Fighting for Our Veteran

Campaign Created by: Audrey James
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Joshua James.


Goal : $250,000

Raised : $181,615

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KEEP AN EYE ON UPDATES TO HEAR FROM ME! Joshua James is a retired combat Veteran and Purple Heart recipient. He was arrested on March 9, 2021 and denied bail on March 11, 2021 due to attending the rally in D.C. on January 6th even though he was NOT involved in any violence on that day. He is the primary breadwinner of our family which includes myself (his wife) and our three children. I am a licensed Realtor, however, since having our third child and relocating states, I have brought in little income since 2018. I am unsure how this will affect my business or how to navigate my business as the only caregiver to our kids, one being only 3 years old and needs my constant care. Thankfully, Joshua's retirement benefits will help with the monthly bills (as long as these continue) , but not the magnitude of legal fees this battle will require. Joshua is now facing unexpected and unjust legal battles and we have created this fundraiser as a way to help with the burden. Joshua is an upstanding member of his community. He among other veterans have repeatedly responded to assist in natural disasters rendering help to victims of tragedy, injury and the destructive forces of mother nature. Even in his own community. Now it’s our turn to help him. Please donate if you can and if you're not able to prayers are more than enough! All donations will go towards Joshua's legal fees, incarceration expenses and family expenses including bills, groceries and travel to DC. Thank you for helping us fight for truth, justice and to bring our Veteran home! With Love, The James Family


Update 4/16/2021
April 17, 2021
facebook twitter

We need you now more than ever ! Prosecution is working hard to revoke Joshua's bond! He's complied completely with his conditions and this is unheard of. We need your support and prayers now more than ever. We have started a Facebook group for support of our family and Joshua. The support of the community, those known and unknown, have helped more than you know! Please join our Facebook group to be closely connected and to continue supporting our fight ! The volume of support matters! Thank you!!

Joshua is HOME !
April 10, 2021
facebook twitter

We are so excited to share that Joshua was released yesterday, April 9th, and allowed to come home to await trial! The fight is not over, but this is a step in the right direction. We are so grateful to all of you for your help making this possible! Your support and continued prayers are so important to us! I am going to make a video of Joshua for y'all as well very soon. With love, The James Family 

Update #7 Happy Easter!
April 5, 2021
facebook twitter

Happy Easter! We pray you have had a beautiful day with your loved ones. I wanted to give a praise report. Joshua and I had been looking forward to Easter this year because we knew it would be a day of memories with our 2 year old, Wyatt. Wyatt loved Halloween so much and we knew his excitement level would be the same for egg hunting. Unfortunately, Joshua could not be here in person, BUT thankfully we were able to do a video call and I carried the laptop around the yard so he could watch Wyatt, Alivia and Quentin hunt their eggs! We are blessed to have had that opportunity. 

We need your prayers big time this week as some updates are rolling in. I hope to be able to share more praise reports soon! 

With love, Audrey 

Update #6 03/31/2021
March 31, 2021
facebook twitter

Hello all! I wanted to provide what little updates I have to our supporters. Joshua has been moved from the quarantine pod to General Population and still has not been transferred to D.C. Going into General Population was an adjustment. A year ago Joshua sustained an injury to his shin at work and weirdly enough almost a year to the date the wound is swelling and becoming infected and he has been trying for 2 days to get medical attention at the jail with little luck. So please pray for his health regarding that situation. We have been advised by our attorney to not make any public statements at this time so they cannot be manipulated and used against us going forward. It has been VERY hard to not speak out.

We know we need all the support we can get so if y'all can help me keep our story alive until we are clear to continue speaking publicly I would greatly appreciate it! 

We are hoping to have news of a new bail hearing with a D.C.judge soon and I hope once that happens I will then be able to share the best news yet with y'all ! 

The kids and I are hanging in there. Some days are better than others. Our middle son still cannot talk to Josh without crying and he sometimes gets excited to see his truck when he gets off the bus only to remember Josh is not home. :( We still get some mean people trolling our business pages and emails, but recently also received a postcard. Thank you to the main stream media for prodcasting our home to the crazies. So pray for protection over the kids and I, please. 

It is the busiest season for Josh's business and it has been painful to not be able to help past and new customers. I only hope that when all this is over we can pick up the peices and rebuild. 

Thank you all for standing by us and please keep praying! With Love, Audrey 

Update #5
March 24, 2021
facebook twitter

I do not have any real updates at this time. We are praying for good news soon. I just found out I can see and reply to the prayers you all have submitted for us! I will be working to reply to them all and I am sorry for the delay. I did not realize that feature was an option until today. Hopefully, I will be able to read some of the prayers to Joshua soon. I will check in soon and hopefully I will have good news or atleast positive progress! Thank you all so much for everything! -Audrey 

Update #4
March 19, 2021
facebook twitter

Today I was able to send the retainer to our chosen attorney thanks to you amazing people! It was terrifying to send and I cried when I got back into my car. Without y'all we would not be able to retain an attorney and I will forever be grateful beyond words. Now I can allow the attorney to take over the legal part of things and I pray for good news on that end asap!

Joshua had asked for me to send him a Bible and constitutional law books, but unfortunately, the jail he is currently in will not allow me to send books. We are both disappointed.

We have been blessed with friends and community members dropping off dinner for us! Joshua is our personal chef and a dang good cook so the kids and I are grateful for help on that end as well! 

I wanted to share a little humor with you all. I go to bed early, but Joshua usually stays up late cleaning. I always fuss and ask him to clean during the day like a normal person, but now I am realzing how spoiled and well taken care of we are thanks to Joshua. I am having to pick up the "slack" in a lot of places without him. I told him this week "I guess I get to learn how to mow the lawn!" 

I read the messages with your donations to Joshua when I can. Sometimes our calls are only 3 to 5 minutes, but I tell him all about YOU! Thankful to Tom from Give Send Go calling to pray with me this week and to every single one of you praying, donating, sharing our story and bringing food ! I hope one day I can hug your neck in person with Joshua by my side!

With a lot of love and thankfulness, Audrey

Update #3
March 16, 2021
facebook twitter

Today was the toughest day yet in regards to the harrassment that has befallen our family. It  was an unimaginabe and scary day...BUT we have selected  our attorney! So that is a blessing and one less thing to worry about. I am so grateful to have y'all supporting us and backing us. I am drawing my strength from my children, the Lord and you, our supporters. I cannot thank you enough. I will update you when I have more. <3

Update #2
March 14, 2021
facebook twitter

No new updates at this point. I have been on the phone all day everyday with different attorneys and organizations. We have been trying to arrange a call for Joshua to speak with an attorney to see how he feels in regards to retaining this particular one, but with it being the weekend the jail is not making it easy. I am getting some legal guidance on the best way to manage this fundraiser. The support is mind blowing, overwhelming (in a good way) and we will never be able to thank you enough, but will spend forever trying! I am working to make sure any unused funds will be returned. Again, thank you again for all the support and prayers. They, along with the Lord, are keeping us going. I will update when I have any news! 

Update #1
March 12, 2021
facebook twitter

Thank you all for the overwhleming support and prayers! We can never thank you enough! I had a brief call with Joshua just now and he is overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. He could barely process the information. He wants you all to know this means everything to him and our family! I am on constant calls trying to find an aggressive attorney who can take Joshua's case and help us bring him home. I have never had to even think of needing an attorney or a  fundraiser, so bear with me as I try to make sure all the info is accurate and up to date. I will update you when I know anything more! Thank you, thank you! Audrey 


  • That the Lord guides us to the right attorney to help bring forward truth and justice for Josh and our family!
  • That Joshua is able to be brought home on bond SOON!
  • That Joshua remains safe and strong while he is detained.
  • That the harassing and scammer calls subside.
  • Now that we have our attorney , we are asking for good news soon regarding Joshua's bail and charges.

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