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Our grandson Kade Knowles is 3 months old. Thursday July 15th he began drooling. What was thought to be the start of teething turned in lethargic and abnormal crying. Painful crying and something was wrong. Our son and daughter in law, Britney and Jordan Knowles took Kade to the ER. He was then admitted. CT scans, covid, blood work, ultra sounds, urine test have all come back normal or negative. Friday July 16th the nurse gave Kade baby Tylenol for a fever and he was unable to swallow. He stopped breathing for 2 minutes. He was then placed on a ventilator and has been intibated ever since. His Dr suspected botulism. He then contacted the California Heath Dept specialists to confirm a diagnosis. Botulism toxins attacks the nervous system and this is why Kade is unable to swallow. His little body's nerves are not working and needed this medication. The Dr. then tried another test. Lowering the sedation. Hoping Kade would begin to move his limbs. The same response you would have coming out of anesthesia. The response was not what we were hoping for. Little movement. He has Been off all sedation and antibiotics since he doesn't need them at this point. But he is still in the same state as if he were sedated. The cost for this medicine for the hospital to get it is $57,000. They will send it if the diagnosis was confirmed. They required a stool sample sent to CA in order for them to send the medication plus few days to test and confirm. Thankfully the Chief of Staff approved the request ahead of the confirmation. Medicine arrived early this morning and at 3am they began the treatment. As of yet, (5 hours) ago there is little change. However it may take a few days for the toxins to breakdown and leave his body. As you can imagine te concern is great. We are in complete faith, hope and trust in the Lord to work miracles. We are hopeful that Kade will regain all nerve activity. That his limbs, movement and functions will be fully restored. Mostly, that he will be able to swallow on his own when the ventilator is removed. The costs for his treatment in the PICU will be great. If you are able to give to help Jordan and Britney offset the bills that will follow and any after care for baby Kade we would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you for considering and serving. May God be glorified. Please follow updates


Update #9
July 23, 2021
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Kade will remain on the ventilator for another day or 2. He struggled a bit this morning with his breathing and needs a little more time to heal and get stronger to be breath on his own. Fatigue can also play into this so more rest and less stress on him is needed. Thank you for continuing to pray for his recovery. 

Update #8
July 23, 2021
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Today was a good day. Kade was put on a CPAP machine and his ventilator was lowered. He was moving a lot more today and was more active and alert. IF he does well throughout the night the Dr may decide to remove the ventilator tomorrw (Friday) Pray Kade will be able to swallow as this was the first problem he had when his nerves began to shut down. Also that he can fully breath on his own. God is good. This is truly a miracle. 

Update #7
July 22, 2021
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July 21st: 

Kade is opening his eyes about half way and for a little longer with less struggle to hold them open. He is still on sleep medication to help with the pain of the vent down his throat. They moved his neck IV to his foot today. If he continues to regain his cough reflux, they will Monitor for a day or so and then decide to take it out from there. After he off the vent he will stay for a few more days to watch him and Make sure he is ready to go home. Please pray for wisdom for the Doctors for the right time to lower seadation. Pray he will be very responsive this time around. This will be a wonderful sign of healing in his little body. Also continued prayer he will swallow well and be able to breath on his own. Thank you for your prayers

Update #6
July 20, 2021
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Tuesday July 20th. 

Kades O2 levels from the ventilator have been lowered again to 10 breaths a minute. This is great news. His little body is able to breath much more than the machine is for him. He is also moving his lips a little bit and and opening his eyes a little bit more today. Continued prayer for more improvements every day. 

Update #5
July 20, 2021
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From Britney tonight: Monday July 19, 2021

Originally Kade’s ventilator was set to 25 breaths a minute this morning and they bumped it down to 20 and by this afternoon they dropped it to 15! He is doing so well on his own and being able to breathe far more over the ventilator. 

He has opened his eyes a bit more today and starting to move his neck and face more. 

After discussing with the nurse about how other babies who have botulism versus Kade have done, progress wise, she has said that Kade’s movement is significant. Some babies can’t move for days, but this gives us so much hope. 

He has been a little puffy and retaining water, so he was given a medicine to help him pee and release the fluid he is retaining. 

They tried to complete the PICC IV today and his veins were too small, so they just have to keep his main neck IV clean to not get infection. 

Kade is a little fighter and is doing so well. We feel that the diagnosis is accurate considering he is getting better. It could be weeks before we actually confirm that the results are botulism. He will be back to his normal self in just a little bit of time!

Update #4
July 19, 2021
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It is overwhelming to see how many people love Kade and our sons family. I am trying to keep up with the comments and reply to each of you personally. Thank you so very much to every single person and family who has given to Kades fund. Our entire family appreciates you all. 

Update #3
July 19, 2021
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Kade had an MRI tonight to check the vessels in his brain. Waiting for those tests and also still waiting for results from CA botulism test. Some good news late this evening. Kade had some movement of his arms and feet. Also beginning to open his eyes a bit more. This is progress! Continued prayers he gets stronger every hour. Looks like the medicine has finally started working. Thanks to everyone who has given to kades fund. Our family is overwhelmed with gratitude. 

Update #2
July 18, 2021
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Sunday afternoon July 18th, 2021. 2pm looking like Kade had a staph infection and strep B in his throat. Negative on any Neurological problems and looks good there. The other 2 would explain his fevers. Which can be treated with antibiotics which he was on but then stopped while waiting for the Antitoxin meds from CA. If this is the cause of his problems he may need some help to regain his muscles and nerve activity but this would be great news. Still waiting on Results for Botulism. thank you for praying and for giving! 

Update #1
July 18, 2021
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Update: July 18,2021

Kade may possibly be on a ventilator for a few weeks. Still waiting on confirmation of Botulism from California Public Health specialist. This bacteria does not cause fevers so there may be other things going on also. They have called in neurologists and infectious disease team with hopes to rule out even more. Continue to pray and intercede on our family's behalf. Pleas to the Lord and mercy from the great physician is our Hope. 


  • Kade is making progress every every day. Please pray for wisdom for his doctors to know when he is strong enough for the ventilator to come out. Also that he will be able to swallow on his own. May be as soon as this weekend. Thank you!

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