We are raising $100,000 dollars to hand out blankets food, supplies and good vibes to every Trucker.  Just Now Mike Lindell and his donation of Pillows for The FREEDOM CONVOY truckers were BANNED from entering CANADA.

American Truckers are expected to face similar resistance and need access to food, water and WARM BLANKETS.

Nonetheless Truckers are Showing the world how to HOLD THE LINE. 
While the Main Stream Media tries to twist the Narrative the images we’ve seen coming out of these convoys are ones of PEACE, PATRIOTISM, DANCING, LAUGHTER, UNITY, SELFLESS SACRIFICE & LOVE FOR FREEDOM. 

These images of PEACE & DANCING have served as one of the BIGGEST blows to the Narrative and So We Will Not Only Be Bringing Supplies We Will Be Bringing Music, Performances And Happiness 

Please SUPPORT these patriots..  100% of donations SUPPORT this cause...

BLANKETS will be hand delivered..