Destiny's Recovery

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Our sweet Destiny is suffering and the Doctors don't know why. She is at Dell Seton Medical Center UT. She is experiencing symptoms such as heart racing, fever, vomiting, insomnia, and weight loss. She is also covid positive, but other than the fever she is asymptomatic. They are performing many tests repeatedly, including labs, CT scan, MRI dye contrast, Lumbar puncture, etc. and she is being monitored 24/7. Just yesterday (8-29-21) she had a potentially life-threatening reaction to the medication, the medical team intervened and stabilized Destiny's vital signs. 

Destiny is a sweet caring young lady who loves her Lord Jesus. She has a desire to travel to minister to others and share the gospel message of eternal salvation through Christ. Destiny graduated high school in 2020, leaving behind a storied basketball and theater career, although she continues to act.  After High school Destiny has been developing a unique online clothing shop for women. Destiny finds a gently used buy and often alters it into an incredible new creation.

Currently, Destiny is stable, but the situation is still very serious. We await spinal fluid lab results to help the doctors rule a few things out. We don't know how long she'll be there; the doctors say it could be several weeks. She's in a great hospital, but she and we expect financial pressure soon. She is self-employed with no insurance. Please keep Destiny in your prayers and help financially if you are able.

God bless,  

- The Dickson Family   


Destiny Update - Praise Report!
September 14, 2021
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We are ecstatic to report Destiny has been cleared from the hospital and our sweet girl is finally home. Her progress is outstanding and we are very proud of her strength, courage, and determination to get better. We've been able to enjoy some much-needed family time with Destiny filled with laughter and tears of joy. God is so good and we can't thank you enough for all the prayers and support over these last several weeks. Please continue to pray, share, and give if you're able. This is a huge step for Destiny, but there are many challenges ahead as we continue to support her recovery. 

Thank you, 

The Dickson Family

Destiny Update
September 9, 2021
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Destiny continues to be clear of any underlying health condition to explain the symptoms she came in with; Insomnia, disorientation, mild fever, elevated heart rate, and high blood pressure. She fell and broke her nose, so there was swelling and a cut where the skin tore. We spoke with a doctor in the psychiatric department. Her disorientation and confusion have continued, and there are moments she is not herself. She is now on medication to address that. Please be in prayer because some of these medications have the potential for significant health complications.

She's been transferred to Austin Lakes Hospital for further mental health evaluation and treatment management. We do not understand the connection between the physical presentation and the mental health connection. Lord, we pray for complete healing of Destiny’s body and mind, to your glory.

Destiny Update - 09/04/2021
September 4, 2021
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Just spoke with the hospital.

Destiny is largely the same. Her heart rate has come down a bit though. It’s now in the high normal range so that’s better. However, Destiny tried to walk out of the room today so they had to block her. Destiny has been isolated in her covid room now for 8 days. I don’t know if she is fed up or if this is related to the disorientation. Destiny should be released from the covid section this Monday or Tuesday. The doctors have ruled out many potential physical explanations for her symptoms. They would like to rule out emotional or psychological trauma as a possible trigger and whether anything there plays a role. This team will be seeing her then on Monday or Tuesday. Please keep up the prayers.

Destiny Update - 09/03/21
September 3, 2021
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Spoke with Destiny’s nurse this morning. Not much has changed. She’s doing pretty well with the exception of heart rate still a little high. Destiny is anxiously waiting out her covid prison time. She remains asymptomatic for covid and would normally be transferred out on Monday to a regular bed and more freedom to walk around etc. Because Monday is a holiday Des will likely be transferred on Tuesday. Initially I would get calls from the doctors every day but that has settled down. I’m taking the no news is good news approach. Keep up the prayers for our sweet Destiny. As each day goes by the expenses go up. Please continue to share to help cover her expenses.

Destiny Update - 09/02/21
September 2, 2021
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Destiny is still in the hospital. She is doing pretty well. Her heart rate is still running a bit high. The fever has not returned. Doctors are still evaluating. They have not yet performed the sonogram to rule out a teratoma. Keep praying for healing.

Destiny Update - 09/01/21
September 2, 2021
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One detail I did not mention when this all began is that Destiny became disoriented Thursday night to Friday morning just before we brought her to the hospital. She fell to the concrete floor and broke her nose in three places. Well, today she got a little disoriented sometime after lunch. There is still at least one more imaging procedure they want to do to look for a mass or tumor not connected to the nervous system but often triggers encephalitis. Destiny has now recovered from the disorientation. Please keep praying for Destiny’s complete recovery as we are instructed to boldly approach His throne to find mercy and grace to help in this great time of need. God grant us peace.

Destiny Update - 09/01/21
September 1, 2021
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Things aren't quite as rosy as thought earlier yesterday but they’re pretty good. Destiny got a change of clothes and more flowers for which she was grateful.  Her vital signs were up slightly yesterday evening and again this morning. The doctors still don’t have a diagnosis. They’re considering another scan, MRI, or Sonogram. It would be helpful to know why this has happened, but we are praying it clears up regardless.

Thank you for all you’re doing for Des.

Destiny Update - 08/31/21
September 1, 2021
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Destiny’s vital signs were all elevated a couple of days ago. She then had a reaction to medication which made things worse. They had her on 2 antibiotics an antiviral agent and an anti-inflammatory. We were grateful they got her vitals under control but they were still on the high side. Today, however, her vitals are all in the normal range! It’s incredible! Thank you Lord and thank you for your prayers. Also, lumbar puncture labs came in and were negative for infection or other issues. That is great news! Destiny has been on antibiotics since being admitted to the hospital so maybe that has helped.

The doctors still do not have a diagnosis. The doctor said that as things look now she could be released in the next couple of days except for her Covid positive test. That requires Des to stay the full 10 days in isolation until a negative Covid test.

Keep praying that the next couple of days continue to be clear of any issues and that she can be released at the10 days. Tonight we’re dropping off clean clothes for her but we can’t see her because of the Covid rules.

Destiny Update - 08/30/21
August 31, 2021
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Spoke with Destiny's nurse at 6:30 pm 8-30-21. Destiny is mostly eating well and there is no report of vomiting. They are supplementing with IV fluids too. Destiny was very sleepy though from all the testing. They gave Destiny sedatives to keep her still in the MRI tube. So far the scans are unremarkable. Des had the lumbar puncture at 5 this evening. The doctor said they're scratching their heads but they'll get answers. Lab work from lumbar puncture will hopefully be available tomorrow or Wednesday. Overall Destiny is stable and no longer has a fever. She could be out of the Covid wing in 6 days.

The nurse said Des was talking with her about riding horses, barrel racing, and jumping. She said Destiny liked the flowers and cards. Des even teared up when she received some flowers from her sister Coral. I think it's safe to say Destiny is anxious to be home.


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