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Dear America, My name is Troy Smocks, and I'm a White Supremest (LOL). I wasn't always a White Supremest, in fact, I was actually born a black American. But late last year, crazy Joe Biden said that, "if I did not vote for him, then 'I ain't black'". And I didn't vote for crazy Joe. But it wasn't until the date of January 15, 2021, when I first discovered that I was in deed, a White Supremest. This was the day that I was arrested at my Dallas, Texas, home by a 30 member FBI SWAT team, in connection with the events at the U.S. Capital on January 6th. Since that day I have been held in Washington, D. C., without bail. At the moment of my arrest I truly believed that I was a walking dead-man. After all, I like many of you, had also been subjected to the fake news narrative, suggesting that everyone who was being rounded up by the FBI, were " gun toting, tattoo wearing, Donald Trump supporting, lunatic, White Supremacist". And so naturally I figured that throwing me into a jail house with these people, was like tossing a chicken into a pond of hungry alligators... I wouldn't last too long. However, what I quickly learned, was that all of the so called White Supremest had one serious physical defect... they were all colorblind. These folks weren't White Supremacist at all. Yes, they were white... And yes, they had a lot of tattoos. But they were some of the most warm hearted and generous people that I had ever met.

And today, I'm part of a unique brotherhood, where I am proud to call each of them, "my friends". I have also learned that the United States Government, "is" at war... but not exactly with the people of America. Like the the government of ancient Rome, and the Pharaoh of Egypt, the U.S. Government, is at war with the "Kingdom of GOD". A fight that no earthly government has, nor ever will win! This is because, governments are merely made up of people. Many of which, have allowed their fancy titles to over inflate their own egos. But no matter how big your ego becomes, your arms will forever be, too short to box with GOD!!! But being a GOD loving, patriot warrior, does not come without a financial toll. Like Roger Stone, and General Mike Flinn, I have also lost so much in this battle of good versus evil. With this, I thank you in advance for your patriotic support, prayers, and monetary gifts. Sincerely yours, T. A. Smocks Jan 6, Political Prisoner #376973


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