Veteran and family need a home

Campaign Created by: Jennifer and Bradley Slater
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Goal : $10,000

Raised : $1,305

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We are a family of 6, we have 4 children and then there is me and my husband and our animals. My husband is disabled veteran who served our country from 2008 - 2014. He was in the United States Army and sadly his time was up due to his medical conditions he developed while deployed in Iraq from 2008-2009. Since being out my husband has been still continuing to provide for our family in the best way possible. Bradley is 36 (almost 37) and works a full time job. As I said above we have 4 children.. two boys and two girls. Our oldest son Walter is 14 (about to be 15), our oldest daughter Karissa is 13 and our younger daughter Annabelle is 8 (about to be 9 the end of May) and our youngest son Noah is 6 months (born 10/20/20). Our 8 year old daughter is special needs and suffers from some serious medical conditions as well. She has had open heart surgery twice in her life and is closely monitored by her cardiologist so we can keep a eye on her heart as she is due for another surgery in the near future. Annabelle also is nonverbal and is unable to speak sentences, she can say a few words but not many. She is also handicapped and is in a wheelchair. She can crawl just fine but when it comes to walking its difficult for her. She can take several steps but is wheelchair dependent. She also suffers from asthma and other genetic conditions which has caused everything she is going through. A little about me, I am Jennifer and I am a full time stay at home mom. With my daughters needs it was important to provide her with the best love and care I could so working hasn't been a thing in a few years. I am 32 (about to be 33) and I actually would use YouTube as a platform for a long time to get my daughters story out there for others. We created 10K of amazing subscribers to follow Annabelle's story but also we have met some amazing families that also battle medical conditions as well. 

We also have a golden retriever who is 3 years old, a bearded dragon which is about a year old (my sons) and 2 cats and also a fish tank full of fish. 



We are coming here because we are about to be homeless. We are renters due to my husbands credit score being low, we are actively trying to improve it to potentially buy in the future. Last year we found out we were pregnant after 17 months of trying for our last and knew we needed a bigger home. We left the 3 bedroom apartment we were in for 3 years due to outgrowing it. We were outgrown it without even being pregnant but of course another child meant more room. We found a house to rent and we were using my husbands disability through the VA for rent all of these years and his job provided additional income to pay for other bills and food etc. When we moved we did ask the home owner if we would be able to stay more then a year as we didn't want to move again and they agreed that was okay but only would allow a 1 year lease to see how we were as renters. We found out in March 2021 that we we not going to be able to renew our lease because the homeowner refinanced and wants to now sell. 

We are having difficulty providing deposits to be able to get into another home due to my husbands credit. My credit isn't really bad but I do have some debt, about $1,500 or so and easily fixable compared to his. Finding a home is extremely difficult especially because we don't have any family where we are that care to help so cosigners are not a thing for us. Also, no one has offered to help us and let us stay with them either. Come May 31st once our lease is up we will be homeless. We are either going to have to remain in hotels or a airbnb which are both super costly. We have family on the east coast but getting back there is out of the question. To move our home in a pod or moving company will cost us from about $7k+. The quotes we got from several companies were all on the higher scale as we would be traveling a long distance (coast to coast). We are seeking a miracle at this point because we really just don't know what we are going to do. The VA cannot help us become home owners because my husbands credit score is just too low still. We are out of resources and are unsure what to do. 

We are hoping we can get some help, and find a home to live in here or put our belongings into a pod or a moving company and move back home and get established back there. We aren't so sure whats going to happen but the future in the next few weeks are horrifying to even imagine. We are petrified we are going to have to surrender our animals and it breaks my heart because they were rescues. Any left over money after we are secure in a home will go towards a Van. Right now our SUV is falling apart and is super hard to transport our daughter as shes heavy & requires her special needs carseat (she cannot help get in). We are hoping to trade what we have, get a Van that is handicap accessible and make life not only better for Annabelle but the rest of us as well. 

We appreciate you looking at our campaign and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts if you are able to help. I have linked our youtube channel here so you can see our family. Annabelle's story is on there and also a lot of other fun videos just showing who we are. We haven't uploaded in a few months now due to this tragic time in our lives but plan to continue once we establish a home. We will be updating here often if we find out new information - good or bad. - The Ginger Family

Thanks again so much, 
The Slater Family 


Update #3
May 21, 2021
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Hey everyone,

We just wanted to touch base with everyone and give a update on our living situation. As of yesterday 05/20/21 we moved a lot of our belongings to the storage unit we have. We have a good bit of our furniture in this house that we have to move still. We didn't want to take the kids beds and everything they use out of the rooms so we opted to just take a lot of boxes and some furniture. Thanks to someone we hold very dear to our hearts, we were able to get a moving truck and it was for sure filled. We for sure have half of the house emptied out but still have a good bit to go. 

As far as the housing situation we still haven't got anything however one house we were interested in is still available. We may have a chance to get this one but we have NOT signed any lease paperwork or heard anything so we are just praying for a miracle. We STILL as of 05/28/21 will be out of this house and officially in a hotel. Please keep our family in your prayers as we really need them.

Our children are super upset but the older two are understanding of this situation as they know this was out of our control. We also made sure to explain to them that there isn't anything we can do because we do not own this home and have to be completely understanding no matter how hard this is. We have been all extremely close in this situation and have been taking the time to pray and and have been talking. Our two youngest do not know whats going on except things are disappearing and boxes keep popping up. Annabelle isn't the best with change so she has been very confused and hasn't had the best days.. lots of crying and meltdowns. All we can do is reassure her that everything is ok and she is going to be ok. 

Thanks so much for your generous donations to help our family. We greatly appreciae all prayers you are sending our way as well. We will update once we have another update. 

Thank you and god bless

Update #2
May 13, 2021
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Hello Everyone,

Today me and my husband secured a storage unit for our personal belongings and will soon be moving stuff into it. We have a whole 2500 sq ft house of furniture that'll be going in there. Sadly, as of now we have no family help and haven't found a place to stay yet. We are very much thinking of liquidating our home and just leaving where we are and starting fresh all over again unless something comes up. We did hear back from two of the homes we applied for and they denied us based on credit. There is one more we are awaiting a answer from but our hopes aren't high for that either at this rate.

Ultimately we will remain in this house until the 28th of May and will be in a hotel or somewhere else. We will update once we are somewhere as well. The final weekend will be final cleaning of things and then handing  the keys back in. 

once we know some more we will post more.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to pray for us, donate to us and share for us.

God bless 

Update #1
May 10, 2021
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Hello everyone,

We were searching hotels and realized we needed one with a kitchenette so we could properly feed our children without having to rely on fast food. Not only is that costly but it's not the best to eat all the time. The hotel we were looking into was the Extended Stay but for just 30 days it seems to be upwards of $5,000. That is only for 2 queen beds. Realistically we need two rooms due to needing 4 beds. We could for sure get a some air mattresses but not so sure if we'd all fit in there as the rooms as fairly small. We may have to use a different type of hotel/motel but we have to be sure it's clean due to our 8 year old always being down on the floor. My only worry is feeding the children healthy good meals at that point.

We have also looked ALL over our state at airbnb's thinking maybe that would be the better way for the amount of money a hotel costs but they are all over $2,000 and close to $3,000. So that seems to be out of the question: 

This weekend we were brain storming other ideas like renting a RV and staying at a campground but even the RV's are super costly for rentals. It would still be tight but it would be a roof over our heads and we would still be able to use the shower and feed our children. 

Will post another update soon if we find out anything further. 

Thank you for reading and praying for our family. Thank you to those who are donating and sharing as well. We are trusting in the lord.



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