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Hello friends, supporters, like-minded colleagues, and curious onlookers! Adversaries who have come to mock, move along, please.

WE have received another generous offer that will allow us to make an honest, powerful statement in an awesome & familiar location that we just can't turn down. In the "dark ages" of mass censorship and unwarranted banning of social media accounts. You know we are being picked off, one by one, the loudest get booted first. So when opportunities like this come around, we have to band together & get it done! (scroll to bottom to get to the news)

I have done over 20 billboards with a handful of different companies. The simple freedom-minded folks, the health freedom movement, the pro-vaccine-safety-wake-up-call advocates, the anti-fear-mongering-mainstream-media, the victims of habitually-offending felony pharmaceutical industries, the vaccine-injured, the families of the vaccine-deceased, the victims of medical malpractice, the victims of narcissistic, libelous news journalists, Adam, Amanda, Courtney, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Mom, Dad, Grandma, "Creepy Uncle Joe". Call yourself whatever you'd like, but these days, if you speak out against any one vaccine, licensed or experimental, if you share any story that goes against MSM, government or the pharma-backed CDC or FDA's script on Covid-19, or quietly voice your disapproval over a vaccine mandate, if you tweet #fauciemails or retweet Tucker Carlson, you WILL be dubbed an "anti-vaxx conspiracy theorist". Don't take it personally! With all the information that has been put out at this point, if you haven't asked the uncomfortable questions or had a single doubt, spark of curiosity, fear, of anger, and been falsely labeled (whether you know it or not), I'd find it a bit concerning! Anyways, God bless you. You are the ones who are trying to help preserve our freedom (or attempting to save what is left of it at this point). You're fighting back against the unconstitutional censorship of big tech, calling out the fear-mongering & propaganda by the MSM. You're saving someone's health or possibly their life. You're aware that something has gone wrong in our health systems. You're challenging the abundance of contradiction from our top wealth, excuse me, "health" organizations. You're not ignoring the significant and disturbing decline our country has taken. You're not staying silent. You're speaking up, and that's what we need way more people to be doing. I'm fairly new to this movement. My daughter died in 2019. There have been parents fighting in this movement for 30+ years, God bless them. They have been waiting for such a time as "Covid-19" where such huge mistakes were made, and we haven't seen the last of them, and they have got to be noticed, looked into, and called out by the people in every possible way. Whatever we can get away with, as long as it's the truth, we have got to do it or pull a muscle trying!
Do you remember the past few months of the mainstream media and pharmaceutical companies disgracefully attempting to smear, invalidate, and even reject the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System and it’s millions of incoming reports? The CDC, HHS, and FDA’s only reporting system in place for Americans and/or their doctors to submit any side effects, adverse reactions, or deaths after any and all vaccinations. This is the only public database that our “top health agencies” have created to report and record such significant, dire, and as usual, tragic information. A quickly whipped-up, experimental vaccine had just been rolled out onto the country and it seemed to fly over the majority of the population’s head that there was (and still is) a massive vaccine trial being conducted on the country, and the "responsible" media, government, and liability-free pharmaceutical companies were deterring people from reporting and providing them with the data and information they crucially needed for their own studies! How are you going to “improve”, “correct”, or put a much-needed stop to a vaccination, just in case a bad batch were to show up, if you aren’t getting any information about the adverse reactions or deaths? How can you make a safe and effective vaccine without a randomized double blind placebo controlled study? Well don’t ask me, and don’t ask pharma either because they have never done one.
So to anyone reading this, annoyed and disgruntled that we are going to put up another billboard in Times Square, what is your defense in continuing to “trust the science” from the CDC, FDA, HHS, WHO, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna? What is your defense to the “reliable” mainstream media and big tech for wildly censoring, exaggerating, and as usual, blatantly lying and getting in the way of the most crucial part of such an important, wide-spread human trial on an experimental biologic that is being subtly & crudely (and unknowingly) coerced into vulnerable people? We haven't even talked about the insane amount of VAERS injury and death reports yet. The disturbing types of cases and deaths. The high amount of young ages and healthy people, now gone.  
VAERS is a passive reporting system, yes. If you have ever filled out a report, you’d know that there is information on the form that cannot be faked. Information that needs to fit and be accurate or you can’t continue with the form. It’s a federal crime to file a fake report. All doctors are bound by law to report any adverse reactions or deaths on the vaccine insert or the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program’s table of injuries/deaths. Patients should not be having to request or ask their physician to file a VAERS report for them after they’ve just been seen for an adverse reaction or a sudden death has occurred, and a physician can legally not decline to file if it’s requested by the patient or the patient's family. The CDC and FDA state that they require additional information on selected VAERS reports for the public health purpose of helping to ensure the safety of U.S. licensed vaccines. You or your doctor may be contacted for follow-up info by VAERS staff after your report is received. These selected reports are followed up by a team of health care professionals to obtain additional information (such as medical records and autopsy reports) to provide as complete a picture of the case as possible.

Well, our Times Square "VAERS" billboard went up early March, and now those disgraceful articles haven't stopped coming in. It's disrespectful to the reported deaths. It's disrespectful to the reported injuries. It's also driving more people to the VAERS website, and it's disrespectful to the intelligence of the reader who can see that a 35-year-old man received the vaccine and died of a heart attack less than 48 hours later, and make the connection. To the onlookers here, it's things like this you should pay more attention to. When there is a big media push to discredit something - that something deserves credit.

For the movement’s first ever Times Square “VAERS Awareness” billboard, we raised $9600 and signed a 3-month contract with my friend’s at “Red State Talk Radio”. The board went up on March 7th, 2021 and ran for close to 4 months!! I'd like to think that all the VAERS reporting, and all the MSM panicky smear campaign had something to do with our billboard!

Because VAERS reporting in the 1st quarter of 2021 was up 6000%!! Incredibly sad regarding the amount of reports, but it's an experimental vaccine, you have to know the risks and make the right decision, and thankfully people are reporting their injuries, and families are reporting the deaths. It's these reports that made the WHO recommend NOT giving the vaccination to kids under 16 years old.
OK now the good stuff!!

Red State Talk Radio’s owner, general manager, and my good friend, Scott Adams, has offered us another billboard advertising spot, on the same Times Square board, for 6 months, at 20% OFF!! The total amount we have to raise to have a powerful new message up in Times Square for half of a very important year is only $15,360!! This is an INCREDIBLE OFFER! The message(s) will run 4 times an hour like last time. We can come up with two messages/designs and split them for the hour. (the first message will run the first two, 15-second slots, the second message would run the last two, 15-second slots). If we would like more time per hour or another month, the 20% offer still applies, and an additional minute-per-hour or an additional month would be $2560 (discount applied). 

Right now, we're going to set a goal to get the $15,360 raised IN 10 DAYS plus a tiny 1% added for GiveSendGo as they've been an incredible organization, reached out to me via phone call, personally, to express their condolences & wish me luck for my NBC litigation. This is a great platform!

So donate $10 or more, share with a load of friends, on all social media, in all your groups, and let's get this money raised! The plan is for this board to be ending the first week of January 2022, and it will be up with a "special message" ON New Years Eve! ;) 

Please share a brief, bold, fact/quote with your donation. We need some more ideas! WE WANT REACTIONS!


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