Legal Fund for Parent Rights Lawsuit in WCS TN

Campaign Created by: Plaintiffs in Active Lawsuit against WCS TN
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Goal : $25,000

Raised : $7,075

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This is a fundraiser to support legal action against forced student C19 mask and other potential mandates and empower families to make their own medical choices.

We are parents advocating for families to be free to make their own medical decisions, and we have filed a lawsuit against the Williamson County School board to end mask mandates and set a precedent for parental choice and health freedom.

We are calling on our community to support and fund the legal efforts we have already begun to protect families' rights to choice and students' rights to an in-person education. Everyone who wants to wear a mask should be able to, but no one should be discriminated against based on their choice to send their children to school mask free.

Every dollar given helps, and if you can't give financially, please share the link to this fundraiser to spread the word.

**We know there are many in our community that have chosen to get the V and mask their children, and we are pursuing this legal effort so that everyone's choices and rights will be honored. We are not for segregation and division - we are for unity between all people - V and not, masked or unmasked.

If mask mandates continue, then the natural progression will result in student C19 V mandates next.

Today we are fighting for our choice and an end to mask mandates in our schools.  We fight to protect parental rights to choose what is best for our children.



Update #2 - holding pattern
November 23, 2021
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As you know, the WCS school board surprisingly voted to remove the mask mandate lst week.  This came after a Friday November 12 injunction from U.S. District Judge Waverly Crenshaw that, for now, schools should continue operating as they had been. And Crenshaw stayed with that opinion at a status hearing Monday, November 15, when he extended the order.  Crenshaw says he has concerns about state officials creating a one-size-fits-all policy to masking in schools. All that said, WCSBOE went forward with a vote and wiht a 7-5 outcome voted to end the mask mandate.

The federal trial against the new Tennesse law limiting mask mandates began Friday November 19, but no decision has been made and it’s likely a decision on the case won’t come until December. We are watching the TN case closely, especially after a Texas district court recently decided in a similar case that the prohibition of masks in schools violates the ADA & Section 504.

This puts us in a holding pattern, and we are continuing discussions and planning with our attornney in the event the mask mandates are reinstated.  We are also looking into legal options against the schools and board relative to some of the students who were punished for not wearing masks.

We continue to evaluate our options and appreciate all of you who have supported our cause.  


Attorney meeting 10/12
October 11, 2021
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Hello friends and supporters!
Tomorrow we are meeting with a Constitutional attorney and hope to be represented soon.  The success of this case is critical, and with the courts making it nearly impossible for us to access and maneuver the system, we know how important having great legal representation is.

The great news is that there is precedent being set in other parts of the country - an Arkansas judge ruledi n favor of parents last week and approved the temporary restraining order to hal the mask mandates.  

We will keep you updated as we decide what to do about retaining an attorney.

We are in this together.  

Thank you for your support and prayers!


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