Retired Army Sgt Harrelson Kenneth and family

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Goal : $500,000

Raised : $186,687

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Retired Army Sgt. Harrelson, Kenneth and family in need of help with legal fees and family in need of help to pay bills plus some. I am Angel(his wife), we have 2 teenage children, 1 daughter 14 and 1 son 17. PLEASE READ UPDATES TO KEEP UP WITH WHAT'S HAPPENING! We need help because well I am sure you've seen the news on him. I am trying to raise the funds to pay for his legal fees, bills and groceries. I have found an attorney in Washington but it will cost me $100,000 just to retain a lawyer and $500 per hour after that plus other fees, which could cost up to $500,000 the lawyers told me. I am struggling with this as I am typing this. A little about him. He was medically retired out of the of the army and not long after that he had 2 back surgeries and a shoulder surgery. He is the kind man that will give you the shirt off his back no matter who or what color you are. He has helped many and refuse to charge or take money from them because helping others was his reward. He is the kind of person that when I had my surgery he waited on me hand and foot, even cleaned me up. I have lost my job because of this and his account has been frozen and that is where his VA benefits go. Since that has happened I can't pay our house note or vehicle note and insurance. I am also dealing with emotional teenage Daughter and son. Everyone we know can tell you he is not a monster and NOT a TERRORIST. THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!! He didn't' do any of those things they say. He is a protector and saves lives not give harm to others. I am asking for the extra $25,000 for bills, groceries, and for myself to go support him when they extradite him to D.C.. I appreciate any help donations or prayers for our family. SO PLLLEEEAAAASSSEEE HELP US I AM BEGGING!!
Angel Harrelson


Update #20 please watch my video
May 5, 2021
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Update #19 Asking for HELP
May 3, 2021
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New update. I am trying to give everyone updates as much as I can. I have just finished my virtual visitation with him. He is getting worse by the day over in VA. His rights are being violated and everyone in that facility. I don't understand people, I really don't get how you can let people stay in this environment and not follow the law when you are suppose to uphold it. He is now coughing up black chunks and not getting any better. How am I suppose to deal with this? I won't let this go and no one can stop me from being compassionate it's in my nature to help others no matter what they have are have not done. I can't do any of this on my own anymore I need more help then ever to get through! I need to get in contact with our Governor, Senator and our Congressman of Florida state to hear me out and to get help. Please if someone can help me please I am asking for help!?
Angel Harrelson
(PROUD Wife of Retired Army Sgt. Harrelson, Kenneth)

Update #18
April 28, 2021
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Ok, today I had a virtual visit with Ken and he is not doing well health wise. He's not looking to good this morning. This was the second virtual visit since he has been in Virginia. He is trying to hold it together for us. Our daughter is doing better today, I told her to let it out and I listened to her then explained to her it's ok to cry. She has been reading the bible and I let her bring it to school with her because it makes her feel better she said.
I have a job interview today! I am praying I get it because I need it desperately. 
I am also trying to organize another show to do. As soon as I get that information I will put it on here as an update.
Thank you so much for everyone's support and prayers. Please continue to pray for us.

Angel Harrelson (PROUD Wife of Retired Army Sgt. Harrelson, Kenneth)

Update #17
April 23, 2021
facebook twitter

Hi everyone! 
I just got off the phone with Kenneth. He was picked up 2 nights ago to be transported to Virginia  for now but in a week or 2 he will be transferred to D.C.. I have been dealing with things at home. I had to tell our kids that he is being transferred to D.C. and I had to watch our daughter have a breakdown and that is the worst thing to ever see your child go through those emotions. I had to hold it together because I couldn't let her see me breakdown. I finally broke down after they went to bed in my room with closed door privately. I found out I might not receive unemployment because my job loss was not related to the covid pandemic. So that's another thing I have on my plate. I have to find a job in customer service or data entry ASAP so I can make sure we have enough for the kids and I. I have already paid his attorney. That's one thing off my plate for now until whatever is next. I have been praying 3-4 times a day from our bible. Every time I do pray I feel things will get better and I am hopeful. Sorry if this gets log every time I give an update. I know God will come through for us. 
Angel Harrelson (PROUD Wife of Retired Army Sgt. Harrelson, Kenneth)

Update #16
April 16, 2021
facebook twitter

Well here is the news.
I have been in my own little cocoon the past couple days since his bond hearing. They denied his bond. So, now he has to stay in until the trial. That was the hardest thing I had to do was to listen to it and they were telling all these untruthful things and making up their own stories about that day. His attorney's were great and had very good arguments, but then the other side popped up with some new material they had which of course they had to interpret the no sound to what they think is going on and not the truth. 
They tried to even say I lied about the air-soft but as far as I knew thats all we had in our safe. I had no idea of nothing else. The other one they are referring to is for a friend of ours we were keeping in our safe for him and the only reason I know this is because he came get recently. As for the books they are not of what they say it is for. We actually were going to start homesteading and I wanted to know how to protect myself and learn to live off the land. There is no harm in reading and learning new things or just reading in general. I am disappointed in some for actually thinking he is like what they say. He is for the American people no matter who they are. Now I have no choice but to continue fighting for his freedom and to get the truth out. I love my husband, he and our children are my world !!!! I am going to use these donations to continue to pay the fees that is to come and NEVER GIVE UP!!! I will start going to places to have my voice heard. 

Thank you all American People!!!!
Angel Harrelson (PROUD Wife of Retired Army Sgt. Harrelson, Kenneth)

Update #15
April 12, 2021
facebook twitter

    It was brought to my attention that I forgot to put the links to my interviews I have done so far. The links are below. As for looking up the public court documents, you have to get an account with PACER  link below as well. As for Gateway Pundit I have written a letter to them asking them to please post my story and that's exactly what he did word for word of what I wrote in my letter. 


 Interview with Patriot Transition Voice:       

 Interview with Just Another Channel:       

Please research the truth before making judgments on what the social media or news media tells people just to get more views. I have actually watched so many videos and also watched it live the day of the 6th and it is not what I saw from home. I am going to continue with my verbal fight for my husband and the others that has not done anything bad. I support and trust my husband just like I do with our Lord and savior! God has my back and theirs! GOD BLESS AMERICA! I love my husband with all my heart!!

Angel Harrelson 
(PROUD wife of Retired Army Sgt. Harrelson, Kenneth)

Update #14
April 7, 2021
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I do apologize for taking so long to do an update.
I have just listened to their hearing and it was basically what do you plea and of course everyone said NOT GUILTY. It was hard to listen to everything. Kenneth has another hearing next week for motion to be released and I am praying that it gets granted. Sorry I can't say to much on here about the case. I am sad he wasn't going to have one this week but I guess I have no choice but to be patient. Then as soon as Kenneth is released I am ordered to bring him to the hospital to get him check thoroughly for any damage that was caused during the highly dangerous blood pressure.
I want to say thank you all for your support and prayers. 
Thank you!
Angel Harrelson (Proud Wife of Retired Sgt. Harrelson, Kenneth)

Update #13
April 1, 2021
facebook twitter

Sorry for a delay on the updates. 
I have been swamped with making sure everything is in order and done here at home. We are praying and hoping he will get released soon on bond. I on the other hand is praying this whole thing gets dropped. I have spoken to his doctor and if he gets released I will have to bring him straight to the hospital to get admitted. The doctor is worried he could have damage from his severely high blood pressure. I have noticed some changes in his conversation, like he pauses and has to think about what he is wanting to say also he is suffering with these pains that is not being treated where is detained. The lawyers and I are pushing for him to get treated and to be released as soon as possible. The place he is being detained has had 2 outbreaks and if he gets it it can harm him in a very bad way if you know what I mean by that. No matter what I am proud of him for all he has done for his country and continue to do. I will stay by his side through thick and thin no matter the situation. Thank you for all of your love and support! We are blessed to have all of you in our lives!
Please continue to pray for him!
Thank you again,
Angel Harrelson ( A PROUD wife of Retired Sgt. Harrelson, Kenneth)

Update #12
March 27, 2021
facebook twitter

I'm sorry for being late updating had to gather myself a bit after talking to him. We miss him so much here at home. I was actually able to see him through the camera. He was looking a little pail to me but it could have been the lighting in the cells. I have been able to keep my eyes dry when talking to him and that is very hard to do. I do let go when we are off the phone. I am still worried about him. I have been so busy trying to get them to listen because I know my own husband. I am working hard to get that resolved and correctly get him treated the right way.
I just don't understand none of this. He was and still is a proud that he was able to serve his country  also proud to be an American. Then he became a veteran and now he is being treated like this. It's hard to fathom all this. I struggle everyday to do what needs to be done and to fight hard. I know I am strong and probably to hard on myself as my sweet husbands says. If I don't push myself I am afraid I will fall and I don't want to do that. I love my husband so much and I miss him so very much. The kids are keeping themselves occupied so they don't have to think about it. I have talked to them and they are proud he is there dad and proud to know he made a stand. They also know he would never do harm to others in any way shape or form. They also know their dad is a History geek as they called They adore their Dad..(Obvious)

Update #11
March 23, 2021
facebook twitter

I wanted to give another update. I talked to Kenneth yesterday and he said to tell his fellow brothers and sisters n arms and fellow Patriots thank you for your love, prayers and support. He didn't realize how many were behind us and there for us until I told him how many have given their prayers, advice, love and support. I read as many messages as I called in the time frame we have to him. He is proud to be an American and a Patriot. He said he is proud of the kids and I for fighting for him plus others as well. He is proud to have served his country and he enjoys helping others.

I did a show last night and I let out how I feel and how much this is wrong what the government is doing to our veterans that has proudly served our country. They are making assumptions instead of getting the truth. I am NOT giving up on him he is our life and my wonderful husband no matter what people say because I know the truth and I know him well. He is still having trouble with his medical issues, ugh. Like I told them on the show there is no amount of money that could replace him.
Thank you everyone for your love, prayers and support for us! 
Angel Harrelson

Update #10
March 22, 2021
facebook twitter

I want to say thank you all for the encouraging words and support you have sent me. All of you are helping me fight this and helping with keeping my head above water. I am so grateful for every one of you. I want to say thank you for your service for the ones who served and is still serving including the significant other as well. Thank you so very very much Patriots. I will be having a virtual visit with Kenneth tomorrow morning and I am going to read some more of your prayers and support to him. I will try to update after. If I don't it will be Tuesday. I have a live virtual interview with Patriot Transition Voice tomorrow night at 9pm EST.  I will be telling my story and I will be fighting for our Patriots as well. 

Thank you again!
Angel Harrelson

Update #9
March 20, 2021
facebook twitter

Sorry everyone I don't know what to tell anyone. I am telling all truth on here. I am sorry if some feel I am not. I got a call today stating that is how they felt. It is is to find out if I am telling the truth. This person made me feel like the worst person for raising money to free my husband from being in this political prison. So as I am here typing this (yes I am crying cause this hurt my feeling) I am already emotional from what's been going on. I don't expect to get that much of a donation that I updated to. I am more then happy to have prayers and words of support from everyone. It states it on this site donations are non-refundable and if no one saw that I'm sorry I really am sorry. I don't know what else to say. I don't even know how that person got my phone number. Thank you all that do support my husband and family.
Angel Harrelson 

Update #8
March 20, 2021
facebook twitter

I had a vurtial visit with Kenneth this morning. He is hanging in there. I went directly to his doctor get the letter stating his diagnosis and brought it directly to the jail yesterday to the nurse in charge also told them they are held responsible for his well being, if anything happens to him while in there custody they will pay the consequences of their actions. I have retained an attorney for him as of yesterday. I have also found out today the truth is starting to come out. We still have a long road ahead for this fight but I got faith. His blood pressure is down to 154/109 because a new nurse actually cares about his health but she is only there for a little while so she can't check him through out the day. The others don't bother (unbelievable) .. I have been working hard doing research and gathering everything I can to send his attorney. Got most of it sent to her. I will continue to work hard and fight the evil that has come upon us. Thank you all for the help, support and prayers. It has helped him get through this as I read all the messages and prayers to him when I talk to him on the phone. He said he is going to reply to everyone when he gets to come home which is unknown. Thank you so very much. 
Angel Harrelson

Update #7
March 18, 2021
facebook twitter

I have designed a t-shirt those funds will be split between the veteran's only. This is for things they might need during the time in their POLITICAL PRISON or for after they are home. The funds I am raising is for his lawyer fees and for our financial needs plus things our family needs. PLEASE check out the link I posted for the shirts. I designed to show our support and we want them home and not treated as POLITICAL PRISONERS. This is not going to me this going to their personal needs.

Thank you for your prayers and support all are appreciated!!!!
Angel Harrelson 

Update #6
March 18, 2021
facebook twitter

 I just spoke to a few attorney's in D.C. and they telling me that the $100,000 is just the retaining fee it will cost us $150/hr after that and could total up to $500,000 in the end just depends how long they drag this out the lawyers say. I just sat down and cried because that's a lot of money. I will keep fighting but I don't know if we can make that. I am going to get the paperwork for the power of attorney and one for his health and medication as well so I can have say so on what is given to him. I don't know what good it will do since he is in US Marshals custody. I will try hard to get his health back on track I refuse to lose my love of my life and father of my kids. I know my spelling and punctuation is off but I don't have time to correct it, I have a wonderful man and veteran to get home and the other veterans as well!
Thank you all so very much we are so loved and feel the support behind every one of you!
Angel Harrelson 

Update #5
March 17, 2021
facebook twitter

Good morning everyone God bless you all!
I just got off the phone with Kenneth and I am really worried they are NOT giving him his medication and his blood pressure is severely high 170/120 I am so worried about him. All the agents and county jail are aware and denying him of his human rights. I know some are not sure what he is in there for but he is in there for being an Oath Keeper and knowing others. The indictment is public. I will be doing a few interviews this week to get this all out and known. I want my voice to be heard and I want my husband to stay alive and healthy. he is being transported Monday or Tuesday next week and I still haven't finished making all the arrangements for him as well as myself. I will be going there I am not staying behind I am going to DC to give him support no matter how long it takes. My in laws will have the kids while I try to get their father home and alive! PLEASE HEAR ME AND HELP MAKE MY VOICE KNOWN TO THE WORLD! WE LOVE OUR VETERAN AND WE NEED HIIM HOME! 
Thank you for your prayers and support we are so appreciative of all of you!
Angel Harrelson 

Update #4
March 15, 2021
facebook twitter

Hey he has been charged the same as the others and he is looking at lots of years if I don't get an aggressive attorney. I have  faith this will all come out right. I have to believe this is just a very bad hiccup we need to fight . I have told him we have so much support behind us and he will come home I will not give up until he is back home with us and safe. He is severely missed by us and I will do what I can to get him out plus try to help the others as well. He is in good spirits right now because I told him I can pay for a lawyer now. He sai to tell y'all he will pay it forward when he is able to come home. Thank to all his fellow brothers and Patriots!!!
Kenneth and Angel Harrelson 

Update #3
March 15, 2021
facebook twitter

I just got home from court and they did charge him and bond was denied. He is being extradited to Washington DC for trial. I will be making arrangements for him to get an attorney there. I will be also making arrangements for myself to go there as well. I am beside myself sick with this. I will get back on and finish my update later I can't finish it right now. Thank you Patriots 
Angel Harrelson

Update #2
March 15, 2021
facebook twitter

I just wanted to say I talked to Kenneth and read some of your prayers and support. We both got very emotional and we feel the love and support from our Patriots. He said he is so very thankful for everyone being there for us and he said that this encourages him to stay strong and keep up the good right. I am fixing to get ready to go to court for his preliminary hearing. I am overwhelmed with emotions and I have been trying not to breakdown but it is hard. We can do without the material things but not without our lives. I hope everyone understands what I did when I posted the truth of what I know in the article. I want the public to know the truth.  We are going to fight and I will never give up on an innocent man or the others they don't deserve this. Neither do the significant others. Sorry I don't stop when I'm upset and emotional. Thank you so very much for all your love, prayers and support for our family!
Angel Harrelson

Update #1
March 13, 2021
facebook twitter

I just talk to him and he wants me to tell all that he is truly grateful for the support but all he can think about is us(wife and kids). He is worried about us and not himself at the moment. I have told him We will be ok we will get through this. I also told him we will fight this through till he gets home to us. He is having trouble with his blood pressure at the moment with back pain. All he has received was otc pain medication. I am emotionally trying to keep it together when speaking to him cause I want to stay strong for him. He doesn't deserve to be in there. None of them do! He is my rock now I have to be his rock and that is what I will make sure I am for him.. I will follow him wherever they send him to make sure he knows I am there for him and to give the fight he deserves to get released.  
Thank you from the bottom of my heart this gives him hope!!
I do apologize if I have any misspellings or punctuation I am under enough emotional stress to thinks about that right now but I just fixed some of it. Again I am sorry.
Angel Harrelson 


  • Please pray for strength to get us through this.
  • Please pray for Retired Sgt. Harrelson to have good health.
  • Please pray for this to be dropped.
  • Please pray for the truth to be told and and ask God to put the fear into Satan to keep him away from our family.
  • Please pray for myself to stay strong for everyone. I am the rock and glue of this family.

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