom line in all these cases is rebellion against God's design. There is only two genders and nobody can change you into the other no matter how hard they try


2020-08-22 02:43:08

And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them. Mark 10:16


2020-08-22 13:53:20

My prayers are continually with this Father & these twin boys. This whole act is just unthinkable to me, it’s pure evil and no young children should have this type of physiological abuse forced in then by anyone, much less a parent. What has this works come to? May God put his hands on you all and protect you! ????

Robin Turner

2020-08-22 14:12:31

I will be praying for James and Jeff.


2020-08-22 14:20:24

praying for you


2020-08-22 16:49:57

I just found out about this. I’ll give a little every paycheck. Keep fighting

Gary Eastus

2020-08-22 16:55:28

This has to STOP.

Steve and Michelle Costantino

2020-08-22 17:44:55

Dear God, PLEASE intervene to save this child. In Jesus Name, Amen and Amen

Strom Family

2020-08-22 18:50:31

We have and will continue to pray for you, your boys and your ongoing battle. EPH 6:12 NLT We are not fighting against flesh and blood enemies...but against mighty powers in this dark world.... So while you are fighting with another person in this legal battle, there is a much bigger and darker force behind it.

Kari Mayberry

2020-08-22 19:15:04

God bless you and your boys

Eric Kramer

2020-08-23 19:58:11

May God keep His protective hand on you always, Jeff, James and Jude Younger!


2020-08-23 20:31:34

Our prayers are for you and with you!

Lu Ferrell

2020-08-23 21:44:27

Jeff you are such a strong a great Dad! What a wonderful example of a man for your sons. Stay strong knowing there are thousands, millions standing with you in this battle. Love to you and your sons!

Eric Ackermann

2020-08-24 16:28:26

Keep fighting

Vui Pham

2020-08-25 01:43:10

God bless James!

The McDowell Family

2020-08-25 14:35:18

We are continuing to pray for James, Jude, and Jeff and that they will find favor with the judge, advisors, and courts!


2020-08-25 18:13:28

God bless Jeff, James and Jude Younger, and all those who are helping them.


2020-08-26 12:01:50

Hope this helps. Somehow, JUST giving money, I feel somewhat cowardly, like I should be doing more than that...

Penny Brown

2020-08-26 20:14:53

Praying God will intervene on behalf of James and so many others.


2020-08-26 20:53:38

God bless!


2020-08-27 04:20:21

God Bless

Chris Morris

2020-08-28 17:49:54

God bless you James. I’m sorry you had to have such a crazy mom. All children deserve to have a normal childhood. Praying for you buddy.

Eric Kramer

2020-08-28 19:37:18

“The LORD bless you, and keep you; The LORD make His face shine shine on you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His on you, And give you peace.” Num 6:24-26 NASB

Eric Kramer

2020-08-29 18:52:12

19 “Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them [u]by My Father who is in heaven. 20 For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” Matthew 18:19-20 -

James Nolen

2020-08-30 10:44:38

God bless James.

A mommy of a little boy who's praying for James

2020-08-30 15:51:14

"If I say, “Surely the darkness shall cover me, and the light about me be night,” 12 even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is bright as the day, for darkness is as light with you. 13 For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. 14 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.[a] Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. 15 My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. 16 Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. 17 How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! 18 If I would count them, they are more than the sand. I awake, and I am still with you." - Psalm 139:11-18

John smith

2020-09-01 14:56:21

I support James & his Dad

Teresa Jones

2020-09-01 18:17:26

Keep up the good fight, Jeff. We're praying for you and the boys.


2020-09-01 22:16:59

Praying for you and your son.

Eric Kramer

2020-09-02 18:39:10

I’m praying for the best for Jeff, James, and Jude, and that is one thing that neither Anne Georgulas, Judge Mary Brown, or the father of lies can stop!


2020-09-03 01:04:06

Praying for you.

Reneé Martino

2020-09-03 03:48:51

Praying for you and cannot even begin to imagine what your going through. May God be with you through this difficult time. Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!


2020-09-03 07:16:24

Your story is being heard around the world, stay strong!


2020-09-03 21:53:35

I will remember your family in my prayers. God bless you all.


2020-09-03 23:21:31

My hope and prayers to you and your family may the Lord Jesus prevail in protecting this innocent child from his wicked mothers sinfulness


2020-09-04 02:14:39

"See that you despise not one of these little ones: for I say to you, that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven." Matthew 18:10

Deb O'Hara

2020-09-04 03:25:03

It is so hard to believe a judge would do this! She should be removed from office. My heart just breaks for Jeffrey and James and Jude. I will be praying for them.


2020-09-04 12:34:18

Viva Cristo Rey!

Joshua Riddle

2020-09-04 20:43:18

If you're reading this, join the fight! Give.

Christine Adams

2020-09-05 16:04:03

Praying for you


2020-09-06 06:23:21

Stay strong God is on your side


2020-09-06 12:37:40

God bless you and uphold you with his mighty hand.


2020-09-06 19:33:02

Praying for you and your family, Jeff, and all the others caught in this web.


2020-09-06 22:57:52

I’m still praying for this family.

Marilyn Manning

2020-09-07 19:48:41

All our very best to James and his brother and father. Dad, please never quit. I cannot believe that this mother has no idea how this will affect her relationship with her son. But Dad never give up.


2020-09-07 21:25:49

God bless and protect you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Ruth E Davis

2020-09-08 11:25:38

I am giving $25 to save this little boy from this evil. I wish I could give a thousand times that amount.

Rachel & Jeff

2020-09-09 14:53:48

Our hearts break for James, Jeff, and Jude. We pray God intervenes in this. I wish we could give more.


2020-09-09 20:14:07

Prayer going up!!

Dima Visser

2020-09-10 06:42:05

Please don't give up! May justice and common sense prevail.


2020-09-10 18:04:41

God bless you and your sons. I pray the peace of the Lord upon you and that He provides protection for you all.


2020-09-11 00:54:29

The LORD bless you and keep you safe Jeff, James and Jude!


2020-09-14 02:20:30

Oh LORD, strike down this vile servant of the enemy, prevent her from corrupting these children. Save the Younger Brothers from this vile witch!


2020-09-14 07:33:12

For sweet little Boy James

Seamus Bradley

2020-09-15 21:52:58

God Bless you and your boys. No matter what happens, never stop fighting. The Lord is on your side.

Brett C

2020-09-15 22:05:44

Prayers for for Jeff, James, & Jude... we all must stand against this sick attack on children!

Randy Meadows

2020-09-17 13:00:20

May God protect your son.

May Arthur

2020-09-17 14:54:42

I pray that this family has true peace and the boys are free to be boys.

camaron solsrud

2020-09-17 15:20:56

keep up the fight!!


2020-09-18 00:32:43



2020-09-18 01:08:37

I am so sorry you have to deal with such an evil force in your life and that your son must suffer something so horrible and beyond destructive that it is sickening. I cannot even imagine how you must feel. I will give as much as I can and please know I will pray.

Jing-Peng Chen

2020-09-18 11:07:59

Pray for the family. The Lord is the provider, healer, and savior.


2020-09-21 20:00:07



2020-09-21 21:15:15

May God intervene and save James.


2020-09-21 23:18:09

Those people are evil.

Getman Family

2020-09-22 00:25:26

I want to partner financially and prayerfully in an ongoing basis. I see the website is down now.


2020-09-22 01:37:46

Let the assigned gender stay.


2020-09-22 04:58:14

Save James


2020-09-24 14:03:01

God bless and please hang in there!


2020-09-24 20:45:08

I’m praying that God protects and heals these boys’ hearts, minds, and bodies.

James Nolen

2020-09-30 10:44:17

God bless James.

John smith

2020-10-01 14:25:51

I support James & his Dad

Eric Anderson

2020-10-03 13:46:47

My prayers go along with my donation.

Rayne Nicholas

2020-10-08 09:04:13

I'm so sorry this happening to you and your sons. Please accept this small donation and know that Im praying for you🙏🙏


2020-10-13 17:04:28

God bless!


2020-10-14 13:21:47

From Poland with love!

Seamus Bradley

2020-10-15 21:45:29

God Bless you and your boys. No matter what happens, never stop fighting. The Lord is on your side.

Samuel J Resz

2020-10-17 05:02:46

This situation worries me.


2020-10-18 01:08:42

I am so sorry you have to deal with such an evil force in your life and that your son must suffer something so horrible and beyond destructive that it is sickening. I cannot even imagine how you must feel. I will give as much as I can and please know I will pray.

Sandy Marquez

2020-10-18 15:55:46

May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ rule your hearts always.

David Christian Thompson

2020-10-23 14:10:30

God bless you in your fight for James and all of these children's lives!

Major Court Hearing on April 27, 2020.
April 20, 2020, 10:08 pm
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James' mother is back in court. She's trying to:

  • Throw Jeff out of James' life by taking Sole Managing Conservatorship
  • Fully transition James to a girl and remove Jeff's authority to say "No!"
  • Bankrupt Jeff by constant, frivolous motions and hearings.
Jeff really needs to win this. Each hearing costs over $10,000. The hearing will be held online. If we can, we'll post a link so you can attend from your computer.


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David Christian Thompson

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God bless you in your fight for James and all of these children's lives!

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1 days ago

$ 20

NM Coombs Family

2 days ago

$ 100

Anonymous Donor

5 days ago

$ 100

Anonymous Donor

6 days ago

$ 20

Sandy Marquez

6 days ago

May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ rule your hearts always.

$ 50


6 days ago

I am so sorry you have to deal with such an evil force in your life and that your son must suffer something so horrible and beyond destructive that it is sickening. I cannot even imagine how you must feel. I will give as much as I can and please know I will pray.

$ 10

Samuel J Resz

7 days ago

This situation worries me.
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