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I currently attend St Michaels By the Sea in Carlsbad, California and Emmanuel Lutheran church in Oceanside, CA .  I listen to Relevant Radio and Klove Christian  radio stations.  I watch the online services provided by Mariners Church in Annapolis, Maryland; Centerview church in Jacksonville, North Carolina;  Breakwater church in Oceanside, California; and the Fields in Carlsbad,
California.   I’m grateful to the Mormon missionaries from the church of Latter Day Saints in the picture that helped pack me up and move me a year ago. I had reached out to many churches in the community and the Karate Kid Team answered the SOS distress call.  They have moved onto their next adventures, however I’m forever grateful.

I was misdiagnosed and received delayed testing and care at the Veterans Administration La Jolla Hospital.  I did go to the emergency room over ten times in 2015-2018.  Ive been dealing with medical symptoms and problems that fall under the Persian Gulf War Syndrome in conjunction with chronic chemical sensitivity since 2009.  The noticeable cancer symptoms began in December 2015. I did accrue over a 30,000 of debt during my misdiagnoses, being unemployed and too sick to work, and then going out on permanent disability. I got the correct diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer In September 2018.Unfortunately the cost of my Integrative  cancer care including all these herbs and supplements isn’t covered by insurance.  I'd like to try vitamin C infusions to offset some of the chemotherapy side effects instead of radiation therapy and this isn't covered by insurance.  

Recently the VA La Jolla hospital has gone rogue and other hospitals across the nation are just doing whatever they want and ignoring policies and laws and changes made to the Mission Care act to help veterans like myself.  The local problem here has always been a serious cultural and people issue, and they have ignored policies and laws that have been changed to help veterans medical care and quality of life.  Recently, I had to file with the VA Inspector General and put the VA La Jolla hospital on report for breaking the law, and of course they have retaliated by defaming my character and intentionally canceling my community care services.  I fought for my ten medical practitioners in the community because it is in my best medical interest and just lost it all.   My complaints started in November 2020 when I lost my home health aide support, while I was still authorized 12 hours of weekly support.  Ive had the ongoing home health aide support for two years now and still they have  not fulfileld the services I was re-authorized back in December 2020.  I was forced to pay for services that I've been authorized, but not receiving.

  I did reach out to San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond who reached out to San Diego County Military and Veterans Director Will Quintong and they made their inquiries which resulted in the VA La Jolla Hospital retaliating. I'm grateful for the support from County Supervisor Jim Desmond and staff and Mr. Will Quintong.   The VA Whitehouse Hotline that was implemented two years ago is now broken and when you call them up, the complaint just circles back around to the local v region just making them more upset and they retaliate more. No accountability. Congressman Darrell Issa opened up a Congressional Inquiry two weeks ago and of course the hospital has still did nothing and not reponded to the Congressman.  I'm grateful for Congressman Darrell Issa's support, just sad that the VA La Jolla hospital ignored the Congressman.  

The VA is no longer filling some of the medications I use and I will have to get those medications through the outside pharmacy and deal with deductibles which I do not have the finances for. I have no other sources of income.  

 Thanks for joining Team Northern Lights and shining your light.  


Going on ten months since I lost my caregiver support
September 7, 2021
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the VA still hasn’t provided the services I was medically authorized for and this is why I didn’t do all of the recommended treatments...their negligence is impacting my care.  

Im also still fundraising for Integrative holistic cancer care support with vitamins and supplements since I’m not tolerating all the other chemotherapy treatments.  I’m almost 40,000 dollars in debt and both of my credit cards are maxed out.  

Thanks for your prayers and Finanicial support!  
I’m not winning the VA battle...

Still battling for home health aide ( caregiver) and community care authorizations going on 7 months....
May 15, 2021
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Yeah so my knight in shining armor hasn't connected with me on linked in...he may be taken already....have to keep a sense of humor in the emergency rooms of hospitals after everything I've been through.  I should have become a nun instead of a naval officer....such a fallen world.  
I haven't been doing my treatments since I don't have the support in place.  Everyone medical circumstances and situations are different.  

I'm trying to find my Hail Mary to help me with this complaint that needs to be filed  to preserve my suit against the VA for my tort claim by June 1, 2021.  Searched for legal advisors since 2018 and a lot of excuses for no follow through.  Our system is so broken.  One of my patient advocates Dr Bart Billings said my case is worse than the veteran that won 7 million from his lawsuit against the va for what happened to him in Pennsylvania.  So trying to find a paralegal or retired legal advisor or just a neighbor to help with the details and review and guidance of  the complaint before filed in federal court and will keep looking for a legal advisor....down to the wire and at the 12th hour....with this complaint that has to be filed before June 1, 2021.

Failure of Accountability
April 24, 2021
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So Congressman Mike Levin and Congressman Darrell Issa failed to help me.  I reached out to both offices here in North San Diego County.  When Mike Levins office failed to help I reached out to Congressman Darrell Issa and sad about that result.  Nothing.  So moving on and will be reaching out to Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz MD and will see what happens there.  Unfortunately the VA OIG and VA Whitehouse Hotline did nothing.  I'm suppose to follow with typing up and mailing in paper, what I reported verbally over the phone to the VA OIG,  but I've been too sick to manage that recently.  The VA OIG doesn't care and they have done nothing which is sad.  No home health aide yet.  Scared now that too much time has gone by and that I should have gotten the radiation back in November 2020 but I didn't have the personal support to manage it.  I lost my home health aide (caregiver) in November 2020.  I was reauthorized the 12 hours of support in December but still no services and now it's the end of April 2021, so crazy the VA health care system. They are breaking the law...

I was in the emergency room at Scripps Encinitas on Tuesday.  The Emergency Room doctor wasn't wearing a wedding ring...mmhhh...I wonder if he can be my knight in shining armor....I found him on Linked In....but didn't find him on Facebook so I don't know if he has a girlfriend....well I sent him an invitation to connect on LinkedIn In...we'll see....


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