New set of teeth for my disabled mother and sister

Campaign Created by: Jason Correa
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Hello everyone my name is Jason, 24, and I take care of my beautiful mother and sister. They are both the world to me. My mother Vivian, is 59 years old and she suffers from Retinitis Pigmentosa. She was born with this disease and is legally blind ever since the age of 28. There is no cure or any treatment for this horrible disease which has held back my mom from reaching the stars in this life. My father helped us for many years until he decided to leave us last year, just got up one day and left for good. I have had to step up at such a young age to provide for this family but I know God is with us every step of the way. I trust his every move and every choice, and I know that whatever he decides, he decides for good. My younger sister Geena, is the most beutiful woman you'll ever meet. She has Autism and is currently 22 years old. I am blessed that she is very high functioning and is very smart! I pray for the families with severe autism because i know it is not easy to handle, God give them strength! My sister is a big part of this household and helps me with laundry, cleaning, and even cooking. We all three come together and make it work at home every day. Like I tell myself at times, there are people going through way worse. So I am happy that we are all healthy and have food on the table everyday. I am starting this campaign because they both do not have the best teeth, and i belive they should have the oppurtunity to both have beautiful smiles in this lifetime. If i reach this goal, i know i will be able to bless them with the two most beautiful smiles on this planet. It would make me so happy to see them with perfect smiles despite the conditions they both have. It would really fufill me to make this happen! Thank you very much for reading about my campaign and anything helps!


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