Stand With Stark

Campaign Created by: Emily Rutherford
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Timothy Stark has been harassed, bullied, and railroaded for the last 8 years. There are many facets to this situation, but the two main aggressors would be the USDA, PETA, and The Indiana Attorney General. 

The USDA has been harassing and citing Tim for violations that did not exist. I do not just mean that Tim wasn’t violating the rule, I am saying that in some cases, the cited rule DID NOT EXIST. This has been a pattern repeated by the USDA at many small, privately owned facilities across the country.

 PETA has been systematically targeting small, privately owned facilities for several years. They tie these people up in litigation until they no longer have the money to fight them, set a precedent, and then build on that when they target the next one. They are exploiting a civil suit clause in the ESA to target these folks. In NONE of these cases are any of the allegations and claims made factual. In many cases, they have absolutely no scientific research or factually based evidence to back their claims up, but it is taken as fact because most of the time people don’t know any better. In Tim’s PETA case one of their main “experts” blatantly lied in her declaration concerning the proper dosage and usage of medication, and that isn’t the only falsehood presented.

The Indiana Attorney General, based upon nothing more than allegations by rivals and animal rights activists, has gone after Tim with a vengeance as well. After illegally seizing his animals and placing them in facilities across the country BEFORE Tim EVER was able to present anything to his own defense. Destroying everything he spent his lifetime building, stealing, and killing his animal family members, they are now going after his home and every last cent he has. After unsuccessfully attempting to retain an attorney, Tim was forced to auction his home and all belongings in order to retain legal counsel to continue his fight for his rights, and the lives of his precious animals. In response to this, and in my opinion, to prevent him from being able to defend himself against this blatant corruption, the Indiana Attorney General asked the Judge to hold ALL PROCEEDS of Tim's sale of his personal belongings in escrow. His next hearing is not for 60 days, and Tim needs funds to be able to survive until he can have his funds released from the State of Indiana's control. John Pierce and the NCLU have graciously come to Tim's defense, and he now is able to see some light at the end of this nightmare. 

At every turn, Tim’s constitutional rights were trampled on.
Tim loved his animals. Those animals loved him. This is not about an animal abuser. This is about a man who loved his animals and dared to share that love with others, being systematically targeted and destroyed because that love was in the way of advancing the agenda of the Animal Rights Movement. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s about anything else. Please help us fight back against this corruption and for the Truth.  All funds raised will go directly to pay for Tim's living expenses.


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  • Prayers for Tim Stark
  • Prayers for Tim's Animals
  • Prayers for ending the corruption

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