Help bring back our stay at home dad

Campaign Created by: Ashley Choate
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Goal : $25,000

Raised : $3,255

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Cody is a stay at home dad to our son (age 4) and daughter (age 11) while I work in the healthcare field. We made this decision at the beginning of the pandemic to help with remote school and save a little money on childcare. I make enough to get by on our day to day life. He is our whole world and was taken away by a raid and search team in the early morning just a few days ago. The reason behind this was something they say allegedly happened 10 months ago. How can someone be taken away like that, when every day is the same routine of waking up bring me to work come home care for our home and son pick me up from work and just stay home and do family dinner and activities. He is the kindest most family oriented person I have ever known and everyone he knows would say the same.  I'm asking for help, any help to ensure he can get the best representation to get to come home ASAP. They are saying no matter his major family ties he may not be able to come home prior to trial. The public defender says it looks bleak and looking at at least a year before even a trial. He is a crucial part to our home and well being and I'm reaching out and praying for anything to help us. The strain alone on his kids missing their father and not knowing what is happening is going to destruct their childhood and as their mother I am desperate to prevent their pain. 


Update #4
January 11, 2022
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Cody was finally able to call today after another 8 day quarantine in his cell for 24 hours. This is becoming a trend unfortunately and kills me every time it happens. He missed our sons 5th birthday because of this. After Christmas and our son\'s birthday the financial burden is hitting hard and trying to keep up with now car issues and more, its getting tougher. However, i know we will get through this, just have to take it hour by hour. 

Update #3 we still are in need!
November 17, 2021
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We are still in need to pay off the lawyer retained. The outcome is still unknown, it's been 3 days since I have been able to talk to Cody since he was transferred for a third time (his fourth facility) in 1.5 months with no information other than it can take 72 hours for him to call after processing. I am keeping faith but I also know I am being tested, I am here for God's plan and to stay next to Cody through this all. Please do not forget about us and keep donating and praying because we are still fighting this battle. 

Update #2
October 14, 2021
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Based on everything we have researched we have upped the goal. With all the costs associated with this it is going to be way more than initially thought :(

Update #1
October 13, 2021
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Yesterday was the first court hearing we had, to see if Cody could come home awaiting trial. We did not receive bad news but not necessarily good either. The judge is taking a few more days to review the information and make a decision. We are still needing prayers and hope to bring him home. Please keep donating as well as we still need to at least reach this goal to get the best lawyer we can for him, I cant have him lose out on his kids growing up. 


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