Justice for Chris Quaglin

Campaign Created by: The friends and family of Christopher Quaglin
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Moira Quaglin .


Goal : $200,000

Raised : $4,286

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Christopher (Chris) Quaglin... American Patriot... devoted husband... primary provider to his wife and family.  He has been married for seven years and is a first-time father to a newborn son.  He now, with a heavy heart, finds it necessary to request your spiritual and financial support of his family resulting from his alleged participation in the January 6th. protest in Washington, DC.  Chris was arrested by the FBI at his home in New Jersey on April 7, 2021.  He was initially arraigned and released by the judge to home restriction with an allowance to work.  However, the government’s attorneys successfully appealed the New Jersey judge’s ruling in the appellate courts in Washington DC.  Chris was ultimately denied home detention and sent to the county detention center in Newark, NJ until mid-September.  He was transferred to Oklahoma and ultimately transferred to and remains under “Deplorable” conditions in Washington, DC along with other individuals accused of participating in the protest. Since Chris has been detained, he has had to purchase most of his own food.  It seems the food services connected with detention centers are not able to accommodate individuals with Celiac disease (Allergic to wheat contained in most processed foods. Chris was diagnosed with this disease when he was 10 years old).  Also know that Chris has neither been in serious trouble before and nor arrested prior to this incident.  He has always been an ardent supporter of the police and some months prior to his arrest led a local demonstration in support of the men and women in blue serving his hometown.   

Chris has always been a staunch supporter of American and true conservative values. He was never one to just accept the norm.  Always striving to improve and to establish himself in a career path Chris had to confront and overcome many obstacles.  After graduating high school, he decided to opt out of attending community college and to focus instead on becoming an electrician.  He enrolled in a government sponsored trade school in Virginia where he excelled in learning and developing basic electrical skills.  After graduating with honors, he began his electrical career and steadily progressed to the level of Journeyman Electrician.  He is currently in the process of finalizing requirements to obtain his state electrical license.  During his many years of apprenticeship training, he met and eventually married his wife, Moira, and they settled down together to begin their new life together and to start a family in central New Jersey.   As a result of their combined efforts, they were able to refinance their existing mortgage which enabled Chris to complete an expansion of their existing home to accommodate the birth of their first child in February 2021.  This achievement exhausted all their savings, but they believed that together they could financially manage.  As it turned out shortly after the birth of their son Chris was taken from his loved ones.  Since his arrest and subsequent incarceration, he is no longer able to provide financially for his family.  But worst of all, due to Covid-19 restrictions, he was not allowed to see his wife or son in person, until mid-September, just before his transfer to Washington, DC.  

Not knowing what to do or how to proceed after his arrest, Chris reached out to friends and family to ask for both financial assistance and help with identifying local legal counsel.  He subsequently engaged a New Jerey attorney who stated emphatically that he would be able to get Chris released to his family with an allowance for Chris to continue working.  In addition, the attorney stated that he believed Chris would eventually be absolved of most, if not all, of the charges being leveled against him.  However, to accomplish this, the attorney demanded pre-payment of $125,000 which was to cover his entire fee from Chris’ arraignment through final trial.  Chris’ supporters, albeit extremely reluctant to comply with the attorney’s outlandish demand, paid the full amount in advance.  During the process of arraignment thru the initial appeal of the DC court’s decision not to release Chris, it became abundantly clear to Chris and his supporters that his attorney had to be replaced since he failed to deliver on any of his promises.  At this point and after receiving multiple requests the attorney has refused to return any funds paid to him by to the family.

As you can imagine the above outcomes have devastated Chris and his family.  Fortunately, Chris has been able to obtain new legal representation. Despite Chris’ family and friends having spent a small fortune to date on legal fees, the family must now cope with an increasing financial burden and struggle.  They somehow must try to cover the future cost of his new attorney as Chris awaits the next steps.  On behalf of Chris’ plight, we ask you to please assist his young family. His wife and son desperately need any assistance you are willing to provide both spiritually and financially. 

All donations and prayers will be forwarded directly to Chris’s wife, Moira Quaglin.

Please verify with your tax professional to find out if your donation is tax deductible.

If you are interested in writing an article, please reach out to Chris Quaglin's lawyer, Joe McBride at jmcbride@mcbridelawnyc.com


Friends and Family of Christopher Quaglin


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