Eddies Mad Max Go Anywhere Scooter

Campaign Created by: The Conservative Feminists
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The funds from this campaign will be received by Hendrik Block.


Goal : $30,000

Raised : $3,018

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Hey y'all! Elle with The Conservative Feminists here. My amazing ladies and I have decided it's time to reach out to our fellow Patriots and ask for your help for a friend of all of ours. We all know and adore Eddie Block. He's that courageous friendly gentleman in the scooter out there filming on the front lines. He makes it so those at home and all of America can see their fellow Patriots out there fighting the good fight.

I'm sure you're all aware that Eddie's scooter has been giving him some trouble for the past few months. His mobility scooter is constantly getting damaged or dying because he goes where he has to, in order to get that perfect shot, or to help someone in need. As Eddie is a good friend of ours, we know he's spent thousands on replacement parts to no avail. Those cheap Chinese scooters do not do the job!

After jokes of creating a franken-tank-mobile, we found this incredible scooter that we lovingly call the 'Mad Max Scooter'. It's a 4 wheel drive beast and will go anywhere Eddie wants or needs to go. He would be able to go on the beach, up the mountains, into the river, and up and down any terrain he could possibly encounter. Most of us don't think about the limitations his current scooter presents even when it is functioning.

But jokes aside, our main concern is for Eddie's safety. Because he is out there where the action is, a broken down scooter is an extremely dangerous situation we don't want Eddie to find himself in any longer. He is afterall, aย wanted target by Antifa, and everytime his scooter breaks down (Which is unfortunately every day) he has to worry about someone attacking him. This awesome scooter will put an end to some of that worry.

We know what you're saying, "Wow...that's an expensive scooter." But this would be a complete life changer for Eddie.

There are talks of additional plans for putting plexiglass panels around the scooter to protect him. Almost as if it was the pope mobile. This will go even further to protect him from attacks. A major advantage to this scooter is that it has a battery range of 24 miles which will get him safely through any march. We're ecstatic that we found a scooter that is American made and comes with a great warranty.

We're asking you to help us get this scooter to change Eddie's life. This will obviously help him get the video footage and photos that we all go to his channel to see. So why not help any way you can, and help us get this dream scooter for Eddie.ย 

Thank you all in advance!

XX - The Conservative Feminists


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