Patriot Pete Political Prisoner in DC

Campaign Created by: Stewart Lofton
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Goal : $150,000

Raised : $26,487

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Pete Schwartz is a patriot political prisoner languishing in solitary confinement for over 9 months in America's Gulog for his participation in the mostly peaceful January 6th political rally. Patriot Pete is a welder by trade and has served his country in the Army Reserves. Pete, like many patriots in our country, was outraged by Beijing Biden's and Comrade Kamala's Communist takeover of our Republic. Although Pete feared that Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs may harm him at the rally, he knew that evil succeeds when good men like Pete do nothing. Just like hundreds of thousands of America's sons and daughters, Pete felt like it was his civic responsibility to protest on January 6th. Patriot Pete never imagined that he would witness Federal Police officers beating unarmed, peaceful protestors, and murdering an unarmed peaceful protestor, Roseanne Boilin, in cold blood by savagely beating her to death with their batons of tyranny. When tyranny took over our Nation's Capital, Pete looked tyranny in it's evil face and said, "Not today, Satan!" Now Patriot Pete is languishing in solitary confinement for over 9 months. Pete has been denied proper hygiene, religious services, lawyer visits, proper medical and dental care, and proper nutrition. He's been wearing the same contact lenses, with no breaks, since January 7th. Patriot Pete has been threatened with physical violence by the Correction Officers. These same Corrections Officers beat a fellow January 6th patriot nearly to death. These Correction Officers zip tied his hands and then beat him unconscious with flashlights. This man severed his retina, suffered from a broken jaw, skull fractures, and brain damage. This patriot was merely trying to organize a Bible study. Patriot Pete. We need to be asking ourselves how is this evil allowed to happen in America? The answer is, this is Biden's America and we're merely subjects in his wicked regime. January 6th Patriots are America's first political prisoners, and Americans should say, "Never again will we allow this to happen in our beautiful Country and to our Countrymen!!!" Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists burned down buildings, murdered, looted, and terrorized communities around America the previous year.... only to have charges dropped. The unequal application of the law is disgusting and so 'in our faces' that it's clear that Biden's Administration feels like they're invincible and above the Constitution. Patriot Pete needs your support to show Beijing Biden and Comrade Kamala that they're not above the law! Patriot Pete is asking for your help by donating, and spreading the word. The corrupt, lying media refuses to tell the truth about January 6th, or the abuses these Political Prisoners face. It's up to you, the American Patriots, to step up and say, "Enough is enough!!!" Pete asks that you pray for him and Our Nation during these dark times. God bless you, and God bless America.


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