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Our dad is trapped at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.  They admitted him & began their “protocol” which has led to his continued decline. Mayo administered Remdesivir despite the known dangers & the WHO’s recommendation against using it in COVID patients.

We want Mayo to set aside its failed protocol & use Ivermectin along with several additional vitamins & drugs per the Math+ protocols of the FLCCC.  Ivermectin won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2015 & was used by Joe Rogan who was attacked for promoting the drug as a treatment option despite amazing stories from NY, OH, IL, & FL where patients like our dad made dramatic recoveries after receiving it over hospitals’ continued resistance. It has been prescribed over 3.7 Billion times since its release.

In November, our parents, Dan & Claudia informed their church & friends in Charlotte, NC that they were starting over & moving to FL to be near their grandkids!  On December 4, our parents moved from NC to FL to start their second act.  They had sold their home & contracted to build a new home in St. Johns County, FL. Life was good & we were all excited. 7 days after moving, dad would be admitted to Mayo where he remains in a coma on a ventilator today.

Filled with a mix of emotions that Mayo was offering little to nothing to treat our loved one, we researched other treatments & learned of Dr. Eduardo Balbona, who has successfully treated more than 50 COVID patients using off-label treatments of previously non-controversial, safe drugs (these include Vitamin C, D, Zinc, Melatonin, Aspirin, Dexamethasone, Fluvoxamine, & Ivermectin).  Many of his COVID patients have been discharged from ICUs throughout the area (including 1 patient who Mayo treated unsuccessfully & held for 46 days & who made a dramatic recovery under his subsequent care). Dr. Balbona uses a protocol, similar to the MATH+ & FLCCC treatment protocols that has been successfully used throughout the country. Upon reviewing his medical records, Dr. Balbona shocked us when he said that Mayo was effectively sedating & keeping him on the vent without providing any proactive care to give him a fighting chance. Dr. Balbona has kindly offered his time, expertise & medical judgment, which Mayo refuses to consider since he does not hold “privileges” at Mayo.

Dr. Balbona believes that if we are able to get him onto the FLCCC protocol, within 72 hours we will see notable improvement, but we are racing against the clock.  On December 30, with the aid of our lawyers at AndersonGlenn LLP, we were granted an emergency hearing with Judge Marianne Aho presiding.  After a long 3-hour hearing in which Mayo’s lawyers argued that allowing our dad to receive Ivermectin under Dr. Balbona’s care would “change the practice of medicine as we know it”, our request for an order directing Dr. Balbona emergency privileges were denied. 

Through our research efforts, we have discovered shocking facts related to hospitals & how they are incentivized to treat COVID patients. Hospitals like Mayo refuse to administer Ivermectin to COVID patients because it’s not FDA-approved for that purpose, but in doing so they abandon medical judgment & the everyday use of drugs on an off-label basis.  Aspirin for the treatment of a stroke or heart attack is a common off-label use. Hospitals are also financially incentivized to put COVID patients on vents & risk losing federal dollars if they prescribe & administer Ivermectin for the treatment COVID-19.  Mayo is not exercising medical judgment – they are selling out to pad their bottom line.

This fight is going to be costly. Mayo has hired 2 outside firms to resist our efforts &  know they are fighting science but can earn big points with their political masters if they can dictate treatment. If you aren’t able to give but you believe in this fight, we humbly ask that you share our story & all stories alike. We ask that you tell people of this fight & the options that aren’t being offered. We are not writers & we leave it to the professionals. Please see our story & stories of similar fights here:

Please note that every dollar raised will be used for legal representation offered by AndersonGlenn LLP & additional legal counsel that we may engage as the battle escalates.



Update #3
January 5, 2022
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Mayo Clinic Patient’s Family Makes Second Desperate Appeal to Judge for Ivermectin

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Update #2
January 5, 2022
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We are fighting hard but we still need help!  Please spread our story and help us fight this fight no one should have too!

Update #1
January 4, 2022
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I wanted to give everyone an update.  Dad is still fighting. He is not improving and now the hospital is continuing to push a trech.  I am so positive their are treatments that will help him yet the hospital won’t offer them.  I don’t understand why. So many studies and so many people who have been saved and they won’t try to save my father.  I am sick and so sad.  Please spread the word.  Please spread our fight and please let others know how they can support this cause not just for my dad but for so many that will fall to this corruption if we all do not stand up now and fight.  


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