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Please meet Lt. Roxanne Mathai of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) in San Antonio, Texas. With permission from the BCSO, she attended the historic rally in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021. Like Roxanne, most attendees were there to participate in a moment of history when a few chose to highjack a peaceful event and invoke violence and mayhem at the U.S. Capitol. 
At different times during the rally, Roxanne’s Facebook posts document her attendance at the event with pictures and comments; and after learning of those who breached the Capitol, her Facebook posts condemn their acts of violence and lawlessness.
Please watch the Bexar County Sheriff’s reaction to select Facebook posts, including his statement about Roxanne’s future with the BCSO, stating, “…my intent right now is that she never steps foot in this building again.”
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A rush to judgement has thrust Roxanne into the court of public opinion within the San Antonio community that quickly spread through national and international media (The NY Times, The Washington Post, Reuters, U.K.’s The Daily Mail). 
In his interview, Sheriff Salazar touched on the circumstances of the admin leave that had been in place since October 2020, stating it was not of a sexual nature; however, this does not stop fellow citizens from attacking her character on Facebook. See the News 4 San Antonio Facebook post **FIRST LOOK** – while many readers demonstrate their objectivity and grant Roxanne the benefit of the doubt, for other readers, she became the subject of uninformed ridicule.
For those who prefer the truth of the matter, her attorney has been quoted as stating the case is better described as, “inappropriate communication with a family member who was an inmate.”  He further stated, “She is a jailer, and one young man who she was once the guardian of, texted her and she reported it.” (See the link to the KENS 5 article below.)
Serving over eight years in the BCSO, Roxanne was recently promoted to Lieutenant in June 2020. As you might imagine, this was a proud moment for Roxanne and her family. She is a hard worker and a law-abiding citizen. Can you imagine being swept up in circumstances beyond your control and having your name plastered all over the media? Can you imagine your character being reduced to headlines and stories pieced together that distort the person you are and the life you have lived? If this can happen to Roxanne, it can happen to anyone.
Please watch the KENS 5 news coverage as her attorney tells her story and provides more information.
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There are three objectives with the GiveSendGo account:
1. To spread the word to help restore Roxanne’s name.
2. To collect funds to cover legal fees Roxanne has incurred.
3. To begin a prayer chain; please share this link with others.
Any amount you can donate is most appreciated. In the GiveSendGo platform, you may either list your name or elect to hide your name from public view when publishing your donation. With her livelihood hanging in the balance, your support is an encouragement to Roxanne, her children, and all who know and love her.


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