By supporting Unflappabl you will be helping the little guy compete against the mega-corporations of Silicon Valley! Your support will mean the world to us and help make our dream of better social media come true.

Please consider donating one of the following amounts or whatever you can afford:

£20+    A big thank you from us!

£50+    You'll be granted an exclusive Founder badge for your Unflappabl profile. Founder badges will only ever be granted for this crowdfund!

£150+    Founder badge and an exclusive Unflappabl hoodie with a never to be repeated design, only for this crowdfunding.

£1000+    All of the above, and a personal, VIP invitation, to the exclusive launch party.

Remember to leave your email address and you can be a Founding Member with free access for life.

We believe passionately in freedom of opinion and the power of social media to change the world for the better. Unfortunately, social media has lost its way. Existing platforms don't give people good-enough tools to protect themselves against trolls and bullying, and at the same time, people are being silenced for having "the wrong" opinions.

With your help, we can create a new generation of social media - one which guarantees your right to express your opinions and provides much stronger tools to protect yourself from trolls and other unpleasant content.

Social media can be a powerful force for good; allowing us to reach the World without needing newspapers, TV, or radio. It liberates people in a way that was never possible before, and we want to protect that for future generations.

It's vital that Unflappabl is funded by the people who will use it. Not by advertisers or big corporations that may want to change our mission to suit other interests.

Crowdfund targets:

£20,000 - promotion and development and infrastructure of the beta platform for use by Founding Members (6-month target)

£50,000 - promotion, technical infrastructure upscaling, support upscaling, and wider beta rollout (12-month target)

£100,000 - promotion, technical infrastructure upscaling, support, and official loud launch! (24-month target)

Your donation will go to Unflappabl which is a trading name of OscarOnline Limited. Your donation is vital to help us reach our initial target in the next 6 months. Just imagine being able to say you were involved at the start!

Thank you!