Rage In The Kage

Campaign Created by: Kenneth Scott
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Kenneth Scott.


Goal : CAD $30,000

Raised : CAD $1,380

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I will provide a list of goals, but first; who is Kage?
My fight is for all people. It always has been.
I chose to serve in uniform because there are many out there who cannot defend themselves.
There are times when even those who are the strong ones, find themselves needing help, whether it is war or natural disaster.
I will be honest about what my strengths and weaknesses are. It has to be this way.
I suffered several injuries over the years including when I served. I have always overcome and or adapted, even with some serious head injuries, cancers and suffering two broken vertebra situations.
In 2019 I had another head injury and WCB as usual has forced me to have to fight for help. This is a battle I have not taken on because of many factors including the pandemic. Many jobs I once excelled at are no longer available to me as options for employment, so I must move on.
My strengths start with Love and Respect of our GOD. I do not follow any religion. My relationship with the All Mighty is a personal one.
Other strengths are from life experience. Trial and error, trial and success, being inventive, looking for solutions to problems and learning every day have helped form who I am.
These strengths plus being able to recognize when to lead and when to work beside others equally are first in line before leaving or turning away from an issue.
I eventually want to help build a self sustaining community. My efforts in the past have always been unfulfilled. One reason keeps coming up. The land owner in each case has presented issues, but not solutions. In order for a community to thrive and be successful, leaders must be able to lead, but also to have the ability to bend and some times change.
1) Start with an attainable amount of financing to gain freedom in life today. Work towards the end goal in increments instead of one large leap. Then increase the request as progress is proven.
2) Have the freedom to own a property I can offer as a refuge in order to build a sustainable and productive community. A home for those who can grow fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and livestock. One that can produce products for others as well.
3) Continue to create the content that I have on social media. In fact go further with it. There is a documentary I have been speaking of and working on that needs to be finished.
4) I have written a novel that is the first in a trilogy. Therefore there are two more to write.
I also have other books I am writing including a biography.
This initial funding will help me complete these as well.


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