WE know this is the third GSG account created for Nathan.  The previous accounts were disabled by stripe.

Fellow Americans and Patriots -
This fundraiser is to help Nathan DeGrave, a 31 year old serial entrepreneur and January 6 protester, overcome and prevail in the biggest fight of his lifetime.
The weaponized, two tiered justice system we face here in America is biased, discriminatory and totally unprecendented. And since Jan 28th, almost one year later, Nathan has been subjected to this first hand as a pretrial detainee suffering in 26 hour lock downs at the DC DOC, AKA DC's Gitmo.
Nathan's rights are being unconstitutionally violated by the facility, and he's witnessed first hand the racism of prison staff, along with physical and verbal abuse against Jan 6 inmates. Recently, a veteran named Ryan Samsel was nearly killed by corrections officers, suffering skull fractures and permanent blindness in one eye.
The conditions and illegal detainment have become so controversial that senators have held press conferences demanding our immediate release. So when congressmen need to step in and get involved, you know something is seriously wrong.
Whats happening to Nathan can and WILL happen to you if we continue to go down this path. If you support Donald Trump, or speak against the democratic leadership in any way, many of our corrupt politicians have made it clear that you are the ENEMY WITHIN OUR BORDERS.
And the FBI and DOJ are coming for YOU, too.
Lets make sure that what is happening to Nathan and other January 6 protesters never happens to any American EVER AGAIN.
A percent of the money raised will go towards pushing Nathan's agenda of promoting a democracy that is fair by fighting election fraud, endorsing key candidates, and bringing unity and peace in our political arena.
With Nathan's endless resources and connections, and with your help, we can do just that. Help Nathan fulfill his vision of creating and runnning the "Patriot Palace" in Las Vegas, starting a news media channel, and making conservative, right wing news attractive to the new generation.
Nathan and his writings have been featured on Newsmax, Greg Kelly, Tucker Carlson, The Gateway Pundit, Washingtonian, NBC, and many others. His letter was recently read by Congress.
Nathan and other Americans showed up in DC on Jan 6 to make their voices heard and exercise their 1st amendment. Now he asks you to show up for him and support him any way you can.
Let him know that us Americans have his back!
Trial can cost upwards of $250,000, and any money after this initial goal will go towards fueling his new life mission to bring about this political change by influencing the minds and hearts of the American people.
Nathan is also currently growing his social media following on Gab and Parler at @jan6politicalprisoner and on Gettr at @jan6political where he updates events and conditions at the jail, answers questions, and interacts with every day Americans from cell #35 in area C2B of DC's Gitmo.
You may contact him there, text his assistant at (321) 234-5447 or email him at jan6politicalprisonerdegrave@protonmail.com
Nathan looks forward to hearing from each one of you. He prays for this country during this dark time and asks you to please do the same.
God bless you and god bless the United States of America.