Elijah and George A Revolutionary Tale Movie

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December 29, 2020 - Please join us by making a $5.00 or more donation to our Independent Movie Production. Our immediate goal is to raise $125K for preproduction tasks. With the support of The People, we will start filming Spring 2021. Thank you for believing in us and this very timely story of Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale! ~ Andrea M Clarke, Producer 

Elijah and George -  A Revolutionary Tale
  is an adventurous, action-filled, at-times humorous, heartfelt story woven in the fabric of Family, Freedom, Home…with a twist of Redemption!  

Now is the time to make our movie! As an Independent Production, we need your help! Your contribution, no matter the amount, supports a very timely story steeped in FAMILY, FREEDOM AND HOME! #HistoryMatters

#JOINTHEREVOLUTION Every dollar matters and we are grateful for your support!

All Donors Receive the Following Two Perks: 

1.  EBook version PDF and EPUB formats of the story our film is based on! "Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale" Illustrated Chapter Book by Award Winning Author and Illustrator Michael Dooling! 
*Allow 48 hours to receive*

2. Watch Party! You will receive an Invite to a LIVE Digital Screening of the Feature Film to watch from your personal digital device! Includes LIVE Filmmaker and Cast Q&A! 
*Dates of digital screenings TBD and dependent on receiving full funding to make the movie. WE HAVE FAITH!

Patriot Level Donation Perks

$500 - Be Our Guest on-set! Lunch for you and one guest with the starring cast and director during production. Must be 18 and over please! Dates TBD, travel and lodging not included.  (Locations TBD  - East Coast) On Set Visits Limited to the first 100 takers with a cap of 10 person per set visit day! PLUS: Special thank you on the movie website! AND Watch Party!

$1000 - Cast and Crew Wrap Party! You and a guest are invited to Join Us at the Cast and Crew Wrap Party and Screening! Location TBD - East Coast. Hotel and Travel expenses not included. Limited to the first 20 takers! PLUS: Be Our Guest on-set (see above) AND Watch Party and thank you on the movie website and in the feature film closing credits!

*Receiving Reward Levels may be Dependent on the production securing full funding to make the movie* #WeWillPrevail

Check Donations are welcome!  

Mailing Address: 1663 Media Arts, LLC, PO Box 846, Williamsburg, Virginia 2318

Major Sponsors and Investors Welcome - Contact Andrea M Clarke, Producer at info@1663MediaArts.com  http://1663MediaArts.com

Please visit https://www.elijahandgeorge.com/support-the-movie to learn other ways to support Elijah and George - A Revolutionary Tale.



“Elijah and George” follows the American Revolution from Valley Forge through the 1778 Battle of Monmouth. The movie is part love story and part American History; action, adventure, drama, some humorous moments and a battle scene! The story is uniting, bringing the audience into the characters struggles and triumphs in what they endure and overcome in the name of family, freedom and home.

CAST   - The movie will feature 120 roles, including 59 speaking roles plus 600+ Special Extras

How we will use your donation:

Preproduction Budget: $125K - Every $ matters to help keep our Production moving forward. Preproduction crew can work remote. (detailed outline below) 

Production Budget: $5.9 Million is the minimum amount of funds needed to complete our movie. We aim to raise the production funds through a combination of sources: crowdfunding campaign, direct donations, film merchandise sales, major sponsors and investors. 

Preproduction Tasks Breakdown

*Retain Entertainment Attorney, Legal and Insurance Policies.
*Hire a Publicist and Social Media Influencer to build a wide movie audience, receive nationwide press, drive our online funding campaigns. 
*Hire Graphic Designer - Update the film's website, and all promotional materials. 
*Storyboards and 3D Computer Modeling of the Battle Scene, Valley Forge Encampment, Civilian Encampment and Crossing of the Delaware. Bringing the story to life is a necessary visual for production planning of these very large scenes. 
*Work with Cinematographer on the Shot List, look, feel and tone of the story. There are 101 scenes.
*Filmmaking is a collaboration - bring on key crew members to plan department requirements: Production Designer, Line Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Production Manager
*Location Scouting with key crew members - Technical Visit - up close and personal walk through of production locations. 
*Finalize the Scene Breakdowns, Production Schedule and Shoot Budget. 
*Finalize costs for historical related props / items for the budget - horses, soldiers, weapons, wagons, uniforms and more.
*Bring on the Stunt Coordinator for stunt planning and begin 18th Century Combat Horse Soldier Training with cast members.
*Hire Special Effects Make-up now to start the 2 month process of cast masking for aging 2 of our starring characters by 30 years. 
*Bring on Production Design Team to begin intricately planning the look, feel and tone of the movie.
*Costume Department - begin the task of planning, designing and fitting over 120 cast members, overseeing historical accurate uniforms and minute details for (700 extras) multiple regiments and camp followers.
*Launch #HistoryMatters Campaign to provide fun and engaging resources for folks of all ages to learn about America's history. 

NOTICE: We are doing everything in our power to make our movie. However, please note: Filmmaking is fraught with uncertainty and there is no guarantee, express or implied, that the Filmmaker’s efforts to get the Film into production will succeed.

1663 Media Arts LLC  - Copyright 2018 - 2021 - All Rights Reserved

Original Music – John Keltonic. Musical Score for Elijah and George Movie Trailer Copyright © JDK Music, INC 2020, Used with Permission.

Special notice: We are an Independent Production.  A Health and Wellness Director is attached to our production to oversee the health, wellness and safety protocols for cast and crew. Common sense and personal responsibility are equally important. We will recognize "Laws" on the  State and Federal level that may be in place at the time of filming. #WeShallPrevail #Freedom


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